Genie garage door keypad

Genie Garage Door Keypad

Genie Garage Door Keypad There is just one keypad that is compatible with the Genie model CM7600IC/A, and that is the Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad GK-R. Genie’s Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad technology can access your garage without a remote or key.


:small_blue_diamond: Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad GK-R

Genie Intellicode Technology is included in this garage door keypad for increased safety. Getting everything set up for the first time takes a few minutes. The pin pad may be shielded from the elements thanks to the Keypad’s flip-up cover.

The default cover for the Keypad is white, but you may swap it out for one of three other colors. The lighting on the Keypad ensures that you can input your code without risk, regardless of the time of day. Easy-to-replace x2 AAA batteries are provided.

In addition, the Genie garage door opener is protected from frequency interference thanks to Auto Seek Dual Frequency technology (315MHz/390MHz). Every time you enter your garage, the code will be different thanks to the Intellicode technology included in the Keypad. It is simple to install a keypad to any Genie garage door opener manufactured after 1995.

:small_red_triangle_down: Keyless Garage Access.

With the Genie wireless keyless entry pad, you can enter your garage without carrying a key. The Keypad on your Genie garage door opener is secure, and here’s why: Intellicode Security technology automatically alters the door’s access code with each use, reducing the possibility of unwanted entry. Unwanted visitors won’t be able to enter your garage this way.

Control up to three individual garage doors with one Keypad if each door is equipped with a Genie Intellicode type garage door opener. Guaranteed to work with any Genie Intellicode Door/Hatch/Trunk Opener. Compatible with all single and dual frequency Genie garage door openers made after 1995.

  • Auto-Seek Dual Frequency technology to reduce noise and maximize throughput.
  • Very Straightforward Setup and Operation. Screws are supplied for mounting the unit, and the Keypad is illuminated and has a flip-up cover.
  • Instructions for DIY installation and coding are provided. The video tutorial for setup and setup may be viewed above or below.
  • While you’re gone, a temporary PIN can be given to service technicians, meter readers, house sitters, etc., so they can enter your home without knowing your permanent code.
  • Authorized Genie add-on, 100% effective every time.
  • Compatible with the GWKP, GWK-IC, ACSDG, ACSDA1, ACSD1G, B8QACSDA, and B8QACSDA1 Genie Intellicode Keypads.
  • This is the same as #37332R or #GK-BX.
Extra Keys on the Keypad
Separate the pages.
Type in your first 4-digit PIN.
Select PROG, PROG, and PROG.
Put in the total number of entrances here (2 or 3)
To proceed, hit the PROG button.
The steps for locking and unlocking each door are shown below.
Use the button labeled “Operator Learn Code.”
Type in your first 4-digit PIN.
Just hit the SEND button.
Type in the Number of the Door (1, 2, or 3)
Triple-click the SEND button.
Do not expose yourself in any way.
Check by lifting the lid, punching in PIN1, and then punching in 1.
Follow steps 8-13 on the next machine.

:small_red_triangle_down: Outside Keypad Programming

This entry pad for Genie garage door openers works with 390 MHz-frequency transmitters. The Genie Intellicode transmitters are NOT compatible with it. Your transmitter’s built-in code switches, and the following table decide the Door Code in the Step-by-Step Procedure on the right.

Find the chart’s matching number by noting the positions of the first three switches. Keep on with the following three switches and their matching number until you reach the last three switches. Three or four Door Code digits are recommended.

:small_red_triangle_down: Step-By-Step Programming Procedure

To reset the Keypad, lift the cover and move it up to the halfway point. Now, slide the Keypad Cover up until it locks while simultaneously pushing the # and eight buttons. The button count and release number are 8. If the Keypad’s backlight remains on, skip this step and go to the next one. If the backlit Keypad’s illumination suddenly fades, try closing and reopening the cover pad until it clicks.
Continue to Step 2.

  • Please use the 3, 5, 7, and # keys to respond.
  • Press the # key after entering your PIN. Choose any sequence of numbers between 4 and 8 digits long to serve as your PIN. Do NOT use the “#” or “star” key.
  • To enter the door code, use the Keypad and the Keypad’s star button, as shown in the table above.
  • Just lower the Keyboard Cover.
  • The cover must be slid up and latched to test the Keypad. Hit the star key after entering your PIN. A working door is what you need.

:small_red_triangle_down: Part 1

  • To Reset the Intellicode Wireless Keypad

  • Split the cover in two.

  • Close the lid completely while pressing and holding the “PROG” and “8” buttons. The status indicator will flash once and then turn off.

