Does curology work

Does curology work? Selecting the perfect skincare products and skincare treatment is still a matter of experience since a miracle formula does nothing for anyone else. It is also useful to take a look at customer reviews and consumer response. Even so, the fact is, for healthy hair, there is no magical cure. Every skin type is unique, and the wool is pulled over your eyes by any product that guarantees 100 percent effectiveness. It is recommended by medical professionals to treat skin problems like acne, scars, and blackheads.


:syringe: What is curology?

Curology is an internet company that customizes skincare for you with medication. That is right. It allows you to get your hands on retinol, nitrogen monoxide, and all the other treats for which you will typically need medication, for a fraction of the price, too.

All are legitimate. Each formula is created based on your skin characteristics and circumstances by a certified health professional. You can always ask them to tweak the equation if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work as well as you thought it would. How fantastic is that?

Curology is focused primarily on acne for now, but it is quickly expanding into the anti-aging space, with formulas attacking wrinkles and dark circles .But after all the beneficial thought it is asked that does curology work?

Summary :writing_hand:t3: Curology is an online business that provides unique skincare with medicines. Of formula is made by a qualified health professional based on your skin requirements and circumstances. It’s primarily based on acne for now, but it’s rapidly expanding into a bashing space.

:black_nib: Which is the principle of curology?

If user’s seeking to see a dermatologist, you’re probably just waiting a lot. Waiting for your doctor’s referral, sitting for weeks or even months for open consultation, waiting for hours in the clinic for a visit that lasts just a few minutes, and then hoping for your skincare medicine to be filled (if you can afford it).

Because acne is a common and incurable skin disease, there may be a lot of barriers to accessing hospital attention. That’s why Dr. David Lutcher has chosen to construct Curology to offer customers on-demand access to advanced ophthalmology and skincare at a cheaper cost.

:point_right:t3: How Is Curology Working?

Curology works this way:

  • You fill in an online survey that allows Curology to evaluate the requirements of your skin. They’re going to be asking you about your face shape and issues, your medical history and any allergies you have, your lifestyle factors, and what other procedures you’ve tried over the years.
  • Few more images of your skin are provided so they can evaluate it and get a better idea of what you’re working with.
  • To discuss your concerns, establish your prescription, and give you specific diet and lifestyle recommendations, a dermatologist or nurse-physician can email you (you know, eating less sugar and process food, for example).
  • In the mail, you collect your medication. How is it convenient?
  • You use their prescription products, and you can get back in touch if you have any concerns or requests, so they can help you change stuff.

:gem: So what are their custom bottles trying to claim?

The recipe was formulated to target dark spots, firmness, and skin texture with three main ingredients: 0.25 percent zinc pyrithion (an antimicrobial that fights acne-causing fungi and bacteria), 1 percent clindamycin (an antibacterial that fights acne-causing bacteria and inflammation), and 4 percent Azelaic acid (an antioxidant that removes wrinkles and dark spots, and improves skin tightness)

Curology claimed I “should see the change after a few months” with this mixture and consistent usage, but that I could see progress sooner. In the meantime, I have been wise to stop using possible skin allergens, including physical sunscreens such as facial brushes and scrubs, and contaminants such as retinol and salicylic acid.


For my regular habit, wash the face with a Control the movement cleanser and add the usual antioxidant in the morning, then wash the face, apply a thin layer of customized serum, and follow up with a Curology body lotion in front of the bed. This is all similar to normal skincare, only swapping Curology items for another cleanser, serum, and body lotion.

:diamonds: Have they accomplished what they claim?

According to some major users of these products, they state that the direct application of the serum is mostly not recommended as it causes a burning sensation or itching and may cause the customer to stop the usage of the product. It is advised to dilute the moisturizer and serum and then apply it to affected areas.

Mostly the results are shown after a long usage but they show improvement on your skin, which is visibly noticed by the new observer when they admire it. Users notice some minor and then after a longer period some major changes in the tone of their skin.

Summary: Acne is a widespread and incurable skin condition. Hospital care can be delayed by many barriers. Curology works like this: you complete an online survey that enables the company to determine your skin needs.

The recipe has been designed to focus with three main ingredients on dark spots, firmness and skin texture. With this mixture and regular use the company claims the change that comes to point out does curology work. Cleanse your hair with a Motion Cleanser Control and apply the normal antioxidants in the morning for my daily habit.

It is typically not advised to declaration stated the serum since it produces a burning feeling or itching. The humidity sensor and serum must then be diluted and used in areas affected. It is suggested.

