Many students who are just about to take online classes are interested in whether it is necessary to study with a headset or whether you can do without it. We recommend that everyone practice with a headset and decided to justify this point of view, as well as tell you how easy it is to choose a headset for online lessons on the internet.

What Is A Headset?

A headset is an equipment gadget that interfaces with a telephone or PC, permitting the client to talk and tune in while liberating their hands. Headsets are often used in technical support and customer service centers and allow an employee to talk to a customer while typing information on a computer. It is also widely used by computer gamers and allows them to hear and talk with others while using the keyboard and mouse to play the game.

Different Types Of Headsets

There are many types of headsets or headphones. Some of them are:

Closed Back Headphones

Beloved closed-back earphones are a great type of earphone for those who want to block out any peripheral noise while using their earphones, regardless of the intended application. This style eliminates the noise around you to keep music free from outside interference no matter what the environment, and at the same time creates an isolated audio experience with the goal that no one but you can hear the sounds you need to hear.This makes the closed-back headphones perfect for those looking to hear every detail of the music they’re listening to and fully soak up the listening experience.

This sort of earphone is exceptionally liked and worn by artists in recording settings, like numerous sets of studio earphones, because of their capacity to shut out all outer clamor and spotlight on the notes of the studio. 'instrument or singer. They also have little to no noise leakage, which means very little sound escapes into the surrounding environment (any sound leaking into the microphone will start to darken this track - think of a vocalist listening to the instrumentals in their sound. headphones while singing - you don’t 'I also want that low noise in the track). Even outside of musicians, closed-back headphones are perfect for those who prefer a private listening experience or if you will be in an environment where you don’t want to disturb others.

Open-Back Headphones

Popular open-back and closed-back headphones will come into play here. As the name suggests, open-back headphones are not “closed” and instead have “open” ear cups that allow sound to escape into the environment (on purpose!). This style produces a much more “airy and open” sound that is more like listening to speakers in a room (if we had to choose a decent analogy) rather than listening to sound that is completely isolated from it. a closed helmet. So why would anyone want this type of air, open sound with a little bit of sound escaping from the ear cups? Which give?

This style is the number one choice for those who mix and master in the studio. Due to the open construction, this leakage it creates is actually preferred by sound engineers because it allows the mix to stay precise and avoid the build-up of certain frequencies that often occurs in closed headphones. Since a person involved in mixing and mastering needs precision and an unadorned “sound”, this gives them more confidence and leeway to trust what they are hearing. Headphones that are closed, and while great for sound insulation, will start to keep low frequencies inside the ear cups after a while (which some people like if they listen quietly).

Good Headset For Online Learning

A headset is very important when you are taking an online class or doing an online course. It helps you hear the voice of the video you are watching without noise. If you take online classes without a headset, the surroundings noise will not let you do so and you will not hear anything. A good headset the one that is fixed filly on the ears and doesn’t let you hear the surrounding voices so you can completely focus on your learning.

When Can I Practice Without a Headset

You can also practice without a headset, using speakers and a microphone. At the same time, you will need to purchase a microphone with the maximum possible noise reduction so that the teacher can hear you. The speakers should be placed fairly close to you so that you can hear your teacher. However, even the best technology can create an “echo”: the sound from the speakers will get into the microphone, and it will be difficult for your interlocutor to hear you. If you have a high-quality microphone with a noise reduction option, and your interlocutor can not hear himself, then you can study without a headset.

Do I need a headset for studying on a desktop computer or laptop?

First of all, start with your level of English proficiency and the purpose of online learning. If your level of knowledge is below average, you want to improve your pronunciation, or you are taking a phonetic course, we strongly recommend that you purchase a headset. With this device, you will get the most accurate sound transmission, and you will be able to clearly hear how a particular sound is pronounced by the teacher. In turn, the teacher will hear your speech well and work on your weaknesses.

Virtually all microphones, except for the built-in headset, have one significant drawback-they are located quite far from the speech organs. This means that in addition to the sound of your voice, the device will transmit extraneous noise to the other person, any sound in your apartment. And most importantly, such a microphone creates an echo, your teacher will hear himself, which interferes with the lesson. In this case, it is better to buy a good headset.

On a desktop computer, the microphone can be integrated into the webcam. Try using it in a class by first enabling the noise reduction option in your computer settings. Some models have good audio transmission, so you may not need a headset.

Another common situation: you decide to study on a laptop that already has a built-in camera and microphone. You won’t have any problems with the video, but it’s better to buy a separate microphone. The laptop’s speakers and microphone are close to each other, and this causes an echo when talking on Skype or Zoom, which interferes with classes.

We recommend that you use the headset during classes via Skype or Zoom, this accessory has several significant advantages:

:sparkles: Your teacher will hear you perfectly, and this will allow them to catch errors in speech and
correct them.
:sparkles: You will clearly hear the teacher — this is a good opportunity to learn the correct sound of
English-speaking speech, try to copy pronunciation and intonation. You won’t have to be
distracted or strain to listen.
:sparkles: The headset’s microphone comes with a noise-canceling function, so your teacher won’t
hear any sounds, even if your apartment is quite noisy.
:sparkles: The lesson can be held at a more dynamic pace: you do not have to repeat your words
several times because of the resulting resonance of the speakers and microphone.

How to choose a headset for classes?

Let’s take a look at the available Wholesale Headset in the market to analyze which is perfect for your online lessons.

:arrow_lower_right: Wired or wireless headset
The wireless headset is convenient because during the lesson you can leave for a short time, for example, to pick up a pen or notebook for notes — your movements are not hindered by anything. However, it remains an open question as to how dangerous exposure to such a device is for health. A wired headset is the most common (and affordable) option. We do not recommend walking around the apartment during classes, so you can safely purchase a device with a wire.

:arrow_lower_right: USB Connector or plug
A device with a USB connector can often provide you with higher audio quality than a headset with a plug. Models with USB connectivity are more expensive, but they are more durable and do not require additional configuration, so your costs will pay off handsomely. Plug-in headsets are slightly inferior in quality, but they are affordable and easy to find in any hardware store.

:arrow_lower_right: Insert or overlay ear cups
In-ear headphones or" earplugs " are light and compact, but they are not suitable for Skype or Zoom communication: the Cup does not completely cover the ear, you will be disturbed by extraneous noise. Overhead headphones are a great choice for online learning via Skype, as well as for listening to various educational audio materials. Best of all, if the membrane completely covers your ear — this will provide complete isolation from external noise.

:arrow_lower_right: Is the microphone on a wire or with a movable mount
Some headset manufacturers offer models with a microphone on the wire. This device is convenient if you occasionally use a microphone. If you decide to study seriously, then this model will not work: the microphone is located quite far from the speech organs, which distorts the sound — the teacher may not hear your words. Choose a model with a movable mount: if you just want to listen to music, you can attach the microphone to the handle, it will become virtually invisible.

:arrow_lower_right: Do I Need a noise-canceling microphone?
Skype is equipped with a noise reduction function, but sometimes it is not enough. A headset with a noise-canceling microphone is slightly more expensive than a regular one, and this option is worth paying for.

:arrow_lower_right: Advertised or convenient?
When choosing a headset, focus mainly on your subjective feelings. Don’t go after a trendy brand or bright colors, you will need to sit in headphones for 45-60 minutes a couple of times a week, so choose a comfortable model.


When you are taking an online class or having a call, you need headset to hear the voice from the other send. You can also do so without headset nut this will allow noise of the surroundings and you will not hear clearly. There are different types of headsets available in the market and people use headsets that they like.

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