Does CVS Have Western Union?

Does CVS have Western Union? CVS accepts Western Union money transfers, although it does not offer Western Union in its stores as of 2022. The fact that CVS offers MoneyGram to its users in-store is likely the primary reason it cannot offer Western Union. Customers may still send and receive money through CVS even though it uses MoneyGram to provide various services comparable to those provided by Western Union.

Does CVS have Western Union?

The Western Union Company

Western Union is a financial services provider. It lets you send money by wire transfer, pay bills, get prepaid cards, and do more. Henry Wells and William Fargo started Western Union in 1851.

  • It began in the back of a cigar shop in New York City. At that time, sending money by telegraph or mail was very expensive.

  • That changed when Wells and Fargo started an express mail service between New York and San Francisco and connected their financial arm to it. It was the fastest way for people in California to send money to their families back east.

  • When you transfer your Western Union Money, you will go to the nearest location and fill out a form with your information.

  • The sender fills in their information, such as how much they are sending, where they are sending it, and any special messages or requests that may apply. The sender will then be given a transfer number and, if necessary, a place to send their money.

The person getting the money can go to this or any other convenient location and show a photo ID and the transfer number to get their money. This works best when moving from a foreign country to a city in the United States, but it can also be done when moving from one state to another.

Western Union operates in over 200 nations and territories and provides a wide range of services. Western Union also lets you pay your bills through their My WU program and offers prepaid debit cards that can be used over the money.

Pros and cons of using Western Union

Advantages Explaination
Useful for everyone: Western Union is available all over the world. It has more than 550,000 places where agents work in over 200 countries and territories. You can also do your transactions online or via a mobile app.
High cash limits: Western Union lets you set high cash limits. This lets you transfer as much money as you want, up to $1,500 a day and $3,000 a week.
Instant Transfers: Western Union lets you send money right away, so you don’t have to wait for it to get where it needs to go.
Disadvantages Explaination
Additional Fees: Fees can add up quickly. Even just sending money from one person to another can cost a lot. Sometimes, it could cost around $20, about 10% of the total amount you want to transfer.
Scammed: Western Union has been used in scams. Sometimes, the transfer does not go to the person you sent it to, and you will not get your money back.


Western Union is a financial services provider. It lets you send money, pay bills, get prepaid cards, and more. Henry Wells and William Fargo started Western Union in 1851.

How do I get a Western Union account?

  1. Go to the Western Union website and click the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page.

  2. Type in your personal information to make an account and pick a username and password.

  3. Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll need to add money before sending anything. You can do this by putting the cash in one of Western Union’s many locations, transferring it from your bank account, or using a debit card linked to your account.

  4. Once you’ve added money to your account, you can use their simple website or app to find the closest place to send your payment. From here, they will walk you through sending and receiving money.

Western Union fee

Prices for Western Union’s services vary. For example, if you pay $200 in cash and the other person gets the cash money, Western Union will charge you about $12.50 for the service.

Western Union usually charges around $11 to send cash, but the price can change depending on how much money you want and where you want to send it.

You can find the prices for Western Union services online, so you can see how much your money service will cost before you go to the store.

Does CVS Have Western Union?

CVS is the biggest chain of pharmacies in the United States. It has businesses in about 10,000 places in all 50 US states. In addition to medical prescriptions and health supplements, CVS also offers other services. One of CVS’s most important services to its millions of customers is money transfers.

Western Union is a company that sends money all over the world. Its main office is in the United States and has branch offices worldwide. Western Union has a safe way to send money, so people worldwide use it for their everyday needs.

People who shop at CVS want to know, “Does CVS have Western Union?” The company doesn’t have Western Union, a service for sending money. The company does offer services for sending money, but not through Western Union. In contrast, they use Money Gram at all locations for services related to financial transactions.

Why isn’t Western Union at CVS?

CVS is the most well-known name in the pharmaceutical business in all 50 US states. They sell medicines that are of the highest quality at low prices. They also sell replacement parts for medical and surgical equipment. But one of CVS’s most important services is sending money to other people. This is an interesting fact.

  • People often want to know, "Does CVS have Western Union? Customers are surprised that the business doesn’t offer Western Union. Instead, they use Money Gram to send and receive money.

  • Western Union is the most popular way to send money worldwide. Even more so than Money Gram. But CVS already uses MoneyGram to send or receive money for its customers. Western Union and Money Gram are competitors because they offer the same services. But Western Union has the biggest share of the market for sending money.

  • CVS doesn’t have Western Union since they already work with MoneyGram. So, they can’t compete with both of them simultaneously. People can send money to others at CVS using Money Gram kiosks or special desks.

People think the main reason the company doesn’t have Western Union is the high transaction fees. Western Union usually charges at least $11 to send or receive money. But Money Gram’s fees are less than WU’s. So, CVS’s main goal is to meet the needs of its customers for the least amount of money. So, this is the main reason why CVS doesn’t use Western Union. Money Gram is a good choice for customers because it has lower transaction fees.


