How Many Burgers Does McDonald's Sell A Day?

How many burgers does McDonald’s sell a day? McDonald’s sells 6.48 million burgers every day. As per this estimation, McDonald’s sells 4,500 burgers every minute, and 270,000 burgers per hour.

How Many Burgers Does McDonald's Sell A Day?

:eight_pointed_black_star: McDonald’s Burgers Sales

:small_red_triangle_down: Fast Facts

Time Period Burger Sales
Per Second 75
Per Minute 4,500
One Hour 270,000
Daily 6.48 Million
Weekly 45.6 Million
Monthly 181.44 Million
Yearly 2.36 Billion

Approximately 6.48 million burgers are sold every day at McDonald’s. The company sells more than 75 burgers each second. Burger data roughly breaks into different estimations, McDonald’s sells an estimated 4,500 burgers every minute, or 270,000 burgers per hour.

According to the company, McDonald’s also sells 45.6 million hamburgers every week, 181.44 million hamburgers per month, and a mind-boggling 2.36 billion burgers per year.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Tracking Of McDonald’s Burger Sales

However, the restaurant chain has been bragging about burger sales since its inception. To improve meal preparation and service, the McDonald brothers shuttered their little barbecue stand in 1948.

When it reopened, burgers, fries, and shakes replaced barbeque. Sales started modestly, but after a few months, they exploded. The brothers painted a red thermometer in the restaurant’s window as a souvenir.

Not long after, the press and public took note. According to a 1952 article in the trade publication American Restaurant, McDonald’s served hamburgers “one million a day worldwide and 160 tons of french fries every year.” With Ray Kroc on board to make McDonald’s a national hit, burger sales would skyrocket.

McDonald’s offers a lot of burgers. Knowing how many hamburgers they sell every day, hour, and the second seems unfathomable to even the most math-inclined burger geeks.

But someone did figure it out, and in 2013, McDonald’s was allegedly moving 75 burgers each second. This translates to 4,500 burgers each minute, 270,000 every hour, 6.48 million every day, and 2.36 billion burgers every year.


Some estimate McDonald’s burger sales at 50 million a day globally. In 2018, McDonald’s has roughly 13,900 restaurants in the U.S., down from 14,350 in 2014. While they may not be selling as many burgers every second as they once did, they are moving a lot of beef patties.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Facts & Figures Of McDonald’s

  • McDonald’s serves 68 million customers daily in 120 countries and territories. At the end of 2018, McDonald’s employed over 210,000 individuals in 37,855 outlets globally.

  • There are 2,770 stores and 35,085 locations, including 21,685 conventional franchisees, 7,225 developmental licensees, and 6,175 overseas affiliates.

  • Focusing on its core brand, McDonald’s began selling off 1990s acquisitions. Until October 2006, McDonald’s possessed controlling ownership in Chipotle Mexican Grill.

  • McDonald’s is a Dividend Aristocrat, having grown shareholder dividends for 25 years. In October 2012, it saw its first monthly sales decline.

  • In 2014, its quarterly sales declined for the first time since 1997, when they dipped for the whole year.

  • The number of people who use drive-through restaurants in the United States has increased significantly.

  • McDonald’s shuttered 184 restaurants in the United States in 2015, 59 more than the number of new locations the company intended to establish that year.

  • For the first time since 1970, McDonald’s saw a net loss in the number of restaurants in the United States due to this decision.

  • As of 2019, the McDonald’s on-demand delivery concept, which began in 2017 with a collaboration with Uber Eats and expanded to include DoorDash in 2019, contributes to up to 3 per cent of total sales at some locations.

:eight_pointed_black_star: How McDonald’s Burgers Are Made: A Step-by-Step Guide

Presented below is a fascinating detail demonstrating how McDonald’s buns and beef patties, as well as cheese, are processed and manufactured in a massive plant by machines:

  1. First, take at the organized splendour of machinery churning out thousands of McDonald’s sesame seed buns in a single day.

  2. Follow along as lots of unappealing fatty beef are ground up, processed, and miraculously converted into pleasingly similar burger patties.