  • Completely enclose the space.

  • Intellicode Wireless Keypad Programming

  • Pull the cover-up away from the Keypad to open it completely.

  • Press 3-5-7.

  • A program will start when you press PROG. (flashing red light)

  • Type in Your Social Security Number (PIN).

  • To proceed, hit the PROG button. (flashing red warning)

  • Completely enclose the space.

  • Follow this link for the next section.
    The programming procedures are not being carried out if the red indicator light is not blinking. First, make sure the 9-volt battery that sits underneath the keyboard is in good working order. You’ll need to press inward, under the number pad’s lip, and slide down to reveal the battery.

:small_red_triangle_down: Part 2

The motor head indicator light will flash; once you’ve pressed the Learn Code button, enter your PIN at the prompt. You must press “SEND” twice for the system to read and store your frequency. To activate the door and test the mechanism, press “SEND” once.

:beginner: Summary

The Learn Button on the motor head of most Genie models may be accessed by removing the lens globe. The “learn” button could be on the back of the device or under the light lens, next to the lens globe’s hinge, for Excelerator openers. The flaccid antenna wire must be located first. The antenna is close to where you’ll find the Learn Button.

:hammer_and_pick: Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The following are the most commonly asked questions about

1 - How do you program a Genie garage door opener remote?

To program a Genie garage door remote, first press the learn code button on the back of the garage door opener and then double-click the button on the remote. The LED indicator on the main unit indicates whether the device’s remote control is detected. Genie garage door remotes can be easily paired with your front door opener.

2 - How do you program a garage door opener universal remote?

To program the universal remote to open two garage doors, first use the remote’s visor clip to press and release the recessed button. Briefly press the learn button on the first garage door opener motor. Select and hold the button on the remote until the open lights flash.

3 - What do you do with your garage door remote?

Garage door openers with four buttons are available. When purchasing a remote for your particular brand of garage door, programming is usually a good idea. Hold and release the buttons as directed, and the remote will automatically detect the correct radio frequencies for your garage door opener.

4 - How to program a Genie garage remote?

Gently press the receiver code to learn button on the main receiver of the electric door. After pressing the Learn Code button once, press the button on the transmitter three times to allow the system to enter the frequency and code. Press the transmitter button again to test the system and move the gate.

5 - How do you replace a garage door remote?

Using the manufacturer’s information, you can purchase an exact replacement garage door remote by comparing the make and model number and purchase directly from the manufacturer’s representative, local hardware store, or online. If you have an old garage door opener, this is the one for you.

6 - How do I reset a mini Genie?

To reset the Genie Mini, you must also reset the main Genie. Resetting DIRECTV Genie and Genie Mini will restore local channels. Unplug the receiver from the wall outlet, wait 15 seconds, and then plug it back in. Press the power button on the front of the receiver. Wait for the receiver to reboot.

7 - What is a good brand of garage door opener?

Liftmaster is a range of professionally installed garage door openers manufactured by The Chamberlain Group. Chamberlain also makes his own brand of door locks, as well as Craftsman, Raynor, and others. Liftmaster garage door openers are highly rated and are one of the most popular models installed by professionals.

8 - Where is the learn button on an old Genie garage door opener?

Old Genie models. Looking at the garage door, the “Learn Code” button is usually located on the back of the garage door opener. The learning button can be placed under the light lens. Press and release the “code learning button” for 1-2 seconds.

9 - How do you lubricate a Genie garage door opener?

Open the door and spray lubricant on each hinge. Lift the garage door slowly by hand and spray the hinges where they meet the bend in the rail. This lubricates the moving parts of the door and makes garage doors easier to open and close. Use a spray or two on each loop.

10 - What kind of battery does a Genie garage door opener use?

Like many popular wireless garage door opener remotes, the Genies Basic 3-button and 1-button remotes are powered by a single CR2032 lithium coin cell battery. To replace the battery, open the remote control housing by inserting a coin into the slot on the top of the unit and use it to pry off the battery cover.

:notebook: Conclusion

Take the DirecTV Genie remote and disconnect it from the main receiver or any of its components. Simultaneously press the Select and Mute buttons until the LED on the remote control blinks twice. Simultaneously press the numbers “9”, “8” and “1” on the remote control keypad.

To learn a new code, press the “Receiver Learn Code” button on the Genie garage door opener’s Power Head Receiver (Genie motor on the ceiling). This little black button is beneath the motor head’s light lens and the power head’s droopy 6-inch antenna cable. When the button is touched, a radio signal indicator will flash red for 30 seconds.

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