CVS is the most well-known name in the pharmaceutical business in all 50 US states. One of CVS’s most important services is sending money to other people. The company doesn’t have Western Union, a service for sending money. Instead, they use Money Gram to send and receive money.

Does CVS Have MoneyGram?

MoneyGram kiosks or phones can be found in almost all CVS stores, making it easy for customers to find another way to pay their bills. CVS requires health plan members to have signed up for MoneyGram’s bill-paying services before they can use MoneyGram to pay their insurance bills.

CVS with MoneyGram

In 2019, MoneyGram and CVS joined forces. In most of CVS’s stores, MoneyGram is a financial service they offer. Depending on the service they want, customers can pay in different ways, like with cash, debit cards, or credit cards.

Money gram kiosks can be found at the front of CVS stores near the registers. The exact location of the kiosks depends on which CVS store you go to. At CVS MoneyGram, you may be asked to show any government ID, such as a state ID, driver’s license, or photo ID, depending on the service you want.

Most of the time, CVS stores handle MoneyGram money transfers and MoneyGram money orders. There are more than 9,900 CVS stores where you can get a MoneyGram money order.

Using MoneyGram to Pay Bills at CVS

MoneyGram at CVS makes it easy to pay bills with little or no stress. You just need to do what’s written below.

  • Use the MoneyGram phone to call customer service.

  • You’ll be asked to choose a payment method when the menu list comes up. Then, click “Pay a bill.”

  • Type in your number.

  • A MoneyGram agent will ask you to confirm some information, like the amount you want to send, your account number, name, address, phone number, and the Life Wireless receive code.

  • The MoneyGram Agent will tell you some important things you need to know.

  • The last step is to take the information the MoneyGram agent gave you to the store and give it to the cashier. The cashier will then finish the payment.

MoneyGram vs. Western Union differences

MoneyGram and Western Union are both ways to send and receive money from different places worldwide. Even though they have some things in common, they are also different in some ways:


You can use a fee calculator to get an idea of how much it will cost. MoneyGram charges a lot for each transfer, which makes it hard for many people to use. Western Union has fixed rates, so there are no extra fees based on where the money is going or coming from.


MoneyGram is available in almost every country in the world. But there are some countries it can’t help at the moment. Western Union has more than 500 locations around the world where you can send or get money. This makes it very easy to get to from anywhere.


MoneyGram is used by many people, such as immigrants sending money back to their home countries, professionals working abroad, and people trying to make it big in the gaming industry. Western Union is popular with many different types of people, but it doesn’t have as many options as MoneyGram.


You can get your money out of your winnings at any Western Union location.


Compared to Western Union, MoneyGram transfers take longer because payments aren’t processed until 3 p.m. each weekday. Western Union can get you your money within minutes of sending it, which is great for people who need it quickly.


MoneyGram charges a lot for each transfer, which makes it hard for many people to use. Western Union has fixed rates, so there are no extra fees based on where the money comes from.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People usually ask the following questions.

1. Is it Moneygram or Western Union at some point?

No, CVS does not sell Western Union orders. Just order money to sell MoneyGram for every dollar. The maximum limit is $500, so if you need a larger amount, you need to buy more than one.

2. What is CVS’s Western Union policy?

Even though they don’t offer it in-store, you can send money to CVS through Western Union. You will need to go to a place where Western Union is located.

3. What ways of payment does CVS take?

Most debit cards, credit cards, cash, and checks can be used at CVS. They don’t take money orders, but you can pay your bills with My CVS Card. Now that MoneyGram is an official partner of CVS, you can send money transfers from the store or online.

4. What does CVS MoneyGram have to offer?

It has some ways to pay and send money, such as paying bills, sending money orders, and sending money.

5. What are some of the bad things about MoneyGram?

The first problem with using MoneyGram to send or get money from online casinos is that it has to be done by hand. MoneyGram isn’t like other built-in solutions for server casinos because the players and each casino have to do their part.

6. What is the cost of sending money from CVS?

It’s much better to send $10 in cash in just a few minutes than to pay $50 without a bill at a time. It makes sense, doesn’t it? You can spend money on electricity bills, jail, and child welfare services.

7. What about Western Union at Walgreens?

With the self-service kiosks at Walgreens, customers may pay bills and use Western Union’s established local and international money transfer services.

8. Where can I get a money order?

Yes, money orders can be bought at CVS. It sells money orders, and they use MoneyGram money orders, which are used to make payments and send money to other people. Each order costs $1.25.

9. Does the Western Union app work all the time?

You can always use an app that lets you send money quickly and safely. With the Western Union® money transfer app, you can send money, track money transfers, pay bills, check exchange rates, and find agent locations on the go.

10. Can Western Union be sent online?

You can send money online to a Western Union location where the recipient can pick it up in cash, directly to their bank account or cell phone. After choosing the country you want to go to, you’ll see the available services.


CVS does not offer Western Union as one of its services, but this article lists other ways to send money if you are curious. MoneyGram can help you send and receive money quickly and easily, while Western Union can help you get your winnings to where they need to go.

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