  3. Following that, there is a bonus film showing McDonald’s chicken that has been breaded and fried.

  4. A video of the process of shredding, washing, and drying burger lettuce is then shown to the audience.

  5. Because I usually order my burger with cheese, here’s how all of those pieces of cheese are created and precisely sliced (be careful not to squish your fingers!)

  6. Finally, all components are packaged and sent to local McDonald’s locations throughout the United States.

:eight_pointed_black_star: About McDonald’s

Name McDonald’s
Type Public company
Genre Fast food restaurant
Founded May 15, 1940
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Number of locations 40,031 restaurants
Area served Worldwide (119+ countries)
Number of employees 200,000+

McDonald’s changed the name of their business to “Hamburger Stand” and then, in 1953, opened the first franchise in Phoenix, Arizona, where they unveiled the iconic “Golden Arch” emblem.

To buy McDonald’s outright from the McDonald brothers in 1955, businessman Ray Kroc joined the firm as a franchise agent and purchased the entire enterprise. Before June 2018, McDonald’s worldwide headquarters were located in Oak Brook, Illinois.

As of 2018, McDonald’s is the second-largest private employer globally, employing 1.7 million people (behind Walmart with 2.3 million employees). According to a 2020 report, McDonald’s is the ninth most valuable worldwide brand.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People asked many questions about the daily sale of McDonald’s burgers. We discussed a few of them below:

1 - How many burgers does McDonald’s sell every second?

They churn out 75 burgers each second. Side Dish states that according to Mickey D’s Operations and Training Manual, the fast-food business sells “more than 75 hamburgers each second.”

2 - Is owning a McDonald’s worth it?

For an average McDonald’s shop, this translates to $2.7 million in annual revenue, according to Business Insider. Naturally, some McDonald’s franchise owners will make more money than others, but the average yearly profit for most franchise owners is around $150,000.

3 - Which burger is most popular at McDonald’s?

Some media sites claim that the Big Mac is the world’s most famous burger, an exaggeration. McDonald’s restaurants serve more than 70 million customers in more than 120 countries every day.

4 - Are McDonald’s Patties real beef?

McDonald’s hamburgers are 100% pure beef. Ground and moulded into hamburger patties, the trimmings from cuts like chuck, round and sirloin are what we utilize to make our burgers.

5 - What happens if you eat a burger every day?

Obesity, depression, digestive difficulties, heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and early mortality are all connected to a bad diet heavy in junk food. However, junk food’s effect on your health is frequency-dependent, as you might think.

6 - How much is McDonald’s net worth?

Market capitalization is the most common way to measure a company’s value. It is visible that McDonald’s net worth will be $184.28 billion on April 29, 2022. However, McDonald’s Corporation operates in more than 200 countries, a global leader in food service distribution.

7 - How many burgers are eaten a day?

There are an estimated 50 billion hamburgers consumed in the US each year. Just one of the numerous facts about food that will not only shock you but also make your mouth water is this one:

8 - What is a McDonald’s McNasty?

Combining two of McDonald’s most popular sandwiches, the McDouble and the Spicy McChicken, is known as the McGangbang (or the McNasty in the north). Therefore, go to your local McDonald’s to get your hands on this game-changing sandwich.

9 - Is McDonald’s still profitable?

On the back of $21 billion in sales, McDonald’s achieved a tidy $6 billion profit in 2019. 28.5 per cent profit margins are quite high for restaurants. The company’s remaining 7 per cent of stores generated $9.4 billion in revenue.

10 - Is it better to have a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder?

Each one has its features, such as the Big Mac’s larger emphasis on vegetables, which helps alleviate some of the guilt of a fast-food meal. On the other hand, the Quarter Pounder is a clear winner when it comes to the sheer size and tasty bites owing to its fresh beef patties.

11 - When did Mcdonald’s sell 1 billion hamburgers?

In 1963, the billionth burger was served on the Art Linkletter TV show. According to the corporation’s official history, other milestones were reached when the company reached $5 billion in 1969, $15 billion in 1974, and $30 billion in 1979. Therefore, things began to pick up steam in 1983 when the tally was at 45 billion.

