Elaine Boeheim

Elaine Boeheim is the ex-wife of Jim Boeheim. Jim Boeheim is the head coach for the basketball team at Syracuse University. Elaine Boeheim became famous after marrying Jim Boeheim. She was 20 years younger than Jim; maybe this is why they separated after marriage.

Elaine Boeheim

Who Is Elaine Boeheim?

Name Elaine Boeheim
Gender Female
Country America
Eye Color Black
Birth Place America
Status single
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Kids Elizabeth Boeheim

Elaine Boeheim is the ex-wife of basketball coach Jim Boeheim. Her spouse coaches Syracuse Orange men’s ACC basketball. Elaine Boeheim was born in 1951 to American parents.

She’s 71 in 2022. She has a humble background and an unremarkable childhood. She’s American and Caucasian. Her parents were reportedly American. She hasn’t said anything about her parents.

Her whereabouts remain unknown. Some reports say she has a great life away from the spotlight. She’s also close with her daughter. Elaine is a wealthy celebrity ex-wife. She hasn’t disclosed her money, though. Her ex-husband Jim has $20 million.


Elaine’s marriage to a basketballer brought her quick stardom. The couple soon divorced. She has a solid education, although she rarely talks about it publicly. Where is Elaine Boeheim in 2022? Was she his mother? Here are her details. Begin.

Net Worth of Elaine Boeheim

Elaine Boeheim came into the public eye as the wife and then the ex-wife of a well-known figure in the world of collegiate basketball, Jim Boeheim. There is no mention of her occupation or the source of her money elsewhere in the text.

She was awarded a sizeable amount of alimony upon their divorce, which can be safely estimated to be in the six-digit range or above.

His yearly pay as the head coach of the men’s basketball team for the Syracuse Orange of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) is around $2.5 million, placing him 38th among basketball coaches in the NCAA.

Ex-Husband of Elaine Boeheim

Her ex-husband Jim is currently serving as the head coach of the men’s basketball team. In 1969, Jim Boeheim decided to go from a brief playing career in professional basketball into a career as a coach.

His first employment was as an assistant at the university where he graduated from. In 1975, the institution won its first NCAA tournament. The next year, Boeheim’s supervisor relinquished his coaching position to someone else so that he could take over.

The young player’s first season as a starter resulted in his team posting a record of 26-4 and advancing to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament under his direction. Jim Boeheim was presented with the option to coach at Ohio after Syracuse finished in second place in the NCAA tournament in 1986; however, he turned down the job.

Note: He has maintained his dedication to the organisation, during which time he achieved amazing achievements as a basketball coach for university management over his four decades spent working there.

Her Relationship with Her Ex-Husband

  • Elaine Boeheim has experienced marriage in the past. Jim Boeheim was her spouse. Elaine was Jim’s first wife when they were married.

  • In 1976, she wed her sweetheart, Jim Boeheim 1976.

  • The wedding takes place at a large home which serves as the venue. On the other side, the couple was married for around eighteen and a half years until it ended.

  • After separating in 1993, the couple finally divorced the following year, in 1994.

  • Elaine is currently living with Elizabeth Boeheim, the adopted daughter of the former spouse. Elizabeth Boeheim recently received her degree from the University of Montana.

  • After getting a divorce from Elaine in 1994, he started a relationship with Julie Greene, and in 1997, the two of them tied the knot in a formal ceremony.

About Jim Boeheim

Name Jim Boeheim
Title Head coach
Team Syracuse
Conference ACC
Born November 17, 1944 (age 77)
Playing career 1963–1966

He is an American (ACC). Coach Jim Boeheim has led the Orange to a slew of Big East regular-season and postseason titles, five Big East tournament crowns and a record-breaking 34 NCAA Tournament appearances, including three trips to the championship game.

The Orangemen fell to Indiana in 1987 and Kentucky in 1996 before beating Kansas in 2003 behind All-American Carmelo Anthony’s game-winning jumper. Boeheim is now the most successful men’s basketball coach in Division I history.


Jim presently serves on the board of directors, another organisation where Boeheim has served as an executive committee member. Induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame for Jim Boeheim took place in September of that year.

Did Elaine and Her Ex-Husband Have Children?

She has a daughter named Elizabeth Boeheim, who was born due to her union with Jim. To be able to talk to his daughter uninterrupted following his divorce from Elaine, Jim had a phone placed at Elaine’s house.

Furthermore, Jim wrote in Bleeding Orange regarding her daughter’s words: In addition to their three children, Buddy Boeheim, Jimmy Boeheim, and Jamie Boeheim were born due to their marriage.

