How To Define Contents?

  1. Contents means, The term private property in a building. They can be household furniture, personal belongings or other personal belongings that move in nature and are not securely attached to the building.

  2. The definition of Contents is: Household items you keep in the house. This includes computers, appliances, furniture and equipment and personal items such as cameras, clothing, jewelry and cell phones. It also contains things you keep in the latrine, such as garden tools.

Meanings of Contents

  1. In a state of bliss.

  2. Satisfy (someone)

  3. Satisfaction status.

  4. A member of the British House of Lords who votes in favor of a particular movement.

  5. Things that have something or something in them.

Sentences of Contents

  1. Looks happier, less bitter

  2. You will not be satisfied with anything except going to Barcelona

  3. Most centuries have been a time of contentment

  4. He opened the lid of the bottle and drank the contents.

Synonyms of Contents

make happy, contentment, satisfied, mollify, fulfilment, appease, please, satisfaction, load, contentedness, pleased, soothe, things inside, placate, content, silence, satisfy, pacify, still, contented