12 - Did Ray Kroc steal McDonald’s?

The original McDonald’s establishment in San Bernardino was not included in Ray Kroc’s plan to buy the brothers out. Yes. The McDonald brothers argued that the arrangement did not include the original McDonald’s location, which Kroc was unaware of.

13 - Which fast-food chain is the most famous in the United States?

The total number breaks down as 4,500 burgers are consumed burgers every minute 270,000, 6.48 million per day, and 2.36 billion per year. According to other estimates, McDonald’s sells 50 million hamburgers a day, at the very least, worldwide.

14 - What happens if you eat too many burgers?

Saturated fat and dietary cholesterol can be found in burgers. Heart disease is linked to high levels of cholesterol in the blood, which can be caused by high cholesterol and fat.

15 - How many burgers can a cow make?

For a quarter-pound minced hamburger, you’d get around 1600 hamburgers from one cow if you used all the cow’s flesh. However, most of the time, the trimmings are used to make minced burgers, and the prime beef is normally reserved for steaks.

16 - How many burgers do Mcdonald’s sell a second?

How many burgers does McDonald’s sell each day? One trillion dollars is spent on “casual eating out” each year. 75% of that is fast food, with McDonald’s owning around 11%.

17 - Where does McDonald’s make the most money?

For the most part, McDonald’s earns money by renting out facilities owned by McDonald’s to franchisees who have to pay hefty markups to use such assets.

18 - How many hamburgers do McDonald’s sell a day?

According to McDonald’s officials, the corporation sells 75 hamburgers every second daily. In 1992, there were 12,700 McDonald’s outlets worldwide, according to Business Insider.

19 - How many burgers are sold in the United States?

According to NPD Group, a business analytics organization, around 9 million burgers were served in restaurants and fast-food establishments in 2014. However, burgers are a popular fast food item in the United States, but people don’t simply consume them at restaurants.

20 - What is the annual revenue of McDonald’s?

One per cent of the whole population is fed by McDonald’s every day. McDonald’s annual earnings from franchised locations come to $56 billion, more than Ecuador’s whole economy. In the world of fast food, McDonald’s is a titan that shows no signs of waning.

21 - How many burgers does McDonald’s sell a day?

According to industry estimates, McDonald’s sells around 6.48 million hamburgers every day. Furthermore, it is easy to understand why McDonald’s is the top purchaser of beef when considering the number of burgers consumed every day.

22 - How many burgers does McDonald’s sell a year?

McDonald’s sells around 2.36 billion hamburgers every year, according to estimates. Furthermore, this figure might be much greater now that individuals have more delivery choices accessible to them, making it easier to purchase fast food from restaurants than ever.

23 - How many burgers has McDonald’s sold since its founding?

According to some estimates, McDonald’s has sold well over 300 billion hamburgers since the firm’s founding in 1940, albeit this is only an estimate because the corporation ceased keeping track of sales in 1994.

24 - What is the most sold burger in the world?

The Big Mac is McDonald’s best-selling burger internationally! Moreover, the Big Mac is so famous that a museum dedicated to it opened in Pennsylvania in 2007. This museum covers the history of the Big Mac, including how the burger was created in that location and its early packaging and wrapping.

25 - How many Big Macs are sold at McDonald’s in the United States per day?

Over 1.5 million Big Macs are served every day in the United States, with the country of origin serving as the world’s largest consumer of this delectable classic McDonald’s burger.

:orange_book: Conclusion

At McDonald’s, they sell over 75 burgers a second and more than 270,000 per hour! While the United States is the world’s largest consumer of the Big Mac, the country of Japan is the second-largest. However, McDonald’s sells so many burgers every second, day, and year largely due to the popularity of this classic burger, which is available in more than 100 countries across the world.

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How Many Burgers Does McDonald’s Sell A Day? Those words from Ray Kroc ring are inconceivably obvious when you stop briefly to examine precisely how renowned McDonald’s is all around the planet. McDonald’s may not be getting a lot of praise for having the best burger on earth, but they emphatically make up for it with sum.

