How much is a CT scan without insurance?

How much is a CT scan without insurance? CT scan without insurance ranges from $500 to $3,000 on average. The price differs in all states of USA depending upon a variety of factors.
For example, based on national data, a CT scan without insurance costs $525, but its value lies between $300 and $6,750, and sometimes more, depending on different factors.
how much is a CT scan without insurance?

Let us take a look at CT scan of abdomen with insurance and without insurance

No. Location of a CT scan of the abdomen With insurance Without insurance
1 California $260 $7100
2 New York $550 $7000
3 Los Angeles $460 $1200
4 Chicago $550 $1400
5 Miami $500 $1300
6 Philadelphia $525 $1350
7 Houston $525 $1350
8 Washington $525 $1300
9 Atlanta $550 $1400

Cost of CT scan

Before we have a detailed discussion that how much is a CT scan without insurance, we must have a brief account of the other side to clear the whole idea. A CT scan in the US with or without coverage ranges from $320-$1,869 depending upon a variety of factors.

However, the influence of various factors on the amount of an uninsured or insured, CT scan ranges from $3,275 to $6,750.

Now, before we get to know how much is a CT scan without insurance first, we have to take a deep dig to look at what a CT scan is and how it differs from other procedures. Thus, we will better understand how much a scanner with no insurance costs us.

Understand CT scan before you regret

A computerized tomography scan or CT scan is a medical scan that is used by medical professionals for an in-depth diagnosis of certain injuries and ailments, as compared to a traditional X-ray. This procedure involves taking multiple x-ray images at different angles.

These images are processed with the help of a computer. This makes it possible to create transverse images of different parts of the body. This resulted in an exploratory review for a more in-depth look at the disease.

So, by having a look at the above figures we got to know that an insured, CT scan will save us from paying a heavy amount from our pocket. If a CT scan is without insurance, we will have to pay an unimaginable amount that might have left us broke.

CT scan actually make your life better

The CT scan is a common practice nowadays. One might undergo a CT scan due to some of the following reasons:
The doctors used CT scans to find out if certain treatments are working. For example, a patient with a tumor will have a CT scan to show whether his body is responding to chemotherapy or radiation.

  1. CT scans show internal wounds and haemorrhages, such as those caused by any accident.
  2. Doctors use them to guide treatment plans and procedures, such as radiation therapy, biopsies, surgeries, etc…
  3. For patients with problems like heart disease, cancer, or liver commonalities, CT scans will help to spot it and help doctors to see any changes.
  4. They can help to locate complex fractures and tumours, blood clots, infection, or excess fluid in the body. CT scans can also detect bone problems.


Till now we have a brief account of how much a CT scan costs of insurance and without insurance. We discussed the different types of CT scans and what are the alternative methods other than a CT scan. What is a CT scan, MRI, and CTA and what are the differences among these three procedures? And how the CT scan is better than the rest in terms of scans without insurance. In the last paragraph, we discussed the circumstances when a physician prescribed his patients to have a CT scan.

Facts about CT scan without insurance

Well, you understand that if you have insurance, your benefactor may cover the cost of the CT scan. And that will happen only if your facility is within its coverage network, but you may still be required to pay a deductible fee. Most people who are interested in price of this scan do not have insurance.

Let us say that you do not have insurance, then you would have to pay for the entire cost out of pocket. So how much do your CT scans cost out of your pocket? The answer will depend upon the type of scan you need, the city and the facility that you are in, and the variety of factors that we will discuss below.

But first, let’s have a look at the difference in the case of CT scan is insured vs. When a CT scan is not insured in different states of the US. Where National Average for a CT scan is $3,275 and National Range is $300–$6,750+.

According to statistics, you can expect a CT scan cost that ranges from $270 to nearly $5,000 on the high end. The scan cost with insurance varies, and it depends on the facility, your location, and factors such as whether you pay in cash or bill your insurance provider.
Let us have a look that how much some of our body parts cost a CT scan if not insured.

Three major factors affecting a CT scan cost

In the US, the state wide typical cost for a CT scan is $5,750, but it is not always easy to figure out what different healthcare accommodations charge for a particular procedure. Look at the costs of the different types of CT scans in different states.