:black_medium_small_square:Curology Dark spot formula

The dark spot formulation by Curology is a prescription cream designed by dermatology that treats areas of darkened skin, such as miasma and other forms of eczema.

A most critical aspect is to follow the instructions of your Curology supplier! Generally for new patients, the formula is used as a restricted spot treatment twice daily for 3 months, preceded by a 2-month break for the skin. After the first 5 months, the plan will be modified to a 2-month, 2-month, off period. Existing clinicians using the dark spot method will follow a 2-month, 2-month span from the initiation of the experiment.

If you’ve only a few tiny dark patches, it is best to apply a dark spot remedy with a cotton swab to avoid unwittingly lightening the area around them. If you find that the skin near your dark spot has been unnecessarily lightened, it’s better to avoid using the formula for two weeks. Wait until the surface skin recovers to its original shade until you start treatment.

Summary: Curology’s darker spot product is a medical cream designed by ophthalmology. It treats areas of darkened skin, such as dust particles and other types of psoriasis. For new patients, the formula is used as a small spot treatment twice daily for three months.

:large_orange_diamond:How curology can help with acne scars

Maybe you’ve been using your Curology serum as targeted making some skin-friendly behavior changes now, your skin has been cleaned. But just don’t stop right now! It’s essential to keep using your Curology cream even if you don’t have active skin problems.

Like any form of therapy, avoiding subsequent breakouts is a transformation journey operation, not another cure. Plus, the last scenario you want after a breakout is to have unfriendly notifications left behind. To treating and preventing clogged pores, the ingredients in your Curology cream help to prevent and diminish the stains, dark spots, and scars that blemishes can leave alone.

Even if you’re blessed enough not to have a post-acne mark, it’s still important to keep using your Curology cream daily. Besides avoiding unnecessary pimples, the ingredients in Curology often help to avoid fine lines.

Scars are ■■■■■■ to treat with a natural beauty gel on their own, but regular application of your Curology cream can enhance the fading of post-acne bald patches, aka hypertrophic scars. For more need-to-know detail, check our in-depth Guide to Skin Conditions.

One could always ask the Curology company if you’d like to adjust your combination to help improve post acne care. If your acne is fully in recovery, your recipe could be updated to reflect more on disappearing psoriasis. This is the beauty of Curology it’s all about yourself.

Summary : Avoiding ensuing clogged pores is a change journey operation, not a cure. Additives in curology also help prevent fine lines, streaks, dark spots, and scars. If your acne is fully cured, your recipe should be revised to focus more on the absence of vitiligo. This is the magic of Curology that was all about ourselves.

:hibiscus: Ingredients of curology products

Each Curology cream is customized mixed according to the skincare needs of consumers, but some of the simplest products include:

  • Clindamycin – an antibiotic used to inhibit the rise of bacteria that can cause acne
  • Azelaic acid – an acid an ingredient of cereals that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory specialties. Helps with acne and roscoe.
  • Retinoic – a pain med form of vitamin A that helps with redness of fine lines of alopecia.
  • Niacinamide – a form of b Vitamin that significantly improves skin tone and texture, fine lines, and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Zinc Pyrithion – Zinc has anti-bacterial and anti qualities and helps with oil regulation.
  • Tranexamic acid – a brightening power that deals with fading dark spots.
  • Metronidazole – a drug that reduces swelling also helps with rosacea.

Curology cleansing milk is designed for acne-prone skin and involves a set of vegetable sugar and oat extracts to relieve the skin whereas coconut adds moisture. The facial wash is gluten-free, odor, oil-free, and fragrance-free. The essential elements in the Curology sunscreen are water, bismuth oxychloride, and benzoyl peroxide, a humidity magnet that keeps up to 1,000 gallons of water. The two products are pseudo.

:gem: What’s Curology offering now?

Core Curology is a customizable, all-in-one medication power skincare products cream formulated to resolve the skin problems of the consumer. The idea is that the serum does it all and removes the need for numerous items, such as serum and acne. The range also comes a body lotion and disinfection. While the moisturizing lotion and cleanser are not formulated, they are developed to connect with various types of skin.

