Freddie Hunt

Freddie Hunt is most known for being the son of Formula One World Champion James Hunt, who won the title in 1976. Freddie Hunt, despite being known as James Hunt’s son, has built a name for himself in competitive racing by following in his father’s footsteps. Back in the day, James was a racing phenomenon, which puts a lot of pressure on Freddie’s shoulders because he has a large shoe to fill.

What is the Net Worth of Freddie Hunt

Freddie started out racing competitively at a young age. His father had an influence on him, and he decided to pursue racing as a profession.

Following his joining with the Formula Ford team Joe Tandy Racing, Freddie raced 25 times for them, gaining 37 championship points.

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Professional Racing Car Driver son of 1976 Formula One World Champion James will make his debut in historic racing
Motorsport star Freddie Hunt is high in demand at the moment with a series of projects. Freddie signed with cars

Freddie Hunt

  1. Freddie Hunt is a professional racing car driver.

  2. With so much energetic love from racing, it must become no marvel that Freddie Hunt’s internet really worth is substantial. Due to Uk, the earnings of the race will obtain over $48,000.


*He started his profession as a driver when he was 20 years old. He was regarded by Formula Ford because of the herbal profession from car racing.

  • Freddie’s children have been difficult due to his father’s death at a younger age. Freddie’s father, James Hunt, died whilst he changed into the simplest six years vintage.

Interesting skills

  • He had found many puppies.

  • He was being considered as Freddie Hunt’s as his son Freddie has additionally made a profession for itself in aggressive racing by means of following his father’s footsteps.

  • James changed into a racing again inside this day routinely puts lots on as he has a big shoe to fill.

Early Life And Family

  1. He started out as a driving force for the new method of ford crew, Racing. While he was of twenty years. He often appears as the following after kart racing.

  2. Freddie’s adolescence need to have been difficult because his father had died at an early age. Sadly, his father died while Freddie changed into six years old.

Quick Facts

  • He has many experiences as several racing legends.

  • His purpose is to win the championship.

  • He tried to find dog food.

Racing Driver Freddie Hunt

Freddie Hunt is a racing driving force with a brought burden: he’s the son of Formula 1 legend and 1976 global champion James Hunt.

After 3 years in the sport, and under mounting pressure to perform, he hung up his helmet in 2009 and left the car international in the back.

Or so he thought… Today, his lower back heading in the right direction, with a distinct attitude and the purpose of winning the sector’s most famous endurance race.

He bogged down simply long enough to inform SL Man about life behind the wheel and the way he’s learned to observe in a famous father’s footsteps.

Save To My Favourites

  • Tell us what you’re as much as proper now, Freddi …I’m working toward my remaining intention of winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

  • I was building towards this purpose with the guidance of the long-lasting Texaco brand which has a long and robust association with my circle of relatives.

  • This year’s race has simply been put lower back to September, but I will nevertheless be competing within the Road to Le Mans.

  • It’s an aid race to the principle 24 hours of Le Mans I see it as a really perfect possibility to check our prototype LMP3 automobile, improve my expertise of the circuit and hone my riding talents previous to getting into the total race.

What does an ordinary day look like for you

Unfortunately, it’s too highly priced to be driving a racing automobile every day. My days are full of admin and health schooling racing is quite bodily demanding.

I am additionally gaining knowledge of meditating. My head desires to be inside the right location in a racing automobile, so keeping cool is vital. Days leading as much as races may be spent on the whole ‘getting within the sector’ by de-stressing and focussing.

I am working on a couple of begin-united states with some friends, so that takes up the relaxation of my time when I’m now not racing.

It used to hassle me. I would experience strain because of it, but I actually have learned to include that expectation and spot it as simply part of the task.

For the primary few years of racing, I did struggle more. There were a number of newshounds and photographers trying to talk to me and I wasn’t used to that stage of interest. But it also has its upside.

Texaco, which supported dad inside the 70s and 80s, now helps me. I sense very fortunate to have its backing without it, I wouldn’t be in this very lucky role.


We are very grateful that Motorsport UK has allowed us to ask a file variety of entrants more so after the frustrations of the last 12 months, that has resulted in masses of pent-up call for and exhilaration. We don’t need to disappoint absolutely everyone wanting to enroll in us at The Classic,” said Duncan Wiltshire of Motor Racing Legends.

Freddie hunt

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are some essential points which you be well known of:

What is Freddie Hunt?

Between his new function as F1 Fragrances ambassador and car racing, Freddie Hunt also located time to be the protagonist of some other tale, the only between himself and the son of the well-known motive force Niki Lauda, Mathias.

What does Freddie Hunt race in?

Freddie Hunt, son of 1976 Formula 1 international champion James, will make his debut in historical racing at The Classic, Silver stone (30 Jul - 1 Aug).

What does Freddie Hunt do now?

Not most effective has he driven at Silverstone as he prepares for a Le Mans run, however, he is also the face of the new F1 Race Collection, a variety of aftershaves distinct to the Perfume Shop, and he’s inside the middle of a huge home preservation

Where does Freddie Hunt race?

Qualifying at 12.35 local time abs race at sixteen.Forty nearby (France). It can be regarded stay on YouTube on the Michelin Le Mans Cup channel hyperlink under.

Who is the exceptional F1 racer of all time?

Lewis Hamilton 103 wins. In phrases of professional wins and overall career points, Lewis Hamilton is the most satisfactory Formula 1 driver to have ever graced a circuit.

Is Freddie Hunt related to James Hunt?

While the arena starts to get again to a few experiences of normality, matters are honestly dashing up for motorsport motive force Freddie Hunt, the son of former F1 champion James Hunt.

How regularly did James Hunt get married?

Hunt became well-known for having masses of girl enterprise and had marriages and a third engagement. His first spouse turned into Suzy Miller, a British model and actress, who Hunt met in 1974 and proposed to most effective weeks later.

Does Freddie Hunt race?

Freddie Hunt, son of 1976 Formula 1 global champion James, will make his debut in historic racing at The Classic, Silver stone (30 Jul - 1 Aug).

What took place to James Hunt’s racing motive force?

A few hours later James Hunt had a massive coronary heart attack and died at the age of forty-five. Among those stunned with the aid of his sudden passing changed into his antique buddy and rival Niki Lauda, who stated: “For me, James became the most charismatic personality who is ever been in Formula One.”


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