How Long Does Chewy Take to Ship?

How long does chewy take to ship? Most customers may anticipate that their food and supplies will be delivered to them within one to three days. When a prescription approval or customizing is required for an order, there may be a delay in shipping.

How Long Does Chewy Take to Ship?

How Long Does Chewy Take to Ship Medicine?

Medications purchased through Chewy often arrive between 5-7 days. Since they are processed through Chewy Pharmacy, the turnaround time is greater than the typical 1–3 business days. Prescriptions from veterinarians may be necessary when ordering from Chewy Pharmacy.

The pharmacist at the register will want to know more about your pet and the veterinarian from whom you purchased the medications. It takes more time because Chewy uses it to verify that the prescription is legitimate once you fill out this information.

Note: In contrast to the 5–7 days, it takes for Chewy to deliver the actual medications, the time it takes to receive formal confirmation from your vet is between 24 and 48 hours.

How long will my package arrive when using Chewy’s standard shipping method?

You can’t get free delivery from Chewy. There are no supplementary choices for selecting a preferred delivery time when placing an order on the site. Chewy’s regular shipping time is 1-3 days, and their expedited shipping is much faster.

However, this only applies to orders including common goods. Chewy’s standard delivery time is 3–5 days. However, if you’re ordering a prescription medicine, the delay might be as much as 5–7 days. The reason is that Chewy Pharmacy has to double-check with your vet to make sure the prescription you’re using is authentic.

Even if you opt for free shipping since your order totals more than $49., you won’t be able to alter the delivery details, and the time frame won’t change either.

How Long Does Chewy Take to Ship?

Several variables affect how long it takes for Chewy to ship your purchase, including the number of orders ahead of yours and the availability of the goods you ordered.

  • Orders ordered before 3 pm PST on a business day have a chance of being processed and sent the same day, with guaranteed delivery the following day.

  • This is increased to 5–7 days for orders with prescription medicine, as the drug cannot be administered without first receiving veterinary permission.

  • The order’s contents might arrive at different times.

  • This is because perishable goods like fresh produce, perishable meats, and frozen foods are transported separately from the rest of your purchase to ensure the quickest possible arrival.

Depending on order volume and stock levels when the order is placed, the same may be true for orders including prescription or personalized products, with the off-the-shelf items coming first. Chewy has a generous return policy, allowing customers to get their money back on any purchase made within a year of the original purchase.


Any goods sold in the shop, whether food, clothing, or medicine, are subject to this policy, even if they have been opened and partially used. Chewy will pay for the return shipping costs and give a refund after the item has been received and inspected.

The Review of Chewy

If you haven’t heard of Chewy before, it’s a website where you can buy supplies for your dog, cat, bird, reptile, or any other pet. Most people recommend this website as the best place to buy pet supplies. It might be difficult to decide which major brand of pet products to choose from.

Since Chewy is one of the most rapidly expanding businesses in this sector, it would be beneficial to examine their methods and practices in detail to help you choose whether or not they are right for you.

1. Their Price and Quality

If you compare Chewy’s pricing to other retailers, you’ll quickly realize that it offers the best value. Usually, you have to decide between cost and quality, but with Chewy, you can have both. Their pet meals are made with healthy raw ingredients, so your pet will like eating them and benefit from them. If your pet has a special dietary need because of a health condition, you may have it delivered to your door.

2. Transport

A few problems arise while shopping online because of the reliance on the postal service for delivery. Shipping times range from 4-7 days, and damage is possible due to the high volume of items handled by the firms. In contrast, Chewy has its own logistics arm. Faster delivery periods of around two days are possible because of this line’s exclusive focus on their items.

Since the main focus is on happy customers, the items will arrive on time and in good condition. A shipping charge of $4.95 is reasonable, considering how quickly you’ll get your package. Chewy offers free delivery on orders above $49. This might be helpful for those who have many dogs.

3. Quality of services

You may utilize the auto-enroll tool on Chewy if you know how often your pet will require food. You may schedule regular deliveries by entering a start date and an end time for future shipments.

Note: You get to keep the food, and they give you a new bag at no cost, all while providing excellent customer service. If you’re looking for a great company with excellent products and service, look no further than Chewy. The ideal option for new pet owners in search of quality pet food is Chewy.


1 - How long does chewy free shipping take?

Like Chewy’s premium delivery option, the free shipment time ranges from 1 to 3 days. However, free delivery could take longer if you use a prescription to buy medical products on Chewy. Within the first 24 to 48 hours, Chewy will contact your veterinarian to verify the legitimacy of your prescription, after which delivery will take place within 5 to 7 days.

2 - How long does chewy take to prepare your shipment?

After you submit a purchase on Chewy’s website, the firm processes it and gets it ready for shipping in less than a day. We determined this by analyzing Chewy’s typical delivery times of 1–3 days across the country. Since Chewy probably doesn’t provide same-day delivery, it seems plausible that the firm needs less than a day to prepare packages to meet this deadline.

3 - How long does chewy take to deliver to Canada?

It’s important to note that Chewy does not ship to Canada and that it only delivers inside the continental United States. Who owns Chewy, what is Chewy Autoship, and where does Chewy ship from topics that might help you discover even more.

4 - What is the difference between a chewy and a granola bar?

Oats, brown sugar, honey, and other dry ingredients are baked into a chewy granola bar. Crispy oats, brown sugar, honey, and other ingredients are what goes into making a granola bar.

5 - When can we expect our chewy orders to arrive?

Depending on the item you want and how many you buy, the period it takes to send your package might vary.

6 - What is the average time for a chewy order to arrive?

Chewy orders typically take between 30 minutes and 1 hour to arrive. Up to 30 minutes is the typical wait time for a chewy order to be fulfilled.

7 - How long does it typically take to get a chewy order?

An order of chewy food might take ten minutes to an hour or more to arrive at your door. The restaurant’s location and the time of day the order was made are also factors.

8 - Can you tell me how long it takes to get chewy food?

This is a question for the firm and its policies. You may be able to make an order for a chewy at any time from some businesses, while others may insist that you give them at least 24 hours notice.

9 - How long does it take to get my order to me when ordering chewy foods?

Delivery times for chewy orders vary based on several criteria, including the chewy kind, the quantity ordered, and the destination.

10 - When ordering anything chewy, how long do I have to wait?

For that matter, it also relies on the cuisine in question. A chocolate chip cookie, for instance, bakes for around 8 minutes, so a chewy order would take about 10 minutes to prepare.


Except for prescription medications, shipping from Chewy typically takes between 1 and 3 days. Chewy’s shipping time for prescription drugs is between 5 and 7 days because the company has to ensure the prescription is legitimate. You’ll need to supply further information about your veterinarian and pet, then wait an extra 24 to 48 hours for verification. Chewy has become one of the country’s leading pet specialty merchants despite its exclusive online presence.

Chewy would have a leg up on the competition, though, if its shipping times were as fast as those of stores closer to their customers’ homes. Chewy has several admirable qualities as an organization and as a service provider. Chewy is worth checking out because of the quality of its items, the speed with which they ship, the helpfulness of its customer care representatives, and the variety of additional services they provide, many of which are free or offered at reasonable prices.

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