McDonald’s started following its burger bargains at every turn

  1. The number of burgers sold has, without doubt, taken off beginning from the principal San Bernardino, California, McDonald’s opened, but the bistro bundle has been boasting its burger bargains since its earliest days.

  2. McDonald is recognized for considering both the idea for McDonald’s splendid bend logo as well as the burger counter that went with it.

  3. In 1948, the McDonald kin shut their little barbecue stand and did an overhaul of the food arranging and serving process.

  4. Exactly when it continued, barbecue was out and burgers, fries, and shakes were in. Bargains were postponed all along, yet following two or three months clients began coming on a huge scale.

  5. To check the food’s commonness, the kin set up an organization of a red thermometer in the bistro’s window.

  6. Bargains in a little while hit 1,000 burgers and when the millionth cheeseburger bargain came in, the game plan was to have the skilled worker mark the occasion with a painted impact at the most elevated place of the thermometer.

  7. It wasn’t a long time before the press and public paid regard all the while. A 1952 story by the trade journal American Restaurant, advanced McDonald’s reputation and capability, uncovering that the business was giving out a million burgers and 160 tons of french fries a year.

The number of burgers that McDonald’s sell a year

This burger data for the most part isolates 4,500 burgers reliably, 270,000 reliably, 6.48 million reliably, and 2.36 billion burgers reliably

The number of burgers that McDonald’s sell a year

  1. This burger data by and large isolates 4,500 burgers reliably, 270,000 reliably, 6.48 million reliably, and 2.36 billion burgers reliably

  2. What number of Burgers Does McDonald’s Sell A Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, and Year In 2022?

  3. McDonald’s sells more than 75 burgers each second, with a regular measure of 6.48 million burgers. Besides, it is evaluated that McDonald’s sells a typical 4,500 burgers reliably and 270,000 burgers reliably. On top of this, McDonald’s sells a typical 45.6 million burgers consistently, 181.44 million burgers each month, and a staggering 2.36 billion burgers each year.

  4. Keep on examining because we have more cool insights concerning the number of burgers that McDonald’s sells each second, day, month, and year

The number of burgers that McDonald’s sell a second

75 burgers

According to its exercises and reference booklet, McDonald’s sells "more than 75 cheeseburgers each second, of every single second, of every single hour, of every single day of the year.

Sales, and profits floods at McDonald’s India

  1. New Delhi The Indian unit of McDonald’s Corp., the world’s greatest diner organization, guesses that arrangements and advantages ought to flood throughout the span of the accompanying decade as it adds new bistros and a culture of eating out spreads.

  2. “Between 40-50 diners are presumably going to be added in 2007,” said, Vikram Bakshi, directing boss at McDonald’s India.

  3. " I view ourselves as duplicating our turnover as expected for fundamentally 10 years, and advantage advancement should be best over bargains improvement."

  4. Oak Brook, Illinois-based McDonald’s works in India through two joint undertakings in which it claims half. The two firms have fostered an association of 92 confident bistros in the 10 years since Indian undertakings began.

  5. Bakshi says improvement is presumably going to progress rapidly as the brand values wide affirmation in Asia’s fourth-greatest economy. Bargains are measured to rise around 40% consistently on the back of augmentation, which will see 25-30 restaurants being added in 2006.

  6. Bakshi declined to give veritable numbers and McDonald’s doesn’t separate India bargains only, but its finished pay in the Asia-Pacific locale, Middle East, and Africa rose 8.5 percent in the ensuing quarter polishing off with June, to $740.2 million.

  7. India was by then among the best 10 business areas for McDonald’s the extent to which a number of everyday trades as discretionary spending climbs among the country’s 300 million in number regular workers, he said.

  8. McDonald’s said it was meanwhile selling drinks made by Coca-Cola - - as a component of an overall understanding - - no matter what a creating improvement in India to blacklist the association’s refreshments, and those of rival Pepsi, following a report they contained traces of pesticide.

