Guide to Buy Right Type of Bubble Wrap

Packaging of your product makes a crucial impact on the success of your business. Protective packaging not only saves the product from any damage during transit but a creative packaging helps in creating your brand identity.

Every type of business requires large or small bubble wrap. There are many other packaging items that are essential for warehouses and industries. Ranging from cardboard boxes, tapes, stickers, mailing envelopes, mailing bags, and other type of packaging supplies, Packaging Midlands offer a wide range.

When it comes to the shipping of a large fragile product, it becomes important to pack it in large bubble wrap. Delicate products need special protective packaging to save them from any damage during the transportation and storage in the warehouses.

large bubble wrap

  • Adhesive Bubble Wrap

This type of bubble wrap is a great option for protecting the surface damage of fragile products. It sticks to products easily and offer full coverage. It can be used for products of different or odd shapes and fragile surfaces. And the best thing about it is that it don’t leave any residue. Also, it can be easily removed. It is resistant to any tear or puncture. It can effortlessly protect the surface of the products from getting damaged. Products can be protected from dust, grease and moisture. It is a transparent packaging option which makes it easier to identify the product. It can be reused again and again before discarding it. Different thickness options are available as per your requirements.

  • Military Grade

Bubble wraps of military grade too are available in the market. The unique feature of this type is that it can stretch about ten times its size. This property helps in perfectly wrapping even the odd shaped products. It can prevent any damage to the sharp edges of products of any shapes and sizes. It is crafted using a non slip polyethylene film. It is available online in standard and anti static types.

  • Metalised Bubble

This type of packaging material is ideal for creating a brand identity as it is looks unique with a silver finish. Not just it adds value to your packaging, it is also practical as it adds cushioning for delicate products. It is a perfect cold chain solution for products to be shipped during short cycle.

The metal coated material easily helps in maintaining consistent temperature for the products during the transit of the shipment. Even controlling the moisture and odour is possible using this type of wrap. This type is well suited for OEM applications. They take less space compared to the polystyrene containers.

It is also a cost-effective option as packaging labour also costs much less. It is available in the customised sizes and the best thing about it is that it is reusable.

  • Cohesive Bubble

It is a very versatile option as it can bond to itself. It gives cushioning effect to protect fragile items. It can be reused and no residue is left behind. It can be used in place of mailers and thus cost less and save labour cost as well. You don’t require different sizes of pouches when you use this option. This protective packaging is also tear and puncture resistant. It saves the products from moisture, dust and grease.