How Custom Web App Development Has Become So Important For Businesses Today?

With the internet becoming a necessity in almost every workplace in today’s arena, web applications are turning out to be an increasingly significant tool for businesses. The rising number of web applications development companies is a good proof of this statement. Web apps find their most common uses in collaboration with employees, providing information and data to management, communication with customers, and secure storage of data.

In this blog, we are going to traverse through the importance of web applications for businesses these days and how a custom web application development could help your business to reach new heights. But before diving deep into the topic, let us first understand what web applications actually are?

Defining Web Applications:

A Web application, in general, is a computer programme that enables users to log-in to a web address so as to submit as well as retrieve data to/from a database over the internet. Web apps are built using web technologies like CSS, JS, HTML, etc. and can be easily accessed using any preferred web browser, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

Note that these programs run on a web server, instead of a PC, or local server for conventional applications. Unlike basic website pages, web app pages interact and respond with user requests. An online shopping application is the most common example of this.

For an ecommerce business’ success, web application development is quite essential. It is steadily becoming a trend for ecommerce companies across the globe for promoting business brands.

Benefits of Web Applications for Businesses

Easy Maintenance

When you have a web-based software application, the need to perform regular updates on each and every user’s desktop gets eliminated. Updating and maintaining software can be done easily and directly onto a server and the updates can be efficiently deployed to user’s computers.

Enhanced Efficiency

Shuffling around piles of paperwork and having multiple spreadsheet versions is not only time consuming, but also leads your business to get affected by human errors that are usually spotted when it gets too late to correct them.

Furthermore, with zero integration between these multiple data sources, laborious and time-consuming data replication may be needed so as to achieve a holistic business performance overview.

Here comes the importance of web applications which enable you to streamline business processes in order for you to get more done in less time and also with increased accuracy. Moreover, having all the data integrated at one common place provides you enhanced visibility of your business, reducing staff time and also allows you to run reports that are updated with real-time information.

Customizable and Scalable

One of the most common and biggest concerns of clients today is that some apps cannot grow or integrate with their business without costly upgrades. Since, a custom web app is built specifically considering the client’s business requirements, it is entirely scalable and flexible to the demands and growth of their business.

Customizations of the app can include the branding or having various user permission access levels. You get to minimize training time to a great extent by having only relevant features and functions and can also add functionality as the business grows.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Web applications can be accessed by users irrespective of the operating system they might be using, such as Mac, Windows, etc. unlike conventional software applications. With so many internet browsers available these days, like Firefox, Bing, Internet Explorer, etc, users generally do not experience software compatibility issues.

Consistent Maintenance

When you use a traditional software, you are required to rely completely on the software development company for your software to keep running. In case the company closes or they decide to not maintain the app any longer, you will be required to switch softwares which can turn out to be an unexpected expense for you. Custom web apps are regularly updated and maintained consistently automatically, thus saving you a lot of efforts as well as money.

Cost-Effective Development

With web applications, users can access the system through a uniform environment, i.e. the web browser. While the user interaction with the application requires to be tested thoroughly on various web browsers, the application itself requires to be built for a single operating system.

There’s no need to build and test it on all possible operating system versions as well as configurations. This leads to much easier development as well as troubleshooting and for web apps that use a Flash front end testing and troubleshooting is quite simple.

Enhanced Interoperability

Achieving far higher interoperability between web apps is possible in comparison to isolated desktop systems. For instance, integrating a web shopping cart system is much easier with a web accounting package as compared to getting two proprietary systems to communicate with each other.

Due to this, web-based architecture makes rapidly integrating enterprise systems possible, thus enhancing workflow as well as other business processes. You get an adaptable as well as a flexible business model by taking advantage of internet technologies that can be modified as per shifting market demands.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

When you use a web app, the hassle and memory usage of installation software on every device gets avoided. Also, the web apps happen to be less punishing on low spec and older devices.

Since every PC has a browser, installation time is quite less and can also run in the background while the staff continue with their other work. The maintenance requirements are also much lower, with updates as well as patches rolled out to every device remotely.

Final Thoughts:

Hope this article gave you enough insight for the importance of custom web applications for businesses these days. If you are also in search of a good web application development company, then just share your requirements over email and expect a response very soon. Our team will go through your business requirements and will provide you with exactly the right solution to help you make your business a success.

Thanks for sharing this detailed thread about the pros and cons of custom web and mobile app development. In actual, when you go with the custom development option, you get the entire control of your application, and every single thing would remain in your access. That’s why it is easy to conduct maintenance activities with such options.

However, if we look at the cons of custom app development, then it is time-consuming. Yes, it takes much time. On the contrary, if you only focus on the front-end and get backend services like Parse to perform all server-side operations via cloud computing, then it doesn’t only save your development time, but it is also cost-effective. Programmers usually charge around $800k for custom backend development, and if you pick any BaaS option, then you would have the chance to save a lot of your money.

Also, BaaS development helps businesses emphasize their core compatibility instead of wasting all of their energies on front and server-side operations. Withal, custom development is still important when sensitive data is involved.