All of their children have reached adulthood and are leading fulfilling lives. It’s interesting to note that all of his children like playing basketball. He was even Cornell’s football team member from 2017 to 2020.

A forward for Rochester, Jamie is a guard for Syracuse; both play for Rochester. Elizabeth and Juli Boeheim, Elizabeth’s stepmother, have a special bond that may seem strange to some. Indeed, the two admire one another.

Keep in mind: Her father and stepmother were able to meet for the first time when he played Baylor in the first round. And they appear to have a great deal of mutual respect. In conversation with Elizabeth, Juli stated,

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People asked many questions bout Elaine Boeheim. We discussed a few of them below:

1 - What is the age difference between Jim and Juli Boeheim?

He is married to Juli Greene Boeheim, 55, who is more than 20 years younger than her husband, Jim Boeheim, who is 78. Although she was born in Florida, she grew up in Kentucky before moving back to her state.

2 - Why was Jim Boeheim stripped of wins?

All of the team’s victories from the 2003 season will be preserved, and the team will not be stripped of their championship.

3 - Why were Syracuse’s victories forfeited?

That season, SU surrendered all 34 victories. “Impermissible academic advantages,” according to the NCAA’s study, include improper aid with academic work from those in and around the programme. The number of games and years from which the 101 vacated victories originated was disclosed around three weeks ago.

4 - What is the actual name of Buddy Boeheim?

“Buddy” Boeheim, a son, was born in November of 1999 in New York City. … He is the son of Jim and Juli Boeheim. Jimmy, Jimmy’s older brother, also plays on the squad. Jamie, their identical twin, is a rising junior at Rochester.

5 - How many wins did Boeheim lose?

Induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame for Jim Boeheim took place in September of that year. One hundred one of his victories by the NCAA in 2015 because of the Syracuse sports scandal.

6 - How many Boeheims are on Syracuse?

Only one remains. A day after he punched a Florida State player, Buddy Boeheim was suspended from Syracuse for the rest of his four seasons because he wore Syracuse sweatshirts to cheer for the rest of his teammates, who were his family.

7 - What is Roy Williams’ annual salary?

When the contract expired, Williams’s base pay was due to rise to $800,000, which would have been his final salary. It was because of the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2020 that Williams decided to cut his base salary from $625,000 to $500,000.

8 - Did Jim Boeheim wet himself?

One thing is sure: If Jim peed himself again as he did in 2016, Syracuse would have barely gotten into the tournament as a 10-seed and made it to the Final Four.

9 - How do you say Jim Boeheim’s name?

James Arthur Boeheim Jr. is a native of the United States and now serves as the head coach of the men’s basketball team for the Syracuse Orange, who competed in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

10 - How old is the Syracuse coach’s wife?

Jim Boeheim, the head basketball coach at Syracuse University since 1976, has a 55-year-old wife, Juli. The victim was identified as a 55-year-old lady by police. His wife was robbed at gunpoint during an interview with a Syracuse radio station last week.


Jim (her ex-husband) has achieved great success in coaching. In basketball, he has been recognised as the coach of the year ten times by the National Association of Basketball Coaches and as the coach of the year for the Big East Conference a great four times. There is no mention of her income or compensation anywhere on the internet. On the other side, her ex-coaching husband’s business brings in over $16 million annually, contributing to the overall net worth that he possesses.

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Elaine Boeheim is primarily known as the ex-wife of legendary basketball coach Jim Boeheim, Jr. Jim’s day job is leading the men’s basketball team for the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Syracuse Orange (Atlantic Coast Conference).

Who is Elaine Boeheim?

Quick Information

Full name Elaine Boeheim
Famous for: Jim Boeheim’s ex-wife
Date of birth: May 14 1951
Age: 71 years old
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Christianity
Net worth: Between $500,000 – $1 million

Elaine Boeheim, a 71-year-old American woman, is best known as the ex-wife of Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team head coach and American collegiate basketball star Jim Boeheim.

May 14ce between Elaine and Jim Boeheim was quite touching. During Jim’s early 1970s rise to prominence as a basketball coach, the two fell in love and eventually tied the knot. The pair married and stayed together for 17 years, during which time they started a family. In 1993, things finally came to a head when they decided to split up.

Elaine Boeheim has had a full life. May 14, 195May 14y, of her birth, reveals this information. This identifies her as a Taurus by zodiac sign. Our investigation indicates that she was born in the USA, albeit we do not know the specific city or town where she was born at this time.

Little is known about Elaine’s childhood. The details of her childhood are unclear. The identity of her parents is likewise unknown. We also know if she grew raised in the United States with any siblings or whether she is an only child.