  9. Indians consider a journey to McDonald’s as hopeful, not by any stretch like in the West where it is basically for solace, Bakshi said.

  10. McDonald’s has changed its menu and expenses to suit Indian inclinations and pockets. Not at all like in most western business areas, the chain doesn’t serve meat and pork in generally vegetarian India.

  11. Its veggie darling burgers start at 20 rupees (43 U.S. pennies) and are among the most economical association-made speedy food sources open in India.

  12. Bakshi said the two Indian joint undertakings had contributed between them just about 9 billion rupees in setting up diners, cold chains, and supply associations.

  13. “We have risen to the underlying speculation at the net level, actually adventure will be critical and earnings and internal gatherings will help.”

  14. McDonald’s battles essentially with Domino’s, Pizza Hut, moved by Yum! Brands, Inc., Pizza Corner, and close-by brands, for instance, Nirulas, Haldiram, and Sarvana Bhavan in the organized food and drink retail region.

  15. This industry is surveyed at 11 billion rupees and creates at around 25-30 percent yearly.

The quantity of burgers that Burger King sell a year

2.4 million burgers

As the seventh-greatest Fast Food chain on earth by a slice of the pie, Burger King is at this point a striking name in the United States. Truly, the association sells something like 2.4 million burgers each year in excess of 18,700 regions all around the planet, allowing it to make more than $1.6 billion in payments.

Burger King has the seventh-greatest number of regions out of all Fast Food chains in the United States.

Burger King makes the really ten summaries considering the amount of U.S. regions, but it moreover falls far behind part of its opponents. For example, Burger King has 70% fewer regions than Subway, the chain with the most regions. Metro has 24,798 regions stood out from Burger King’s 7,257.

Fast-Food Chain Number of U.S. Locations
Subway 24,798
Starbucks 14,608
McDonald’s 13,914
Dunkin’ Donuts 9,419
7-Eleven 7,937
Pizza Hut 7,482
Burger King 7,257
Taco Bell 6,588
Domino’s 6,876
Circle K 5,852

Burger King history

Burger King was laid out in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida, as Insta-Burger King by Keith J. Kramer and his life partner’s uncle, Matthew Burns. Their most essential stores were spun around a piece of stuff known as the Insta-Broiler, which was incredibly convincing at cooking burgers.

Wendy’s ordinary arrangements per store

Modest order of things Wendy’s delivered commonplace arrangements amounting to 2.17 million U.S. dollars from its association worked restaurants during the 2021 financial year. Overall expanded diners, on the other hand, made ordinary arrangements of practically 1.45 million U.S. dollars during this period.


We separated its store count improvement by association worked and broadened stores and concluded the shift from association worked stores to help its gross edges at a measure of 60.8% by 2026.
We guess that its enhancing business ought to stand up to the outrageous challenge with lower edges than competitors and high starting costs and broadened its advancement by 4.4% through 2026.

At long last.

Making them fast associates keeps those numbers climbing

  • Maurice McDonald knew all along that they’d sell more burgers accepting the connection was just similarly streamlined as could be anticipated.

  • A piece of this present circumstance was taking the choice out when it came to trimmings.

  • Our whole thought relied upon speed, lower expenses, and volume McDonald figured out. "Individual comes in, you ask him what he wants on his burgers; he says, 'I got to get back to the vehicle to ask my soul mate.

  • Wouldn’t work." The kin’s “Speedee Service System” made their burger stand so extreme front line and allowed.

  • them to devise 40 patties in 110 seconds and get a blowout to a client in 20 seconds. Without that assistance with setting up, the numbers would never have moved as high as they have.

  • While you may not get your blowout served extremely that quickly continually, McDonald’s continues to put a highlight on the speed with respect to selling its burgers.

  • A burger, for example, can be cooked and totally accumulated on typical in 112 seconds.

  • According to McDonald’s corporate, in case there could be the same orders a client should have the choice to have a Quarter Pounder on their plate in 180 seconds with 122 of those seconds being the patty’s cooking time.

