How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost At Petco?

How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost At Petco? A single guinea pig usually costs between $10 and $40 at pet stores and from breeders. Before buying from a shop, check their credentials to ensure they are a reliable source.

Costs to Take Care of Guinea Pigs

The most expensive part of having a guinea pig is setting up the cage because you have to buy all the supplies. But once you’re set up, you’ll have everything you need to take care of them, and the costs will be very low daily.

When you buy an Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch, you get free accessories like food bowls and water bottles. If not, you’ll have to buy these at a pet store near you.

To make a bed, you’ll need new paper and hay. A large hay bag will only cost between $2 and $5. Dry food for guinea pigs costs about $4 a week, and they also need fresh food (although a lot of this can be kitchen waste, such as carrot tops).

If you have two or three guinea pigs, it will cost less than $10 a week to care for them and much less in the summer when they don’t need as much bedding to stay warm.

Guinea Pig Vet Bills Cost

Guinea pigs rarely need to go to the vet, especially if they are kept in a good cage and fed a healthy diet. If your guinea pigs are active and healthy, you may be able to tell when something is wrong (although they hide illness surprisingly well). If your pet is limping, not eating much, not pooping much, or seems tired or in pain, you should take it to the vet.

Guinea pigs are stoical. As animals that live in groups, they sometimes hide injuries so that they don’t look weak, which could make them easy prey for other animals.

It means that it may already be too late when you notice something is wrong with your pet. It will help if you take your guinea pig to the vet as soon as possible.

Costs at the vet vary a lot depending on what treatment you get and where you go. Some very bad problems can cost hundreds of dollars to fix.

So, it’s very important to check on your pet often, and you might also want to get pet insurance to cover any costs that might come up. Check out our Guinea Pig Illness page for more information on some of the most common illnesses and problems, as well as tips on how to do a good health check on your pet.

Guinea Pig Neutering Cost

Neutering can be done on both females (sows) and males (boars). Costs vary for neutering guinea pigs, but the surgery usually costs about $60 per guinea pig. Remember that to stop unwanted pregnancies; you only need to neuter one of the sexes.

Any operation is stressful for a guinea pig and can be dangerous, so keep male and female guinea pigs together if you can. It makes it impossible for guinea pigs to have babies. However, it would help if you never separated guinea pigs so that one is kept alone. They are always lonely.

Female guinea pigs can feel stressed when pregnant or when their young are hungry. There are also sometimes serious problems during birth. So, if you want young guinea pigs, you might consider getting them from an animal shelter. Every state has shelters with hundreds of guinea pigs of all breeds and ages looking for new homes, so adopt instead of breeding.


The average adoption fee is $25. This money helps pay for a place to live. The shelter can help you build your first guinea pig cage at home. The shelter may visit your house to see if it’s good for guinea pigs.

About Guinea Pigs

Here are some things you should know about guinea pigs.

  • Guinea pigs are thought to make good first pets.

  • They are cute, friendly, and easy to care for and handle.

  • You can use many treats and toys to get to know your guinea pig better.

  • Guinea pigs are very loving pets that like to cuddle up with their owners.

  • They are one of the few small animals that might enjoy interacting with you as much as you do with them.

  • Guinea pigs get along well with their pet parents and make sounds like squeaks, chirps, and purrs to talk to them.

  • Crepuscular means that they are most active in the morning and evening.

  • Requires Vitamin C daily.

  • Guinea pigs can be kept in pairs of the same gender if they grow up together. Small animals of different kinds shouldn’t be housed together.

  • Easy to take care of; likes to play, eat, and sleep at about the same time every day.

  • When happy or excited, you “popcorn” or jump in the air.

  • Their teeth are always growing, so they need to chew on things to keep them in good shape. Give them plenty of chew sticks or mineral chews.

Cost To Adopt Guinea Pigs

Fees vary, but it costs $25 to adopt a pet on average. This money helps pay for the costs of running the shelter. The sanctuary will know a lot about your new pet, which will be very helpful when you set up your first guinea pig cage at home. The shelter might even be able to visit your house to make sure it’s a good place for a guinea pig.

Should I Get a Rabbit or a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs and rabbits are great pets for kids and adults, so it’s up to you to decide which one to get. But they don’t get along very well, mostly because the GPs are scared of the bolder, bigger bunny.

Guinea pigs and rabbits need the same amount of space, but rabbits tend to eat more and live longer than GPs. A rabbit can live for eight to twelve years, while a guinea pig can only live for five to eight.

Guinea pigs are very gentle animals, which is a big part of their appeal. Bunnies can sometimes be mean, which may surprise owners who didn’t know it. A few years ago, an Omlet user said their pet bunny, Babbish, had started biting whenever a hand or leg came close.

The problem turned out to be a combination of male hormones and being left alone. Poor Babbish. But this is not the kind of story you hear about guinea pigs.

Can Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Live Together?

Shortly, no. Rabbits are a little bit bigger and a little more aggressive than guinea pigs, so the guinea pigs are usually very scared. The two animals can only live together if they have a lot of space. You may have seen this in zoos, where the animals live in large enclosures.

