High-Security Locks

Traditional locks have been replaced by high-security locks due to advancements in technology and the increase in the crime rate. Burglars are less likely to break in if you have installed high-security locks. These locks have also been tested by the locksmith services in Aiken SC to test its reliability. So, whether you want to protect your family or several important files in your office, you should definitely install high-security locks. These Locks have been designed and manufactured by some of the top-notch Locks Companies that are internationally recognized as the best of the best.

Why install high-security locks?

The first and obvious reason to install a high-security lock is to ensure the safety of, yourself, family members, and your belongings. It is no ordinary lock because it comes with a mechanism that can conveniently protect your premises against robbers. The locks are not damaged until and unless some heavy force is applied to it.

Characteristics of high-security locks

  • They are picked and drill resistant. One of the biggest concerns of people is that locks are easily breakable because of their vulnerability. Standard locks do have this problem. High-security locks have a feature of standard pin and tumbler locks which require a special key to open. Burglars have multiple tools to break in but they will stop after encounter a roadblock situation with these locks. Their key cylinders are resistant to pick and drill. These locks have strong steel inserts, sidebars, and rotating pins specially designed to tackle break-in situations. They aren’t impenetrable, but they can withstand increased force entry attempts better than traditional locks
  • They use heavy-duty hardware. Some require extra protection. Areas that have high traffic and tough physical conditions can see added strain placed on locks, so normal hardware won’t work. These locks are designed to maintain a high level of security under difficult conditions.
  • Security layering. It has additional layers of security such as access control, video, surveillance, intrusion alarms, and software. With appropriate planning and support, this system works to protect even the most security sensitive environments. High security doesn’t mean high costs or high maintenance. The growth of wireless solutions has given you the flexibility to build your own system.
  • No unauthorized copying of keys. Perhaps the most important point, copied keys has been a problem for most of the locks. A copied key can manipulate even the most advanced locking system which is why companies like Medeco have taken steps to prevent such situations. For example, their key control system enables special restrictions so that only approved service providers can copy a key. To make this key, a special cutting machine is required because of unique angle cuts in the design.

Locksmith services in Aiken, SC

Do you have a lock problem? Are you stuck in an emergency lockout situation? Are you in need of an auto key replacement service? If you are living in Aiken, South Carolina then we have shortlisted a few locksmith services which you can avail of. Following are the services

  • Dixie lock & safe of Aiken (1006 Owens St, +1 803 648 8037)
  • Lock tech (955 Dougherty Rd, +1 803 643 5625)
  • Phillip locksmith (107 Chesterfield, +1 803 679 1529)
  • Ace Locksmith (240 Sand Fox Pi, +1 803 646 6996)
  • Cheajar locksmith services, LLC (+1 803 430 3891)
  • Minute key (358 Richland Ave, +1 800 539 7571)
  • True value hardware (121 Laurens St SW, +1 803 648 8542)