How Do You Deposit Cash To Chime?

How do you deposit cash to chime? To deposit cash to the chime account you only need your Chime account’s routing and account numbers should be used to transfer the money. Chime also accepts cash deposits from several retail brands.

how do you deposit cash to chime

About Chime

American financial firm Chime offers fee-free mobile banking services via the internet. Bancorp Bank and Central National Bank jointly own the business. You may receive a Visa debit card and use an online banking system via the company’s website or through its mobile applications if you are an account holder. You must know how to deposit money into your Chime account after you’ve opened an account.

As an online money platform, Chime’s services can only be accessed over the internet. Therefore, you need to comprehend how you may have money in the account to utilize in many types of transactions. Many Americans have made progress toward their financial objectives thanks to one of the handiest financial technology firms. All it takes is a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet, and you’re done. No waiting in line at the bank is required.

Even though Chime isn’t a legitimate bank, you may still use its services in the same way you would at a bank. Sending and receiving money, as well as purchasing products and services, may all be accomplished via the use of a web-based bank account. Withdraw cash from an ATM and pay in person and online with your debit or credit card.

Pros & Cons of Deposit Cash on Chime

Pros Cons
There are no monthly or overdraft fees with this credit card. Only third-party shops can accept cash deposits.
Using direct deposit, you may get your paycheck up to two days earlier than normal. The mobile check deposit feature is only accessible if you’ve joined up for direct deposit as well.
Free ATMs over 65,000.

How Can I Get a Chime Account?

An online Chime account may seem to be a difficult task. If you meet all of the required parameters, then the procedure will proceed as if it were water flowing downhill. With Chime, you can establish a new account or change to a different one in a matter of minutes. With Chime’s Spending Account, you can keep track of your finances from the convenience of your phone, with no additional costs.

To start a bank account with Chime, just follow these three simple steps.

Get a Chime Spending Account!

The following information must be provided to create an account.

  1. The Social Security number (SSN)

  2. The first and last names

  3. Email address and a password

Chime and other financial institutions may use your SSN to verify your identification. Additionally, it helps to reduce money laundering and other illegal acts. Before allowing you to enter, Chime must verify your identity.

For the record, to use Chime, you must be a legal resident of the United States and at least 18 years old. Moreover, you’ll need a government-issued ID. As a reminder, you may also create a savings account with Chime and receive interest on your funds.

Get the Chime App on your Phone

The Chime app may be downloaded from the required sites after you’ve completed setting up your bank account and gotten approval from Chime. Online banking and a smartphone app are available at Chime. Downloading the software from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store is, as always, completely free.

What you can do with your Chime spending account is as follows.

  1. Make a down payment.

  2. Transactions are handled, and you are

  3. Check your balance

Direct deposits and wire transfers may also be used to move funds from Chime to a bank account. As I said before, you’ll also get a free debit card that you may use for a variety of purchases.

Set up Direct Deposit with Chime

Setting up a direct deposit for your Chime account is essential if you work. You’ll be able to get money through your company, government benefits, non-governmental help, and so on. Chime routing and account numbers are all that are required while completing a direct deposit form.

This information is readily available when you open your app and go to Settings or the Move Money area, so there’s no need to stress over it. If you wish to start again with a new Chime Spending Account, you may use the routing and account numbers to transfer money from your previous account to the new one.


Chime is a bank-like online money transfer service. The app allows you to send and receive money. Chime also provides you with a debit card that you may use to make a variety of purchases. In addition to direct payments from your company, you may add cash to your Chime account by depositing checks, adding a bank to Chime, or by adding a bank Chime.

How to Make a Cash Deposit into Chime

Your next step is to utilize the money in your Chime Spending account for a variety of purposes. Direct payment from your company is one option, as I explained previously. One of the simplest methods to add funds to your account is to set up a direct deposit.

If you already have an online account, you may use it to transfer money to your new one by entering the new account information in the box given.

You may also use an external bank account to deposit funds into your Chime account. Using the routing number and account number, you may transfer money to your Chime account.

  1. Check your bank account online.

  2. Enter the money transfer area.

  3. The Chime routing and account numbers must be entered here.

  4. Proceed by entering the amount you want to transfer.

  5. To confirm the purchase, you’ll need to enter your PIN, Touch ID, or password.

Adding an external bank account to your Chime bank will guarantee that you utilize the bank account to finance your transactions when the need arises. To link a bank account,

  1. Navigate to the 'Move Money section by clicking on it.

  2. Transfers may be selected from the drop-down menu.

  3. Enter the login details for the other bank when prompted.

As long as the external bank is one of the supported ones, Chime will be able to instantly connect to it. Some of the banks supported by Chime are the Bank of America, Chase, Citi, PNC, Regions Bank, Capital One, TD Bank, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, USAA, as well as other institutions. Chime enables you to transfer money from any other bank to your Chime account as many times as you’d like.

It’s also possible to transfer money to your account from another person who has one, so you’ll have money in your Chime account. Furthermore, you may deposit cash at over 90,000 retail locations around the nation.

Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Walgreens are among them. To find a deposit place near you, open the Chime app, pick the option to deposit cash, and then select See locations near me. You may deposit up to three times each day with Chime.

