How much is 1 ton of gravel

How much is 1 ton of gravel? Regular gravel costs $35-$42 per ton, while decorative colored gravel can cost $50-$85 per ton. Since one ton equals 2000 pounds, 2800 pounds can make up a cubic meter or 27 cubic feet.

How much is 1 ton of gravel

What is gravel?

Gravel consists of unconsolidated rock fragments and is in the form of small pieces of stones like a pea or a ball and may also exist in an irregular shape. It comprises sandstone, limestone, and basalts that form different types of rocks. We use it in making roads, constructing houses, and in different industrial processes. It exists in the form of fine pebble or coarse granules.

It is a naturally found rock. Miners harvest it from some streams, different geographical formations, and riverbeds.

Rock diameter ranges from millimeters to several inches. Rocks are harvested and stored. Then these rocks are crushed into valuable granules or pebbles as gravel. We can use gravel to stabilize railways and make walkways.

Gravel information

Here is some general information related to gravel.

Gravel Information
Form Find pebble or coarse granules
Size Millimeter to several inches
Uses Construction, industrial processes, railways, and walkways.
Comprises of Basalts, limestone, and sandstone

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How much is 1 ton of gravel?

We can say that one cubic meter has 1680 kg of gravel, while a 5cm wide 1 square meters contain 84 kilograms of tons. We can also determine it with a unique calculator for Gravel measurement. This calculator can easily find the exact amount of gravel around us. One ton of gravel has 2000 pounds of gravel. Similarly, the tons in the one cubic meter of gravel are 2800/2000 as 1m3 pounds.

We use a gravel calculator for the driveway to find out how much gravel is per ton near me. To do this, multiply the amount or weight of gravel obtained by the price of a cubic meter or ton. It’s easy to know how much 1 ton of gravel is.
We can find out the volume of sand by the following steps

  1. Use the gravel calculator.

  2. For handheld calculators, divide the total cubic feet by 27 (3 x 3 x 3) to get cubic yards.

  3. View your calculations and confirm your measurements with the Cubic Meter Calculator.

  4. Give this Number to your provider, who usually sends you soil according to that calculator.

A typical truck can hold up to 10-12 cubic feet of soil and 20,000 to 24,000 pounds of mud.

Gravel How much and how to calculate
1 ton of gravel 2000 pounds
Calculated by Gravel calculator
Gravel capacity of a typical truck 20000 to 24,000 pounds of soil gravel

What is the per ton price of gravel?

The price per ton of gravel varies according to the location and the type of gravel. The prices of granite, mulch, and soil (every kind) will be different.

  • Regular gravel types cost $35-$42 per ton, while colored decorative gravel costs $50-$85 per ton. Since one ton equals 2000 pounds, 2800 pounds can make up a cubic meter. In this case, one ton can cover an area of up to 40 square feet with a depth of one inch.

  • To buy gravel, we must go to the landscape architect. The gravel price adjusts by the gravel type and site for delivery. The average cost is 30-35 USD for a cubic yard of fine gravel. At the same time, a ton of fine gravel costs $40 to $45.

  • A standard bag of gravel only costs $2 to $6. The decorative gravel bags have some extra cost of 6-8 USD. Gravel usually is available in bags at stores and depots.

  • The average gravel cost varies from site to site and depends on your needed PSI capacity. The average, a ton of colored gravel costs 25 to 75 USD, while regular gravel costs 10 to 50 USD. A square feet bag of gravel at hardware stores sells at the average price of $5.

  • A ton of gravel landscaping costs range from $300 to $400, with an average price of $350. When a large amount of gravel for landscaping projects is needed, the average price reduces significantly. The acceptable gravel cubic yard cost is 15 to 75 USD, ranging from $10 to $50.

  • For 200 square feet pea gravel patio, the material is required for a small home project coverage and costs about 300-400 USD with an average of 350 USD.

What is the price of a yard of gravel?

The per yard prices of gravel vary from 60 to 75 USD, and per square foot ranges from $1 to $3. A 4 × 20 gravel driveway costs $250. Similarly, a 10 × 20 patio or garden path costs $445. At the same time, the delivery, including gravel, costs $600 to $1800.

When you know the prices of gravel near you, you’ll need to know the estimated amount of mulch or gravel you need to purchase. To understand the exact amount of gravel, enter the inches and feet of your project into the gravel calculator and then calculate the precise amount you need to purchase.

The calculator gives you the amount of red mulch, bark, debris, etc., in any unit, cubic feet, square feet, or tons, according to your choice.


The gravel is unconsolidated rock, and it is present naturally. We can harvest it from the riverbed and the rocks. During mining, the rock makers crush it into the small pallets. We can use it to make railways, roads, walkways, and buildings.

Pounds of dirt in 1 ton

One ton equals 2000 lbs. or pounds. The difference between tons and pounds is not much significant. Just add a small number as the land area increases. The unit of a ton is only used in the USA nowadays.