:heavy_check_mark: Benefits of using urology

Maybe you have physician skincare without the difficulty of seeing a dermatologist. Curology is

  • Easy: This only took a couple of minutes to fill in the form and get medication.
  • Appropriate: the medicine is delivered. There’s no need to go to a pharmacy.
  • Effective: Each prescription uses strong chemical compounds that work to treat acne, wrinkles, and dark circles.
  • Inexpensive: It’s certainly much better than visiting a doctor daily.
  • Legit: Your medication is made by a health care professional, so you’re in safe hands.
  • Tweak able: If something doesn’t fit well for you, you can ask them to tweak it.
  • Beautiful: the package is kind of cute not the boring mainstream medical-like wrapping.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) :question:

1. Does Curology work exact or make skin worse before it improves?

That isn’t what anybody wants to know but the thing concerning acne is that it sometimes gets worse before it feels stronger. So if you note that your skin will break out some more in your first few times of using Curology, don’t be horrified: it’s not rare to see a spike in breakouts when initiating some new acne medication.

2. Is Curology having specific dermatologists?

The healthcare experts are dermatologists, medical assistants, and registered nurses who have all been highly trained in dermatology and have been registered in the state. Any custom Curology cream will also switch as your skin does just visit a Curology provider for a prescription.

3. Can Curology deal with acne scars?

In comes of experiencing and avoiding breakouts, the ingredients in your Curology cream mean avoiding and reduce the scars, dark spots, and scars that pimples may leave away. Even if you’re good enough not to have a post-acne spot, it’s still important to keep using your Curology product each day.

:newspaper: Conclusion

Does curology work? Seeking the proper way to solve the query which relates the beauty problems. Its an online derma cure service that also advises customers through proper consultation that how to cope with their skin scars like blackheads, dark circles, acne, etc.

The major concern of consumers arises when they use it for some time and observe negative effects in the start, which genuinely disappear with time resulting in a renewal of the skin. Their products contain specific ingredients on an organic basis that are the actual source of medication.

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Does curology work? Well as per the customer review the immediate results might not been seen as magic done on your face rather you have to wait for few weeks like around four to six to see some worth noticing change. Since it works majorly for the acne then you’ll have to notive those red dots on your face every now and then to keep a track if any change is happening or not. In this regard the change will start occuring when the color would slowly start fading. So putting a long story short it works well for the acne. Although the review may not be a 100 percent but this one is based on someone who has actually used Curology.

How does Curology work?

Curology does not work like the other skin care brand. Traditionally the brands have the same formula sold forbeveryone. The least they can do is have acne solution for different skin types like oily or dry. Not to forget that the variations in skin lie far beyond just few. When you visit a dermatologist then the reason is that you want to be treated exclusively according to your skin type.

This is the exact principle Curology is following that it makes products that are exclusively according to your skin type. All you have to donisvmakeba few pictures or selfies of your skin and answer the questions they have at their website. After going through the analysis of your skin they will have their product specially designed for you with ingredients suiting to your skin. Not only this there is consultation with the dermatologist as well which will bring about more knowledge into the skincare.

How was Curology made?

The founder of Curlogy is Dr Lortscher who is a dermatologist. The doctor noticed that there are people who first have to wait a long queue to get an appointment and then drive all the way to him for consultation. He quickly came up with a solution to make all of this online so that people are spared of the hassle. By bringing acne solutions online many people are getting benefit they had desired. Likewise the success of their anti acne had encouraged them to bring more options into the line up like hyperpigmentation, anti aging and black heads. All of these custom made formulas can easily be attained through a one month subscription. Not to forget their newest addition of moisturizer and cleanser.

The reason for Curology to work for your skin?

The market has many brands lurking to provide the care for your skin. No one can claim that all of these brands can work on everyone’s skin and the results are hundred percent. Nevertheless everyone wants to have a flawless skin though. This is the solution Curology is bringing by shunning the idea that there is a one size fits all theory at all. The skin type is different because it is effected by the environment, diet, genetics, lifestyle, medication and much more. No one can ignore these factors. So it is not necessary that the same ingredients will be working for all. This is the main concern of Curology that it makes special custom products for different skin types by altering the ingredients so those important ones are added to make a special formula.

What are the ingredients of Curology?

There are some ingredients which are present in every formula one of them is a prescription. The combination can be among zinc pyrithione, niacinamide, tretinoin, azelic acid and clindamycin. All of these ingredients are the ones which help in fighting ance. Their action can either include unclogging the pores or reducing the inflammation.

Tips for a great skin other than Curology

Although Curology is working for your skin but there are other steps as well which are necessary to be taken for a flawless skin.

