How The Instagram Algorithm Works?

How The Instagram Algorithm Works? Social media marketing is a productive manner for businesses of all sizes to reach their prospects and customers. Great marketing on social media can bring striking success to your business, creating devoted followers and even driving leads and sales. Instagram is considered by experienced marketers to be the best social media platform to engage with your followers. It is simple and easy to use, thus, attracting the younger generations more than other social media marketing platforms.

Switch From Chronological To Algorithm

Starting from the visual change of its logo, Instagram has gone through numerous updates over the past few years. The platform went from being a tool for sharing aesthetic posts to a source of income for many of its users. But the most prominent change is when it switched from chronological to an algorithmic way of showing content.

The change to the algorithm is intended to help surface the most relevant content every time a user checks their Instagram feed. However, many influencers and online business owners feel like they are losing their audience. Which begs the question: how does the algorithm decide which content meets the criteria?

In this article, we will highlight the factors that influence the Instagram algorithm and share tips to help you improve your chances of getting your content to reach more people.

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6 Factors That Influence The Algorithm

Here are six factors that influence Instagram Algorithm:


The order in which instagram shows posts and videos in your feed depend on your past activities. The type of posts that you engage with frequently and the relationship to the person posting it will greatly affect the content that you see on your timeline.


Instagram shows you posts that are more recent as well as more relevant to the user’s interests. Therefore the timeliness of posting your content is a key ingredient in the Instagram algorithm.


The algorithm is designed to cater to the interests of the app user. It will show you the important posts from your friends and family, such as a post about your friend’s wedding event. Instagram’s algorithm studies your past interactions to see which accounts you engage with the most often. This means that content from your close relations will appear more on your feed.


Every time the user opens the app, the algorithm tries to show the posts that are new and more recent since their last visit. If you open Instagram once daily, it will show you content that is considered to be more relevant for that day. Similarly, if you open the app every hour, the content that appears in your feed will be content that you haven’t seen before.


The number of users you follow will greatly influence the type of posts that will show up on your timeline. If you choose to follow fewer people, then you will see more from your closest friends or favorite accounts on your feed as opposed to if you follow a large number of accounts you will see less content from individual accounts.


The period of each visit by the user is a deciding factor for ‘what’ and ‘how much content the algorithm will show the user. If the visits are small, then only the most recent and relevant posts will cut. But when you stay on the app for a longer period, it may provide a detailed catalog of fresh content.

Make The Instagram Algorithm Work For You

Instead of focusing on ways to beat the Instagram algorithm, we will help you understand the techniques that you can use to your advantage.

Embrace The Latest Features

Instagram seems to work by way of “rewarding” its users. It implies that the algorithm might ‘favor’ those users that use the app’s new features in their posts and stories etc. The thought behind this is to increase the adoption of new features by making newer features more prominent in the app. For example, putting Stories at the top of users feeds and Reels in the middle.

Consistency Is Key

The Instagram algorithm follows patterns to optimize the feed content of its users. How often you post content and at what time of the day is decisive in getting more leads. This means that the app’s users need to consistently and frequently create interesting and engaging content that gets lots of Shares, Saves, Comments, and Likes.

Vary Your Post Types

Another thing you can do is add variety to the type of posts you post. The app does not necessarily favor videos over photos. In reality, the algorithm will favor whatever each user interacts with the most.

Sharing your content in different forms not only makes it interesting for viewers but can also help you repurpose your posts. For example, not everyone wants to tap through stories to view a tutorial for a makeup product. So a video is a more effective way to ensure the reach for that type of audience.

Final Thoughts

The more we learn about how Instagram’s algorithm works, the more it appears that the platform requires creators to spend more time feeding more content. There is no one-size-fits-all theory behind this app. The best way to improve your following and reach is through creating more engaging content and working on your post consistency.