Gravel amount calculation

To calculate the amount of gravel needed, we follow:

  1. Measure the length and width of the plot in feet and determine the desired depth.

  2. To get the cubic feet, multiply L (length) by W (width) by the depth.

  3. Divide it by 27 to get the cubic feet you want.

Pounds of gravel in 1 ton of concrete

One cubic meter of sand mix concrete, Scrap and Bulk Materials contains 1855 lbs. 1 cubic meter of glass has 2160 lbs. Plaster, Drywall = 1 cubic meter 3834 lbs. Metals = 1 cubic meter 906 lbs. Plastic = 1 cubic meter pound 2106 pounds of rock or gravel 1 cubic meter = 2 pounds of rock, 1 cubic meter = 2570 pounds.

Landscape calculator

Calculate the landscape by landscape rock calculator by the steps below.

To calculate landscape, firstly, we have to convert it into feet. For this, divide the given landscape stone depth by 12. For example, if we want a stone of 2 inches deep, divide 2/12 feet. Then multiply the length and width by the depth you require in feet to find the desired number of cubic feet for a landscape stone.

Pounds of gravel in 1 ton of sand

Typically, a gravel shovel weighs 1500 pounds, and an m3 of gravel weighs approximately 3000 pounds. While as compared to gravel, a shovel of soil has a low weight, about 1000-1200 pounds. So topsoil costs between 12 to 55 USD per m3.

We can calculate the amount of gravel in tons compared to the sand and granite. The prices of sand/ton and gravel/ton vary according to the type and use of gravel and sand.

25-40 USD is the cost for sand per ton. Usually, construction suppliers use cubic meter or square meter units to sell sand and gravel. Bricks River sand, soil, or granite usually costs 25-40 USD per ton. The gravel commonly weighs 2800 pounds per cubic yard; when some extra pounds, 2000 pounds per ton, are added, weight increases.

For example, for an area of 100 m3, multiply it by the gallons of gravel in one ton as

1 ton= 1 = 133.

One ton of gravel has 133 gallons, costing only 40-45 USD.


The gravel cost varies according to its type, location, and the gravel delivery near my spot. Its price can also vary in different countries. The price of 1 ton of gravel is 35 to 42 dollars, and a cubic yard of fine gravel is 30 to 35 dollars—the price of colored gravel range from $25 to 75.

Gravel Cost
1 ton of gravel $35-$42
cubic yard of fine gravel $30- $35
Bag of gravel $2-$6 per bag
Colored gravel $25-$75
A ton of gravel landscaping $300-$400

Square feet for 1 ton of sand

One ton of sand covers 80,100 sq. ft. when the depth is 2". How many tons of sand do I need?

  • Measure the square footage of the plot.

  • Square feet × depth in feet = # cubic feet.

  • Cubic feet / divided by 27 = # Cubic meters.

  • Cubic yards × (unit weight in pounds / 2000) = # Tons required.

1 ton concrete area

Suppose we have to use it for standard road construction of 50mm, and we know that one ton of gravel covers 14 m2. One ton is usually enough for 20 square meters with a depth of 35 mm.

Can you calculate the wt. of a cubic yard for topsoil (in lbs.)?

A cubic foot of topsoil weighs 1080 pounds. However, topsoil is filled with other types of materials and may increase its weight up to 3000 pounds usually. In wet weather or conditions, its average weight may increase due to water molecules.

How many pounds are in a ton?

To know the total pounds in a ton, we undergo a conversion of a ton to pound or pound to tons. A ton usually contains 2000 pounds. When you search about how much 1 ton of gravel costs? You can also search for how I convert pounds into tons or tons into pounds. US natives usually use a ton as a typical unit of weight, containing 2000 pounds. At the same time, most of the other countries use barrels instead of a ton.

Cubic Yards in Dump truck

From the following, we can know the number of cubic yards in a dump truck and the soil in a bin.

The commercial landfill can bear 10-18 cubic ft. of soil.

A landfill of commercial use bears 10-18 cubic ft. of soil. Small companies have trucks to hold 1/22th of a ton. Ordinary trucks or haulers have different load capacities, up to 810 tons for a single axle—1215 tons for double rear axles, and 1825 tons for dual rear axles.

No. of tons in the yard

How many tons are in the yard? If a building of one meter is 1 m wide, 1m long, and 1m high, we can express it as cubic feet as 3 feet wide, 3 feet long, and 3 feet high. It equals 1 m3 as 27 cubic feet. Typically yard of a building is equal to 1.13 tons.

Weight of dirt

The weight of dirt varies according to wet and dry conditions of topsoil, form (loose or dense), the composition and size of a mixture, clay in the soil, stony soil, rubble, gravel, sand, etc. So, if you want dirt for sale, you should keep these factors in mind.


You can find the mass of gravel for your construction land or area by the gravel calculator. It’s available online. And it will help you to the weight of dirt, numbers of tons in a yard, cubic yards, topsoil weight, and pounds in a ton. You can get many more similar calculations from the gravel calculator.