    1. Reduce the use of sugar and with that the whey protein, dairy products and simple carbohydrates.
    1. Avoid doing the hot and long showers too frequent
    1. Do not scrub the areas which are effected by acne
    1. Instead of going for a variety of products try using the simple ones with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.
    1. Keep a liason with your dermatologist who can help you in the hormonal acne solutions. There will be appearance of acne around the periods, starting or stopping or birth control or pregnancy which need special attention

How does Curology work for the dark spots?

The prescription for dark spots and wrinkles has the following ingredients.

  • · Vitamin C derivate 5%, this helps in brightening the skin, boosts the collagen and fights the wrinkles with it’s powerful antioxidant properties.
  • · Tretinoin 0.04%, this a very powerful.and effective for of Vitamin A reducing both acne and wrinkles. It helps in fighting free radicles, exfoliating the skin, speeding up cellular turnover and boosting collagen production.
  • · Niacinamide 4%, this is type of Vitamin B3 which helps in fighting acne, dark spots and wrinkles. It also soothes the irritation by hydrating the skin.

Is Curology really unique?

If thousand people are asking for a formula they won’t be making all thousand formulas from scratch for every skin. Where there are differences among the skin type many factors bring them in the same page as well. So the formula isn’t really unique rather what they offer are the active ingredients that you may not be able to find otherwise. The quantity of ingredients may be altered to suit your skin.

Curology however provides solutions that are affordable, easy and legit to be applied. With their convenience of free trial all you are just a form filling and a few selfies away from the exclusive prescription. Curology also has certain side effects as well. That depends again on the skin type so be very careful while trying the product. It is suggested to apply in a small portion of the skin first to see if it reacts to it or not. If the long term use is bringing some unwanted effects then contact the dermatologist immediately.

Does curology works?


Curology is a skincare brand that is disturbing the standard. It offers custom items and one-on-one discussions with dermatology suppliers, accessible at the snap of a catch. Rather than planning to see a dermatologist, you can transfer a couple selfies, total a fast skin test, and have a customized cream that is adjusted to your skincare needs conveyed to your entryway.
Every person has a different skin type. Some have sensitive skin, others have oily, and many other types of skin. When we don’t take proper care of our skin, we get pimples. Pimples occur when skin pores filled with dirty fluid and become inflamed. Some spots occur due to any infection-causing bacteria. You should care about your skin before using any product related to skin.You should know your skin type as every person has different type of skin.The people with sensitive skin generally gets more affect of anything that they use on their skin.Their skin become rashes,red and causes itching.
Curology basically work for acne,red dots and spot like pimples that appears on your face due to acne.Some people when use ointments, products on their acne,their acne become worst.Therefore we should care about the things we are using to get rid acne, pimples or darkspots.

When was curology fond:

Lortscher originally saw the issue with customary dermatology discussions while working in New Mexico. Large numbers of his patients would need to hang tight weeks for an arrangement and need to drive hours to see him. “It happened to me that quality skin inflammation care shouldn’t be so out of reach,” he said. “I knew there must be a superior way.” That is the point at which the thought for Curology was conceived. Lortscher attempted to make a stage that could furnish one-on-one discussions with dermatology suppliers in an available and moderate manner. Presently, the brand centers around battling skin inflammation yet in addition adjusts equations to address against maturing, zits, hyperpigmentation, and then some. They give a custom leave-on cream for every one of their patients that can be bought on a month to month membership plan, and they’ve as of late added a cleaning agent and lotion to their arrangement, as well.

Working of curology:

Curology contains the product relating to every person skin type.Every person have different type of skin and their skin issues can be solved by using different curology products.You should check it on your hand or other part of body whether it has good or adverse effects on your skin.
Skin care routine:
As you start your new skincare normal, less truly is more. Your custom equation packs more force than over-the-counter items since it joins remedy fixings that target diverse main drivers of your skin inflammation. Extra products — besides a suggested cleaning agent, cream, and sunscreen — may accomplish more damage than anything else by aggravating, drying, obstructing, or in any case ruining your pores. So keep it basic.
New habitats for healthy skin:
Your Curology formula is intended to target uneven characters and reestablish request to your skin’s biological system. This is very difficult, and it will not occur without any forethought. You can help by limiting potential skin inflammation triggers in your eating routine and way of life while you give your equation time to work.
Avoiding food that causes acne:
It’s not difficult to eat a ton of basic carbs and high-sugar food varieties without truly taking note. Think: bagels, chips, white bread, desserts, soft drinks, and squeeze and skin break out. These food sources spike your glucose and insulin, causing changes that can prompt skin break out. Exploration discloses to us that dairy (all that yummy cheddar, milk, and frozen yogurt) can likewise play with your hormones — and your skin.