You will notice the price range for most of the scans is still pretty wide. This means, the cost they may charge you can be between these prices depending on several factors, including No matter which CT scan your physician recommends, hence, searching for the best value can be confusing.
Now look at these factors that affect how much a CT scan cost without insurance:


CT scans without insurance are often more cost-efficient in cities where there are many CT scan providers to choose from as compared to rural range with only a hand-picked number of providers. Thus, the location where you will have the CT scan performed will also make an enormous difference. Those who travel for a medical procedure can have a great money-saving option.

2.Type Of Facility.

A hospital or your treatment facility where you have your medical procedure done affects the cost. Having your treatment done in a clinic as an inpatient costs more than having a similar procedure done in an outpatient centre.

Inpatient vs. outpatient facility cost differences

The cost of a CT scan without insurance fluctuates greatly between inpatient and outpatient facilities. The US national average cost of the CT scan at inpatient facilities is $4,750, while the same procedure at outpatient facilities might cost $525.

Insurance Coverage Insured vs. uninsured cost differences

If you are going for a CT scan, your final out-of-pocket cost will vary depending on your insurance plan. You have to evaluate the deductible and how much will be covered to know the exact amount. If the CT scan facility is within your insurance network, you will pay less compared to and If you don’t have insurance, expect to pay the cost in full.

3. Additional Costs for CT scan is without coverage

Depending on the type of facility, you may need to pay more for consultation and other fees. That’s why make sure to ask whether these fees are included when inquiring about a facility or not.

In-network vs. out-of-network cost differences:

In-network mentions a health care facility that has a contracted rate with a health insurance company. The rate is usually much lower than what someone would pay out-of-pocket. That is why, In-network providers are almost always cheaper than out-network providers.

Additional office visits:

Ask your doctor if the follow-up visit is included in the total cost of your procedure? As in some cases, you may be charged them separately for an initial consultation with the physician before the procedure starts.

Contrast supplies:

If the scan is focused on soft tissues such as blood vessels and organs your physician might request a CT scan with contrast. In that case, you will need a special dye before this type of scan, this dye is known as a contrast material. So, you should ask if this contrast material is included in the total cost of your procedure.


Let’s have a closer look at what we have discussed till now. Did we discuss how much is a CT scan without insurance? We compared the cost of a CT scan with and without insurance. How CT scans of different parts of our body cost an unimaginable amount if our scan is not in coverage.
How the location of a city, your facility, and in-network and out-network factors will affect the cost that you will pay. In the end, there is a checklist of some beneficial points that will come in handy when you will discuss everything with your provider about the payments.

Checklist to find a fair price for your CT scan without insurance:

Well, after providing you with a detailed analysis and comparison of factors that affect the cost of a CT scan without insurance, we will also guide you with our checklist to figure out the best checklist that goes well with your pocket.

  1. Ask your physician to explain what each cost is for and keep a record. You must discuss and review the total cost of your procedure with your physician. If you get your bill, that’s higher than you expected, this record will come in handy.

  2. Do not hesitate to ask your physician if they can perform this procedure in an outpatient setting.

  3. Avoid out network providers by asking your physician whether all the providers who will treat you are in-network for your insurance. You should first check that all providers are in-network. May be a provider who treats you will be out-of-network. This occasionally happens with anaesthesiologists, resulting in you paying more.

  4. If the physician finds other areas that need to be examined during your procedure, ask them what the typical cost is?

It doesn’t matter which CT scans your physician recommends, searching for the best value can be confusing. You must have a detailed discussion with your physician about how much you are going to pay if your CT scan is not insured.

Frequently asked questions about CT scan (FAQs)

1. What are other different types of CT scans?
Doctors now use CT scans to diagnose diseases in almost all major areas of the body. The most common types of CT scans are Brain scans, Angiography scans, Neck scans, Sinus CT scans, Pelvic, Lumbar, Spine, Chest, Bone, Shoulder, Abdomen, and Foot CT scans.

Uninsured CT scans can cost anywhere from $100 to $10,000, depending on the type of CT scan you need.

2. What are the alternatives of CT scan?
There are usually two alternatives to a CT scan, namely CTA (computerized axial tomography) and MRI. But there, for a particular diagnosis, a CT scan without insurance is better than the rest of the two.

