How many tamales does pound of prepared masa make

One pound of masa makes six tamales, while thirty pounds makes fifteen dozens. (Masa is what appears to be mashed potatoes in the image. Should be fluffy or creamy so that it can spread easily on the ojas. Making your own chile sauce is worthwhile but takes some effort and is dirty.

How to Make Tamales

  • We are lucky to have a wide variety of ethnic restaurants in California, notably Mexican restaurants.

  • It’s much better if you have Mexican friends who cook or if their mothers prepare meals for you. I’ve been known to spend a little bit more time at these friends’ homes around Christmas because I know it’s tamale season. At a Mexican home over the holidays, you’ll notice bags full of packages wrapped in corn husks being passed about as gifts.

  • Instead, families with little resources would bake tamales and give them as Christmas presents. I believe those of us who receive the take-home bag of tamales value them as much as or perhaps more than the “formal” Christmas gift, even though actual store-bought presents are now the standard.

How much masa will make a batch of two dozen tamales?

  • One pound of unprepared masa will generate around a dozen tamales when using 1/2 cup of masa per tamale, therefore this recipe will yield about 60 tamales.

  • Never keep tamales or any other perishable food at room temperature for longer than 4 hours. But you should always strive to consume them or prepare them within a few hours. Tamales will soon develop bacteria because they are made with components like beef and poultry.

  • Take a little piece of masa (about a half teaspoon) and place it into a cup of warm water to test it. If it floats, it is prepared; if it sinks, add a little more lard, beat for an additional minute, and test it once more. Continue doing this until the masa floats.

The Masa Float Test: What is It?

  • To check if masa for tamales is prepared and ready for use, a fast test called the masa float test is carried out.

  • To make sure the tamale dough is properly prepared and ready to be used to make the most delectable handmade Mexican tamales, it is crucial to test it.

  • Making the masa can be done after you’ve begun soaking the corn husks and have the tamale fillings ready for use.

  • I have recipes for tamales masa with oil, tamales masa with butter, and tamales masa with coconut oil in my tamales cookbook. Don’t forget to read the book.

When Masa Is Ready for Tamales: How to Tell

  • Masa is most commonly mixed by hand in Mexico. Particularly when creating a lot of masa, it requires a lot of labor and strength.

  • Lard or shortening, salt, broth, and baking powder are combined with the masa ingredients of fresh masa or masa harina. By hand, they are combined and whisked until the masa is light and well-combined. The mixes increase volume and air.

  • Nowadays, a lot of individuals utilize stand mixers or handheld mixers. Both methods work well; the only distinction is that a stand mixer has greater power and can produce the required texture more quickly.


2 quarts of pig broth *AVOID this step by purchasing prepared dough (masa preparada) from a bakery or grocery shop in Mexico. One pound of masa makes six tamales, while thirty pounds makes fifteen dozens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

1. How many tamales can one pound of masa produce?

For tamales, you will require roughly 2 pounds of masa. If only half of a pound of masa is consumed, it makes about twelve dozen tamales. Masa harina, also known as corn flour or Maseca, can be kept for up to a year in a cool, dark location.

2. How many tamales can be made from a 4.4 pound bag of masa?

You’ll need 16 1/2 cups of masa harina to produce 100 tamales (or a 4.4 pound bag of Maseca).

3. How many cups of masa are in a pound?

One pound or two cups are equal to 16 ounces.

4. How many tortillas are in a pound of masa?

40 tortillas

A 2.2 pound bag of Masienda Heirloom Corn Masa Harina generates 84 tortillas that are approximately 2.4 lbs of service-ready masa (38 tortillas that weigh 1 oz apiece before cooking).

5. What to do with prepared masa?

Tortillas, gorditas, sopes, hurraches, tylaudas, and sopes are all made from masa.

6. Can you use premade masa for tamales?

It’s the key to making the best tamales, whether you grind your own fresh masa at home or buy some at a nearby Latin market. If fresh masa is not available, a masa harina dough can be used, but it won’t have the same fluffy texture or sweet corn aroma.


Pork tamales are considered to have some health advantages, but to get the most out of them, you should only eat them sometimes.
When ingested in excess, certain minerals included in pork tamales, such sodium, can be hazardous to your body.
Last but not least, learning how to prepare pork tamales does not require you to be an expert.

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