Note: Elaine Boeheim and Jim Boeheim’s initial meeting date and time remain a mystery. However, they didn’t meet until the early 1970s about how or why the exes originally met.

Where is Elaine Boeheim Now?

Elaine Boeheim reportedly still resides in the Syracuse, New York area. Since her split from Jim, though, she has become reclusive and prefers a low profile. There is a lack of information on her current occupation or whether or not she is retired. There have been rumours that she operates her own business, but this has not been confirmed.

It’s unclear if, after divorcing Jim, she remarried and started a new family. Due to her low profile following her divorce from the famous basketball coach, it is hard to tell if she remarried after leaving Jim.

  • We know she is still alive and that she has a close relationship with Elizabeth, who ensures she sees Elaine and Jim every year.

  • Elizabeth, who now resides in Montana, occasionally visits her parents in Syracuse, and her father occasionally visit her in Montana.

  • We do have confirmation that Jim Boeheim remarried following his divorce from Elaine. When he met Juli Boeheim, he knew he had to have her as his wife. They tied the knot in 1997 and expanded their family to three kids.

  • Jamie Boeheim, Buddy Boeheim, and Jimmy Boeheim are the names of their three sons. All four of their children followed in their father’s footsteps by becoming avid basketball players.


Their son Buddy is now a professional basketball player for the Detroit Pistons, an NBA franchise in the Motor City of the United States. Jimmy, like Jamie, played basketball in college. He is going to enter the professional league. With her decision to pursue a career in academia instead of professional basketball, Elizabeth Boeheim became the first member of her family to not actively pursue the sport.

Why were Elaine and Jim Divorced?

Still unclear is the primary cause for Elaine and Jim Boeheim’s separation. Reports claim that his marriage suffered due to the extensive travel required for his booming basketball coaching job. However, this assertion has never been confirmed.

Other speculations have been made about the possible causes of the couple’s breakup after such a long period of wedded bliss. Elaine and Jim have made several claims, but none have been confirmed. And in 1990, Jim’s Syracuse squad was accused of breaking NCAA recruitment rules and embroiled in a scandalous investigation.

After a comprehensive review, the NCAA decided to ban the team from participating in the tournament for an entire year. Jim was under a lot of stress at this period, and it’s possible that it had an impact on his marriage. It’s unclear, however, how much influence this particular factor had on the couple’s decision to split up.

Did Elaine Boeheim Remarry?

Elaine Boeheim’s marital status remains a mystery. Ever since her split from Jim Boeheim, the problem is that she hasn’t been seen in public. A long time has passed since their divorce, and Elaine may now be married again and raising a family of her own, but she prefers to keep a low profile.

On the other hand, Jim has been happily married to his second wife, Juli, for quite some time. The happy couple has three kids: Jimmy, Jamie, and Buddy, all born after their 1997 wedding.

Their three sons all play collegiate basketball; Jimmy is a forward for the Cornell Big Red, Jamie is a forward for the Rochester Golden Gophers, and Buddy plays guard for his dad on the Syracuse Orange.

Keep in mind: Boeheim and his wife, Juli Boeheim, established the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation in 2001 when he was diagnosed with cancer. The organization’s priorities are children’s health and well-being and cancer prevention and treatment.

Elaine Boeheim Relationships

  • Whether or whether Elaine Boeheim is currently married is unknown. Nonetheless, it seems that she has not remarried.

  • Eliane and Jim Boeheim initially meet on the basketball court, where they marry. Very soon after that, they began dating. Both parties were head over heels in love at the start of their relationship.

  • Elaine married her longtime lover, Jim Boeheim, in Lyons, New York, in 1976 after they had been together for several years.

  • Once married, the couple decided to adopt Elizabeth Boeheim.

  • Unfortunately, numerous misunderstandings and animosities emerged as the couple’s relationship worsened.

  • They separated in 1993 and ultimately divorced. The divorce was finalized in 1994. The court awarded Elaine custody of their daughter.


Elaine’s personal life following her divorce remains a mystery. However, she is presumed unmarried and resides in New York City with her family. However, after divorcing his first wife, Jim remarried Juli Greene in 1997. Jimmy and the twins Jamie and Jackson were the offspring of his marriage.

Elaine Boeheim Career

He went through every stage of his life in Syracuse, from student to player to assistant coach to head coach, all while the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team competed in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Jim has led Syracuse to the Big East Tournament title five times, the regular season title ten times, thirty-three trips to the NCAA Tournament, twenty trips to the Sweet Sixteen, seven trips to the Elite Eight, five trips to the Final Four, three trips to the national championship game, and one trip to the national championship game.