If you want to add to your current group of guinea pigs, always choose more guinea pigs instead of other small mammals. Even if different species don’t fight, only GPs will fit into the structure of the guinea pig herd.

Also, rabbits and GPs have slightly different needs when it comes to food. When they fight over food, the guinea pig can get hurt because the rabbit is bigger and can kick, claw, and bite with a lot of force. A GP could get hurt very badly by these.

Get A Guinea Pig For Children

Guinea pigs are good pets for kids because they are friendly, cute, and fluffy. Adults will still have to take care of some of the basics. Even though caring for a guinea pig is easy, a young child shouldn’t have to do it alone.

It’s not a good idea to put a pet’s care in the main hands of a child younger than 10 or 11. You’ll also need to watch younger children playing with the GPs to ensure they don’t hurt them by accident.

Most of the care for the guinea pig should be able to be done by a child older than ten, but it’s best to think of owning a guinea pig as a family activity and responsibility.

The Petco Guide to New Guinea Pigs

We’ll help you figure out how to be a good pet owner by giving you helpful tips, expert advice, and suggestions for every step.

  1. Getting the right home set up

  2. How to Choose the Right Food

  3. How to keep your Guinea pig happy. 4. What you need to know about your Guinea pig.

  4. Making a schedule


Guinea pigs and rabbits are great pets for kids and adults so you can choose either. Doctors of medicine are scared of the braver, bigger rabbit. Guinea pigs tend to eat less and live less long than rabbits. Guinea pigs only live for 5-8 years, while rabbits can live for 8-12. Guinea pigs can’t make vitamin C like rabbits can, which makes it hard to feed them.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here are some very important questions about this topic.

1 - How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Cage for a Guinea Pig?

If you choose to get a pair of female guinea pigs, you should get at least a 4x2 C&C cage, which costs $90 at Kavee. If you want two male guinea pigs, you should get a 5x2 C&C cage, which costs $95 at Kavee.

2 - Can You Buy Just 1 Guinea Pig?

It’s not good for them to be alone. They need a friend of the same kind with whom they can “talk,” play, and cuddle. Because having a friend is so important to their health, Switzerland made it illegal to keep only one.

3 - Are Petco Guinea Pigs Fixed?

I used to work at Petco, and I know that they don’t neuter their animals. Please put the men and women in different groups.

4 - How Long Do Guinea Pigs Last?

On average, guinea pigs live for five to seven years. It is longer than the life span of many small pets, like hamsters, gerbils, mice, or rats, which are all only a few years.

5 - Do Guinea Pigs Need Vaccinations?

Even though guinea pigs don’t need vaccinations, it’s best to take them to a vet who cares for them at least once a year for a routine checkup.

6 - Should Guinea Pigs Be Bathed?

Unlike people, guinea pigs only need to be cleaned about two to four times a year. Because their skin is so sensitive and it’s hard for them to control their temperature, hairless varieties aren’t bathed very often.

7 - Do Guinea Pigs Like to Be Held?

Most guinea pigs like to be held when they trust the person holding them and the environment they’re in. Some guinea pigs will go looking for their owners so they can be picked up. But some guinea pigs don’t like being held, even if they’ve gotten to know you well.

8 - What’s the Point of Having Two Guinea Pigs?

How to make guinea pigs feel welcome. Guinea pigs are social pets, so keeping at least two of them together is best. It lets them act in the way that comes naturally to them and meets all of their social needs.

9 - Should I Get Two Male or Two Female Guinea Pigs?

They are usually kept as pets in groups of two or three of the same gender. The same is true for two males (boars) or two females (sows), especially if they are siblings. Two boars of different ages will usually get along if no females are around.

10 - Do Guinea Pigs Bite?

Guinea pigs usually aren’t mean, so if they bite, there’s a reason. Guinea pigs are among the most popular small pets, and kids and adults love them. Guinea pigs are friendly, don’t take up much room, and are usually very calm. However, guinea pigs do sometimes nibble or bite.


Petco’s guinea pig prices Guinea pigs can be bought from pet stores and breeders for $10 to $40. Check the qualifications of a business before you buy from them. Guinea pigs are great pets for kids because they are friendly, cute, and fluffy. Adults must take care of some basic needs. Even though caring for a guinea pig is easy, a small child shouldn’t do it alone.

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How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost At Petco

Call Petco and ask. I've seen guinea pigs for about ، 1,540. As long as it's like Petko somewhere.

We are trying to find a good place to say goodbye to 2 young guinea pigs and a cage. If this is a good place to start now, let me know now, if you can, we are looking for 2 guinea pigs and a kennel seret.

Just to let you know that your best option is to buy a supplement at a Target or non-Petco store. Because pet stores are more expensive for bottled water and so on. But the price of a royal Guiana pig is 0,040. The cage costs 30 30, the bottle costs 8 8 and the lunch cup costs 5 5. I was fine, and Walmart bought a great supplement at the pet store.

How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost At Petco