The three methods vary in time, cost, and usage of radiation. In the article below, we discuss how these three procedures differ and why we should prefer an uninsured CT scan then MRI and CTA.

3. What is the difference between CT scan, CTA, and MRI?

To understand how a CT scan differs from the other two, we need to deliberate a brief account of these three.

  • A computerized tomography scan (CT), uses a series of x-rays taken at different angles to generate a detailed image of a particular section of the body.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging, known as MRI, uses powerful radio waves and magnetic fields to produce detailed images of structures in the body.

  • CTA or computerized axial tomography uses a contrast material or dye injected into the body to detect blood flow problems or related conditions.

4. How does a CT scan work?
CT scan works as an x-ray machine sends one radiation beam to a still body, and a CT scanner sends out multiple radiation beams to a moving body as it slides through the machine.
After that, the computer processed the x-ray and combined it to create either a 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional image.

5. How do MRI works?
The MRI scanner emits magnetic waves to the body, these waves align to the protons present in that body. The MRI scanner then sends out a radiofrequency current that creates a varying magnetic field. Resulting in the protons flipping their spins.

When the magnetic field is turned off, the protons return to their normal spin. It is a process called precession. During this process, they produce a radio signal, which can be measured by the scanner and computed into an image. Producing the result of the scan.

6. How do CTA works?

In some cases, the scan is focused on soft tissues such as blood vessels and organs.The patient will need a special type of dye, called a contrast material in this process.

7. How much does a whole body scan cost?

For a full-body scan cost, keep in mind that whole-body scans are costly. And usually, insurance companies do not pay for whole-body scans. Whole-body scans may cost from $500 to $1,000. In case you have follow-up tests, its costs can be much higher.

8. How much does an angiogram cost without insurance?

If not insured by health insurance, the cost of an angiogram can range from less than $5,000-$100,000 or more, depending on the facility and the area of the body being examined.

9. How much does a CT scan abdomen and pelvis cost?
The cost of a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis if not insured ranges from $350 to $3,159.

10. Are there any preparation my CT treatment exam?

On the day of your CT scan exam, you should arrive at least 20 minutes earlier your scheduled appointment. Also, if your exam involves contrast procedure, you will need to drink it a minimum of 1 hour prior to the start of the exam.

11. How much time will the CT exam take?

A typical CT scan exam will take almost 10 to 15 minutes. More complicated exams can take longer than 30 minutes.

12. Can I have a CT scan exam if I am pregnant?

Pregnant women or those who think they may be pregnant should not have a CT scan or any form of exam that involves x-ray and they should immediately inform their technologist.

13. Can I bring somebody into the CT scan room with me?

No, you cannot, your Friends or family members can wait in imaging suite while the scan is being performed.

14. Can I have a CT scan if I am having a pacemaker?

Yes. CT exam uses x-ray to get its images, it is safe for a patient with a pacemaker to have a scan without complications.

15. Do I need a contrast vaccination for the CT exam?

Not everybody needs an IV of contrast for their exam. The decision to use contrast is based on the patient’s history and the type of examine to be performed.

16. Can I talk during the exam?

You may talk to your technologist in between scans. But it is very imperative to remain still during the exam.

17. Is the radiation from the CT scan dangerous?

The radiations received from a CT scan is about 4 times the natural radiation level received annually. They not as harmful as they are considered to be.


Hence, from a detailed above discussion, we concluded that how much is a CT scan without insurance depends upon several factors. If you live in a rural area, you might end up paying more for the procedure as you have fewer options to check on. Similarly, the city that you live in matters a lot, or if you have to travel to another city to have a CT scan adds up to the cost.
The other factors involve the type of facility that you are having a CT scan if your scan is within coverage or without coverage if you are an in-network patient or an out-network patient. To save your time and money, go on a detailed discussion with your health care provider about all the factors that matter.
On the other hand, you can also search on the internet about the charges of the facilities that how much is a CT scan without insurance. Many CT scan facility providers will give you a free quote, so you may find significant savings if you undergo this procedure. Among these, some providers offer online quotes, however, some require a phone call or walk-in consultation before they will provide information about price and location.

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