Cyber Security Technology

Cyber Security Technology,

What Does Cyber Security Technology Mean?

  1. It is divided into two levels: Level 1 contains the required security technologies as the basis of the security infrastructure, such as:

    • Firewall
    • Desktop anti-virus tool
    • Secure web gateway
    • Email security
    • Interference detection / prevention system
    • Encryption
    • Security information event handling

    Below are 2 security technologies that can detect abnormal behavior in transit and host. They are usually bought after a serious crime. But before these losses, smart companies are investing in state-of-the-art technology that goes beyond traditional signatures and patterns of dealing with known attacks. They have the ability to detect unusual transport and host behavior.

    • Forensic Network Analysis
    • Forensics in the office
    • Protection against data leakage
    • Behavioral analysis
    • Security Intelligence Series

Literal Meanings of Cyber Security Technology


Meanings of Cyber:
  1. Associated with or feature computing culture, information technology, and virtual reality.

Sentences of Cyber
  1. Cyberspace age


Meanings of Security:
  1. The condition in which a person is safe from danger or danger.

  2. Conducted or promised as a suicide attack to fulfill asset obligations or to repay lost debts in a default condition.

  3. Certificate exemption Credit, stock or bond ownership, or tradable derivatives.

  4. Private police guarding buildings, campuses, parks, etc.

Sentences of Security
  1. This system is designed to provide maximum protection against toxic sprays.

  2. Until the appeal is completed, the money is used as a suicide bombing for expenses.

  3. The new rules also make it more attractive to remove mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other securities.

  4. Police, private security and volunteers are in large numbers to investigate the incidents.

Synonyms of Security

pledge, guarantee, protection, safety measure, guard, defence, prophylactic, bond, indemnity, collateral, equities, surety, buffer, shares, cover, security, holdings, bonds, shelter, provision, screen, precaution, securities, investments, preventive, insurance


Meanings of Technology:
  1. Apply scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

Sentences of Technology
  1. Advances in computer technology