The billionth burger was communicated

  • There could have been no other modest pecking order in the United States to known as McDonald’s during the 1960s and 1963 was truly a huge year for the Golden Arches for a couple of particular reasons.

  • It signified the introduction of the fostering chain’s most paramount TV plug, as well as the introduction of McDonald’s clown mascot, Ronald McDonald.

  • While Ronald McDonald might have been very famous for young people in 1963, Kroc was more revolved around a memorable number for the chain. We’re examining a course about the enormous BB McDonald’s billionth burger.

  • McDonald’s was purportedly selling a million burgers day to day by then, at that point, and Kroc coordinated to have the billionth McDonald’s burger broadcast for the entire country to notice.

  • The incomparable McDonald’s occasion was separate with Kroc himself coming on TV to have Art Linkletter’s dramatic show to give the host the billionth cheeseburger.

  • It would simply require McDonald’s six extra years to make some waves in and out of town billion burger mark, yet to the extent that we might actually know that goaded no TV appearances.


After the McDonald kin offered McDonald’s to Ray Kroc in 1961, they were all around cut out from the bistro’s movements of every sort. Pillar Kroc was generally seen by McDonald’s as the trailblazer, at this point the modest food anchor intended to make right a very long time sometime later by recollecting that them for specific celebrations.

Frequency Ask Questions

Here,I describe some important question are as Follow:

1. What number of burgers are sold a year?

Generally, Americans eat three burgers each week. That is a public complete of very nearly 50 billion burgers every year.

2. Who sold most burgers in 2020?


The burger chain with the most unassuming extension in bargains in 2020 was Mcdonald’s. Furthermore, remembering that bargains just grew scarcely, the chain really had total arrangements of more than $40 billion, making it the greatest burger chain by practically on numerous occasions over their next competition

3. What number of burgers are sold in a day?

Americans eat up an ordinary 2.4 burgers every day according to the USDA, which is around 50 billion burgers every year. The world’s greatest monetarily sold burger weighed in at an amazing 1,794 pounds for the not-truly wallet-obliging expense of $7,799

4. What number of burgers Does 1 Mcdonald’s sell a day?

That thinks about 75 McDonald’s burgers sold reliably, or 6.5 million cheeseburgers consistently! That suggests that around 1 out of every single 3 people on Earth will eat a McDonald’s cheeseburger in a timetable year.

5. What number of Whoppers do burger King sell a year?

2.1 billion Whoppers

The Whopper is Burger King’s raving success thing.

Burger King sells up to 2.1 billion Whoppers (the chain’s exceptional burger) every single year.

6. What is the top reasonable pecking order?


Clearly, McDonald’s comes in at number one with more than $40 billion in bargains. No matter what a shock including its past CEO, McDonald’s really sorted out some way to basically beat its companions the association made for all intents and purposes twofold that of the second-greatest reasonable pecking order, Starbucks.

7. What sum does Mcdonald’s make a day?

By and large, Mcdonald’s makes $75 million payments in a day! With a turn more than of $27 billion consistently, it is the 90th greatest economy on earth!

8. Which country eats the most burgers?

Uruguay devoured the most cheeseburger per capita on earth in 2016 followed by Argentina and Hong Kong. Every one of the three countries devoured more than 100 pounds of burgers per capita. The United States ate the fourth most burger per capita on earth in 2016.

9. What number of burgers does Mcdonald’s sell a second?

75 cheeseburgers

As shown by its errands and educational booklet, McDonald’s sells "more than 75 cheeseburgers each second, of every single second, of every single hour, of every single day of the year.

10. Where is Burger King the most well-known?

In all honesty, Florida is the state with the most Burger King foundations in the United States. According to the data association ScrapeHero, as of July 29, 2019, there were 7,237 Burger Kings across the United States. Florida beat any leftover states, with an amount of 571 Burger Kings.


Takeoff will drop and close the window. End of the trade window. McDonald’s is the principal burger chain by and large and the second-greatest cheap pecking order overall. In 1940, the essential McDonald’s diner opened in San Bernardino, CA

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