Every custom formula contains three dynamic fixings, one of which is a solution. It very well may be any mix of clindamycin, azelaic corrosive, tretinoin, niacinamide, and zinc pyrithione. All are fixings that battle skin break out in an unexpected way; some lessen irritation while others unclog pores.

Clindamycin is an anti-toxin that helps treat skin inflammation because of its bacteriostatic impact (which means it prevents microorganisms from imitating). As indicated by the American Academy of Dermatology, clindamycin is a first-line skin inflammation treatment for gentle to direct skin break out that is ordinarily joined with benzoyl peroxide as well as a skin retinoid.

Azelaic corrosive

Azelaic corrosive is a fixing that assists with skin break out and rosacea. It standardizes the shedding of ■■■■ skin cells and opens the follicle, bringing about less comedones (pimples). Azelaic corrosive additionally has been appeared to forestall the development of skin break out microorganisms. As indicated by a distribution in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, both in vitro and in vivo it antimicrobially affects both oxygen consuming and anaerobic (Propionibacterium acnes) microorganisms.


Otherwise called Retin-A, tretinoin is a solution retinoid that might be utilized in your Curology equation since it can help improve both skin inflammation and different indications of skin maturing. When tretinoin first came to showcase over 50 years prior, it was endorsed to treat skin break out just, not for against maturing purposes. This was a direct result of its capacity to unclog pores, keeping them from getting obstructed with oil, soil, and flotsam and jetsam, which likewise causes pores to seem more modest.
Zinc Pyrithione

Zinc pyrithione might be remembered for your Curology equation in case you’re battling with breakouts since this fixing is known to help control skin inflammation and diminishing sebum emission. Despite the fact that it’s not completely saw how zinc assists with skin break out, it is imagined that salts of this metal decline aggravation brought about by skin inflammation. Zinc is likewise an antibacterial and assists with oil control.

Tranexamic corrosive

Tranexamic corrosive is an engineered simple of the amino corrosive lysine that capacities as a skin-molding specialist and astringent. Furthermore, tranexamic corrosive goes about as a skin-easing up specialist for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. It is accepted to work by restraining plasmin, which implies that it assists with separating proteins in the skin that add to melanin (skin shade) creation.


Metronidazole is an anti-microbial that assists with both skin inflammation and rosacea. It is an all around endured, successful treatment that assists with diminishing redness, growing, and the quantity of pimples
Products of curology:
The fundamental Curology skin health management routine incorporates:

Customized Curology formulaThis recipe is a delicately saturating base layer that in-house dermatologists The fundamental Curology skin health management routine incorporates:

Cleaning agent: Free from oil and aroma, the cleaning agent utilizes hydrating plant sugars and calming oat extricate.

Lotion: Hyaluronic corrosive is a base element of this item, which is liberated from scents, oils, parabens, and gluten.

Rich lotion: Along with hyaluronic corrosive, this item contains shea spread, aloe, and three extra saturating fixings.

Other items::
Curology spot fix: Available just as an extra to other Curology items, the organization asserts that these cloudy crisis stickers draw out discharge and oil and advance mending.

Skin inflammation body wash: This item contains 2% salicylic corrosive to treat and forestall breakouts. Curology claims that it is alright for use in all skin types.

Dim spot formula: The organization says that this recipe is for use in the first part of the day, when an individual should utilize it close by sunscreen, and the evening. Individuals can utilize this item to diminish spaces of hyperpigmentation, however they ought to adhere to a dermatologist’s guidelines cautiously on the grounds that it is critical to take parts from treatment.