Jim made his first appearance with the United States Men’s National Basketball Team as an assistant coach at the 11th FIBA World Championship. He was an assistant coach for the national team at the 15th FIBA World Championship. He ran for the role again during 2008, 2012, and 2016 Summer Olympics.

What Awards Has Elaine Boeheim Won?

There is a basketball court at Syracuse University called “Jim Boeheim Court” in his honour, and he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and the College Basketball Hall of Fame as a coach in 2006.

Several accolades have marked Jim’s coaching career for the exceptional direction and service he has provided. He was voted Naismith Coach of the Year after leading Orange to a remarkable 30-5 record in 2010.

Note: He’s one of only three NCAA coaches, alongside Mike Krzyzewski and Bob Knight, to reach 900 wins in a collegiate coaching career. It was a surprise that Jim accomplished this feat twice in his professional life.

Elaine Boeheim’s Net Worth

Indeed, Elaine Boeheim became famous as the wife and then the ex-wife of legendary college basketball coach Jim Boeheim. Her occupation and source of money are both unknown. There is little doubt that she earned a six-figure sum in alimony after their divorce. In 2021, we will reevaluate her wealth.

On the other hand, ex-husband Jim Boeheim is expected to be worth around $16 million by 2021. As the coach of the ACC’s Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team, he earns almost $2.5 million each year, making him the 38th-highest paid basketball coach in the NCAA.

No up-to-date information about available occupations and industries. Since her divorce, Elaine has mostly disappeared from public view, but rumours have circulated that she is worth well over 500,000 dollars.

Note: After their divorce, she was awarded a large sum of money, perhaps in the six-figure range. Her ex-husband has a fortune of roughly $20 million.

Do They Have Kids?

As was previously established, Elaine Boeheim is Jim Boeheim’s first wife. In 1976, the couple married in a small, private ceremony in Lyons, New York. They had always kept a low profile, so little is known about their courtship.

One year after her divorce, Elaine’s former spouse may be wondering if Elaine has found happiness again. Well, it appears that her second wedding has gone under the radar.

It is unknown if Boeheim has remarried after their split, and he has stayed out of the spotlight. Her lack of reported romantic involvement or partner is also noteworthy. They have an adopted daughter named Elizabeth, the only family member who didn’t play basketball.


She is the only member of her family with a first name that does not begin with “J.” Elaine and Jim deteriorated after Jim met his future wife, Juli Greene Boeheim, at a party. They divorced in 1994 after filing for separation in 1993.


1 - Where Is Jim’s Ex-Wife Elaine Boeheim Now?

Unfortunately, the media is silent on any specifics on her whereabouts. Despite this, there are reports that she leads a happy and fulfilling life far away from the spotlight of public attention. It is also frequently stated that she spends time with her daughter, with whom she has a very close relationship.

2 - Is Buddy Boeheim’s given name indeed Buddy? /

Jackson Thomas “Buddy” Boeheim is an American professional basketball player born on November 11, 1999. November 11 has a two-way contract with the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Motor City Cruise of the NBA G League. Boeheim’s full name is Jackson Thomas “Buddy” Boeheim.

3 - Is Elizabeth Boeheim a biological or adoptive child?

In 1985, Jim Boeheim, the head coach of Syracuse University, did not have any children. Although he opposed adopting a child, his ex-wife Elaine was determined to do so. Elizabeth was one week old when the couple adopted her in June.

4 - What is her total asset value?

Elaine, formerly married to a famous person, most likely possesses a respectable fortune. On the other hand, she has not yet disclosed the precise size of her money. On the other side, her former spouse Jim had twenty million dollars net worth.

5 - Was there a previous marriage for Jim Boeheim?

Elaine Boeheim was Jim Boeheim’s first wife, and their marriage lasted from 1976 to 1994. Their relationship began to get disturbed at the same time that his programme was under investigation by the NCAA for recruiting irregularities in the early 1990s, as reported by The Daily Orange, which suggests a correlation between the two events.


Elaine Boeheim is a well-known figure in the United States of America. She is most known for being the ex-wife of Jim Boeheim, a well-known college basketball coach in the United States. Her spouse is presently serving as the head coach of the men’s team competing in the Atlantic Coast Conference for the Syracuse Orange. After marrying her NBA player husband, Elaine shot to stardom almost overnight, despite coming from rather unremarkable family background.

On the other hand, she and he divorced shortly after they married. Before their relationship began to deteriorate, Elaine and James, then Elaine’s spouse, were having a marriage that was going rather well. They had been married for 18 years before filing for divorce in 1994, which resulted in the conclusion of their marriage as a legal entity. Regrettably, they have not discussed the specific factors that led to the end of their marriage.

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