How to Boost Your Productivity Using Windows 10?

As Microsoft’s fastest and most efficient operating system, Windows 10 is designed to enhance user productivity. It enables users to perform multiple tasks and switch between applications with ease. There are various helpful features and Microsoft adds more every time it releases an update.

How to Boost Your Productivity?

Let’s consider an example. You can compartmentalize your work with Virtual Desktop that helps if you are a multitasker. It becomes possible to navigate your working environments effortlessly and to separate your workspaces. This helps you stay focused and you can easily organize your apps.

How does having a single workspace with Google Sheets, Asana, Slack, and other work-related resources sound to you? In addition to decluttering, you can intelligently optimize your approach to everyday tasks and projects.

The Roadblock

Technological advances help us work smart and get more done in less time. With working from home becoming a part of everyday life across the world, businesses everywhere are looking for digital solutions that guarantee profitability in the long run. Most companies, especially SMBs, are not entirely convinced about WFH programs because of productivity concerns. They are unsure if employees will be able to adapt and deliver the same results as they did while working in the office. In a nutshell, both quality and quantity of work are crucial.

We have just the solution to improve productivity in Windows 10 environments and address common tech issues that prevent users from getting their work done, hence missing deadlines. Let’s look at it next.

SmartWindows For Individuals & Enterprise Users

FiveRivers Technologies has been at the forefront of creating innovative IT products and solutions since 2003. This time is no different as we announce the addition of SmartWindows to our leading lineup of tech solutions that have solved countless customer pain points. Whether you are an individual or enterprise user in the software, gaming, design, research, or any other industry, SmartWindows is a comprehensive solution built for both individual and enterprise users. It comes with a host of features including, but not limited to:

Profile Creation

In this competitive world, no person does just one thing. Everyone handles multiple roles and projects whether they work from the office or at home. You can create profiles to optimize your work experience and switch between projects without any confusion. It is easy to save all open apps associated with your profiles including browser tabs, and their display locations for restoring anytime you want.

Profile Restoration

What happens when you restore a profile in SmartWindows for Windows 10? This function restores all the apps and browser tabs on the right display positions. You need not prepare your desktop on each system restart or toggle between work and home profiles. For the apps to appear on your screens as per your saved preferences, all you have to do is click on a profile name.

Support For Multi Screens

SmartWindows enables you to use up to 6 screens. This is especially helpful for power users who manage complex projects that require graphics-intensive apps or deep research. So, the goal is to simplify your multi-display experience when you manage more than one workspace within Windows 10. Moreover, SmartWindows dynamically remembers app positioning on multiple screens, allowing you to focus only on your work. You can perform better, faster, and benefit from uninterrupted productivity!

Saving Browsers & Opened URLs

Things can get confusing and cluttered when you use more than one browser and have multiple tabs open. Now, you can overcome this with SmartWindows. Just save your profile and the app will save browsers with their related URLs. For added convenience, SmartWindows keeps an active tab history and saves browser size as well as display position.

Application Management

When you launch a specific profile, you may find that not all the apps you work with belong there. So, what can you do with them when you restore a profile? Open Settings in SmartWindows and choose how you want to manage these apps.

Why SmartWindows?

Let’s say you are taking on a personal project to develop or sharpen your skills in an untapped area of professional development. You have multiple browser tabs open as you research and collect data to support your learning. Or, assume your manager wants you to prepare financial statements and reports before the end of the day so that your company can make more informed economic decisions. Both are equally important and require your full attention.

Now, one of the following problems can occur:

Unscheduled Restarts

Microsoft rolls out constant updates that you must accept to maximize performance and security. Doing so interrupts your workflows or forces a shutdown while you are away from your computer. Maybe, an unscheduled restart took you by surprise while you were in the middle of a crucial task, like scheduling a client call. How does it feel to have your apps and tabs gone as you stare at a blank screen?

Browser Crash

Browsing the Internet can be business-critical especially if you are searching for information to help you in your work. If your web browser crashes as soon as you open a page, you may find yourself frustrated and anxious because you have seemingly undone all your progress. You will have to restart your browser and try again or worse, lose all your other open browser tabs. Sometimes, even the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T may not work when you attempt to reopen the last closed tabs.

The true nightmare begins if the browser crash takes Windows with it and you have to restart your computer. This means restoring your tabs one by one or going through your entire browser history to double-check. Either way, it wastes time and hinders productivity, not to mention that the chances of missing some tabs are always there. Next thing you know, you are typing ‘how do I restore my last session’ or ‘how to restore Google tabs after restart’ on your mobile device.

With SmartWindows, you can proactively address these complications and not worry about technology letting you down especially when there deadlines around the corner. It represents a complete profile management software, browser crash, tabs backup and restore, and most importantly, a productivity software application.

Productivity Plans

SmartWindows is truly unique with value selling propositions that you will not find anywhere in the market. We believe that its top-tier features and benefits should be accessible to all, considering how busy our lives have become. For this reason, you can choose from two pricing plans: the free version, and the paid edition which comes at a very low cost of only $19.99/PC/year.

Wrapping Up

To know more, watch the demo video or get in touch with us and we’ll answer any questions you may have. Don’t sit and wait. Increase productivity and maximize your earnings with SmartWindows today!