Online Learning as a Student Has Been Very Difficult During COVID-19

Covid-19 came and took over the whole world in a blink of an eye. Every sector got affected due to covid-19 and with that, the education sector was also affected greatly. In order to stop the spread of Covid-19, most of the countries decided to close business and academic institutions. According to a report from UNESCO, 1.6 billion students in 194 countries were affected which sums up to a total of 90% of students in the world.

Due to schools, colleges, and universities being closed, policymakers and the education ministry had to plan out the alternative approaches of education in order to continue the studies. The online system of learning was the main and most used medium for education.
Online learning is also known as remote learning proved to be beneficial for both teachers and students, as it allowed the studies to be continued even at the difficult time of covid-19 but adjusting to online learning was not easy and was a hassle for many. Instructors and teachers found it difficult to manage as this overnight exposure to technology came as a surprise for them.

Students on the other hand were fairly comfortable with the technological aspect of online learning but were not happy with how it panned out. According to hundreds of students, many teachers only provided them with study materials and asked them to learn it on their own and similarly when they are given with assignments, instead of doing by themselves they opt for Assignment Help Dubai and then submit it to their teacher. If the teachers were willing to explain everything in detail then the distance proved to be an enemy of the whole learning process.

Let’s take a look at how online learning as a student has been difficult.

• Firstly and most importantly, the thing which turned out to be the most difficult for the students was, having to adjust to online learning. Before online classes began, students got a long gap from their studies and when online learning started, students found the learning to be distant and boring. We all know that it’s hard to develop an interest in students regarding their studies overall in online learning it was even harder.

• Not all the students in this world are financially stable enough to afford electronic devices through which they can take their classes. Online learning demand a good internet connection, a fast-running laptop, a personal computer, or a mobile phone, and not everyone can afford it especially students belonging to third world countries.

• Everything in this world is unreliable to an extent, so is the internet connection. Sometimes during a class internet connections can slow down or lose connection altogether but teachers mostly don’t take this problem into consideration and participation marks or attendance marks are taken away from the students, proving to be a disadvantage and frankly unfair.

• Due to Covid-19 every member of the family is staying at home and going about their businesses from home. This can become difficult to attend online classes, especially with open cameras and microphones as background noises can disturb the student as well as the whole class.

• Lack of motivation is one of the most difficult problems for the students. Most of the students procrastinate unnecessarily when they should really be preparing for their tests. Learning is a difficult process and it requires a will to learn when a student won’t have a will to study then how can a teacher cope up with that? Lack of motivation is even a problem during the conventional ways of teaching and psychical classes and online learning has only increased it.

• Some courses require physical assistance, for instance, medical or chemical practical. Practical learning is essential for technical courses and during online classes, students are forced to learn and understand these courses simply by reading or watching videos about them.

• Psychological factors of online learning are also affecting students. In physical classes, students study together and this is very helpful as the whole environment is established but now with online classes students have to study alone in their houses which is quite isolating. Physical presence is very important for learning as gaining knowledge is all about mutual communication between students and teachers.

• Managing time is also a problem for students. Due to the online shift in learning students are bombarded with assignments that are important for their overall results as they hold grades. Exams are also taken online and for that reason, most of the teachers divide the exam grades into categories. Assignments and researches are one such category. Students have to spend a lot of time making their assignments while attending online classes.