You may also deposit big quantities of money into your account because of the institution. A maximum of $10,000.00 may be deposited in a month. If you add money to your Chime account using a third-party site, you may be charged a fee for the transfer, and your daily and monthly restrictions may vary from Chime.

How Much Can You Withdraw From Chime?

When using your Chime Visa debit card, there is no restriction on the number of times you may withdraw dollars each day. Chime, like many other banking organizations, has a daily withdrawal cap on the amount of money you may take out of your account. These are their names of them:

Type Amount
ATM withdrawal restriction $500,000 per day
Point of sale refunds Depending on the merchant
Signature and pin-based transactions on credit cards $2500 per day
Over-the-counter withdrawal $500 per day

Does Chime Support Bank Wire Transfers?

An electronic money transfer known as a wire transfer enables you to move money from one bank account to another instantaneously. It is possible to send money to an overseas destination through wire transfers, which are very rapid and convenient.

Sadly, wire transfers aren’t allowed on Chime. This functionality will be added in the future.

Do Mobile Check Deposits Available with Chime?

Checks may be deposited into your Chime account using this app. To use the service, Chime must first establish whether or not you are qualified based on your prior use of the service.

A minimum of one dollar has been deposited directly into your Chime account since June 1, 2021, maybe from your employer or payroll provider, a gig economy payment through ACH transfer, or even an original credit transaction (OCT). If so, you are eligible for check deposit services. 30 days after you receive money in any of the methods outlined above, Chime will activate the service for you.

How Can I pay other Chime Users?

If you have enough money in your account, you may transfer money to other Chime members. Again, you may use your bank account to finance your Chime transactions if you’ve added it to your account. My Chime account doesn’t have a debit card. As you donate money to others, you may also get money from others.

This is how you can send money in Chime using the ‘Pay Friends’ feature:

  1. Open the Chime app and log in.

  2. Activate the Friends option.

  3. Use the ChimeSig or search for your friend’s name. You may also use Chime to send a message to someone who isn’t currently using the service.

  4. Transfer money to the recipient by entering the amount.

  5. Enter the reason for the transfer.

  6. Make sure you know exactly how much money you’ll be sending and to whom.

  7. To transfer the funds, click “Pay Now”.

  8. Send up to $2,000.00 every calendar month with Chime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to cash deposit to chime:

1. Does chime have the means to accept cash deposits?

With our cash deposit partners, you may deposit cash into your Chime Checking Account at over 90,000 retail locations. The cashier should be able to make a direct transfer into your Chime Checking account. Deposits may be made up to three times a day. Every 24 hours, you may add $1,000 to your account for a total of $10,000 in a month.

2. Is there a Chime ATM where you may deposit cash?

ATM deposits are not accepted by Chime. Over 90,000 retail outlets (such as Walmart, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven) allow you to deposit cash into your Chime Checking Account. At the register, ask the cashier to put money into your Chime account (they might refer to this as a “cash reload”).

3. Where can I add funds to my chime card?

You may simply instruct the cashier to put the money into your spending account after you’re done shopping. 24 hours is allotted to each Chime user for a maximum of three deposits.

4. Can my Chime card be loaded at CVS?

As of 2022, you will be able to load your Chime cards at any CVS drugstore. It costs $4.95 to charge the card at CVS, and the money is sent into your Chime Spending Account within two hours.

5. Which financial institutions accept Chime as a payment method?

Depositors at Stride Bank, N.A. (FDIC# 4091) or The Bancorp Bank (FDIC# 35444) may rest easy knowing that their Chime accounts are FDIC guaranteed up to the usual limit of $250,000 per depositor, for each ownership type, in the event of a bank failure.

6. Does Walgreens reload Chime?

As of 2022, Walgreens will be able to load Chime Cards at over 9,000 of its stores from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. In Walgreens, customers may make up to three deposits every day at the cash register. In addition, there is a $10,000 monthly deposit restriction.

7. Is there an instant deposit of money?

Depositing cash into your bank account is frequently accessible instantly, or within one business day if that is what the bank’s policy dictates.

8. Does Chime impose fees for deposits?

However, Chime does charge $2.50 per transaction at out-of-network ATMs, and the only method to deposit cash is at cash deposit partner locations (including retail establishments such as 7-Eleven and Walmart) (including retail stores such as 7-Eleven and Walmart). Cash deposits at Walgreens are free, however other stores may levy a fee of up to $4.95.

9. Can someone give me money to my Chime account if they don’t have Chime?

If you don’t have a Chime account, you may still transfer money to friends and family by entering their phone numbers or email address. As soon as you transfer money to a Chime non-member, they will get an email or text message prompting them to collect their monies by providing the necessary details.

10. Is direct deposit required to use Chime?

There is no need to have a direct deposit to utilize Chime. Please be aware that Chime has the right to restrict your access to certain functions, such as the ability to make mobile check deposits.


The process of depositing money into your Chime account couldn’t be any more straightforward. In addition to being able to choose from a plethora of banks from which to make a direct transfer, you may also load your card with cash. Even mainstream banks don’t give the same degree of service, taking at least one full working day to deposit funds into an account.

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