White Rocks prices near me

White rock gravel costs an average of $ 0.50 to $ 2.00 per square foot, $ 40 per yard, or $ 30 per ton. White or black gravel such as crushed stone and white limestone/lava rock costs $ 120+/ton, or $3 to $10/cubic foot when ordered in small quantities.

Gravel variety Cost
White rock gravel $30 per ton
lava rock $120 + per ton
Ballast gravel $10 per ton
Loose gravel $50 per ton

Google the white rock gravel prices near me and the weight you require, and you’ll get the idea of their prices.

Sand & gravel prices near me:

Find out sand and gravel prices near me.

The raw gravel prices vary from 10 to 50 USD, while road gravel ranges from 18 to 30 USD. Usually, limestone ranges from 28 to 45 USD.

The thickness of the pallet of gravel varies. For a pallet thickness of 1-3, the average pallet weighs 4000 lbs. it covers 70-140 square meters per ton. Now a question arises, how much does a pallet of stone costs? Its minimum cost is 2 USD per square foot.

Pounds of gravel in 1-ton sq

One ton of gravel equals 18 cubic feet, and a ton of crushed gravel equals 27 cubic feet. For this, you can use a crushed stone calculator.


Some of the questions related to gravel and its cost are

1- How much does 1 ton of gravel cost?

The total range for a cubic yard of fine gravel is $15 to $75, and a ton costs between $10 and $50. A colorful variety costs an extra $20-50.

2- How much area does 1 ton of gravel cover?

One ton covers 14 square meters.

3- How much area is necessary for a ton of gravel?

A ton of gravel needs the area of 2" for 100 square feet, 3" for 80 square feet, 4" for 70 square feet by, or 5" for 60 square feet.

4- How to know no of cu-yards of dirt in a ton?

One meter of soil equals one cubic meter, which is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. You can calculate it as 27 cu ft of mud related to its volume. A British ton is a unit of mass equivalent to 2000 pounds.

5- How much does crushed rock weigh in tons?

It follows mine gravel in tons/m3, either 2" or 4". The heaviest gravels are Angular Rip Rap and White Granite and weigh tons per cubic meter.

6- How to calculate the number of yards in 1 ton?

One gravel yard is almost 3000 pounds, while 1 US ton equals 2000 lbs. So, the yards/ton = 2000/3000 = cubic yards.

7- What density(m/v) of dry gravel of one ton?

The density of dry gravel varies from 1 to ton/m3, depending on the composition. Density is weight/volume. The density of dry gravel and density of concrete are the same.

8- How many lbs. of dirt in 1 ton?

The ton is only used in the United States and contains 2,000 pounds (2,000 lb).

9- What is the weight of a cubic yard of rock in lbs.?

The weight of one cubic yard of rock is between 2400-2900 lbs. or upto1.5 tons. A cubic yard is enough to cover the area of 100 square feet with three inches of gravel. The exact coverage of materials may vary because some are more compact than others.

10- How do you make a gravel patio?

To prepare the gravel patio:

  1. Add a layer of gravel to the top.

  2. Add water to moisture the gravel and press it firmly.

  3. If needed, add gravel from the top, water, and press it to get a firm and smooth layer.

11- What is pea gravel?

It is a round, smooth oval-shaped stone. Pea gravel is one of the many gravel forms but is not confused with pea gravel and corner gravel. Pea gravel patio ideas help retain the moisture level and prevent erosion, while corner gravel is for drainage and other underground construction purposes.

12- How many gravels in yards are in 1 ton?

One ton of gravel in the yard equals 0.714 cubic yards.

13- How do calculate the pounds of dirt equal to 1-ton square?

As we know, the tons have 2000 pounds; the difference is not so big to determine the pounds of dirt equals the 1 square ton. You add a small number as the building size increases. This ton unit is used only in the USA and is equivalent to 2000lb.

14- What are different kinds of gravel?

Some other types of gravel are

  1. River rock,

  2. Crushed stone,

  3. Jersey shore,

  4. Pea type,

  5. Slat and chip,

  6. Paver gravel

  7. Slag, and

  8. Quarry process gravel.

15- How much is the price of different types of gravel?

The price/ton of different types of gravel is

  • River rock-30 to 60 dollars

  • Pea gravel-25 to 53 dollars

  • Crushed stone gravel-10 to 50 dollars

  • Jersey chore gravel-85-100 dollars


Here we go. How much is 1 ton of gravel? One ton of gravel equals 2000 pounds. The price of one ton of gravel varies from location to location and the type of gravel. You can find gravel in the form of soil, small pebbles, stones, lava rock, loose gravel, colored gravel, and white and black gravel. So, their prices are different depending on their type. The price of 1 ton of normal gravel is $35-$42, and the bag of gravel costs $2-$6. You can expect gravel delivery near me for colored gravel to be 25-75$.

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