Curology makes the entirety of its items in the United States. The organization doesn’t test on creatures, so all items are vegetarian. Individuals can utilize these items close by other healthy skin items. In any case, they should keep an eye on the site or with a dermatologist to guarantee that doing so won’t cause communications or aggravation. Curology items utilize remedy just skin inflammation medicines as dynamic fixings. to meet every individual’s particular requirements. The organization suggests applying it in the evening.
Pros and cons of Curology:
The ordinary Curology client survey is positive. A few advantages that clients notice are:
Basic requesting from home
Online admittance to Curology suppliers
Clear skin health management schedule
Simpler admittance to solution just skin inflammation medicines
A few remarks notice that in spite of the fact that Curology items cost more than regular skin health management items, the expense is lower than looking for face to face treatment from a dermatologist.
Some negative audits and client objections about Curology note that:

It is important to get a membership
The underlying assessment of the skin happens just through photographs and an online evaluation
On the off chance that an individual doesn’t have skin break out, the organization may misdiagnose the reason for their skin side effects
The dynamic fixings are accessible at a lower cost somewhere else
Individuals can’t utilize health care coverage to pay for Curology items

A few group may encounter dryness, staining, and gentle tingling when they initially begin utilizing Curology. Sometimes, their breakouts may at first become more successive or serious. The organization offers tips to assist individuals with changing the new healthy skin schedule. Curology noticed that hydroquinone, a functioning fixing in its dull spot equation, can cause corona spots around spaces of utilization or lead to obscuring or staining of the skin. Albeit uncommon, more genuine results, like Cushing’s disorder, hyperglycemia, and eye issues, are additionally conceivable. Individuals should report all strange responses to their supplier and quit utilizing the items right away. Anybody with concerns ought to talk with a specialist or dermatologist prior to beginning another skin health management routine.
How curology work for darkspots?
There product contains the ingredients like vitamin C,tretonin,Nicamidine that are essentially effective for removing darkspots.
Who found curology?
Curology is fond by doctor named Dr Lortscher.He was dermatologist.After his success ok acne ,he introduced more products to get rid of hyperpigmentation,dark spots and other skin issues.
Is curology work on all skin types?
No curology don’t work on all skin types.First you have to take small amount of product that your going to use on your skin.If your skin reacts against it,it means it don’t suits your skin.
Curology basically work for acne,red dots and spot like pimples that appears on your face due to acne.Some people when use ointments, products on their acne,their acne become worst.Therefore we should care about the things we are using to get rid acne, pimples or darkspots.

Is curology worth it? Curology mainly focuses on people with acne-prone skin. If you suffer from hormonal acne, cystic acne, blackheads or other breakouts, Curology may be worth a try. The founder of Curology originally founded the company because most people don't realize how easy it is to treat acne with clinically proven prescription ingredients.

How expensive is curology?

How much does the treatment cost? If you just want a custom product, it will cost $20 per month. Is curology good? It seems like it really depends on how much your designated provider really knows about skin care. Does Curology Make Your Skin Worse Before It Gets Better? Definitely yes.

Is curology the cure for your skin?

Based on its name, it seems that curology can indeed cure acne, but the truth is that there is no cure as it is a long lasting condition that requires constant and constant treatment until the skin chemistry changes, probably to medium term. late stage thirty .

Should you try curology skin care?

Depending on your individual skin needs, the supplier will prescribe a personalized skin care formula. Although the curology mainly focuses on acne-prone skin, this service can help treat a variety of skin problems and conditions: hormonal acne, cystic acne, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, blackheads, etc..

Does curology actually work?

Curology can also influence hormonal acne. Although hormonal acne is a little more difficult to treat, your doctor can prescribe additional medications if necessary. In addition, your health care provider may also prescribe ■■■■ medications, such as antibiotics, ■■■■ contraceptives, or spironolactone.

How good is curology?

curological procedures. Curology claims that with treatment you can expect a 90% reduction in acne and a 38% increase in skin firmness.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How much is curology monthly?

Curology is very simple. You pay $ (or $ every 2 months) and have unlimited access to a board-certified dermatologist, physician assistant, or registered nurse.

How much does curology costs?

Curology is very simple. You pay $ (or $ every 2 months) and have unlimited access to a board-certified dermatologist, physician assistant, or registered nurse.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How does curology work?

How Curology Works: Complete a questionnaire to help Curology determine your skin's needs. They will ask you questions about your skin type and concerns, medical history and possible allergies, lifestyle habits and other treatments you have tried in the past.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How expensive is curology made

Curology can cost between $ and $ depending on your preferences and does not accept insurance. When you start, you get a one-month free trial of your custom or dark spot formula (pay shipping only).

:brown_circle: Is curology worth it for acne?

Curology mainly focuses on people with acne-prone skin. Curology might be worth a try if you understand that if you've also been visiting dermatologists or skin experts all your life, Curology might be for you.

How much does the curology cleanser and moisturizer set cost?

The Cleanser and Moisturizer Kit (sold together) contains one Curology Cleanser and two Curology Moisturizers of your choice. Curology Cleanser comes in an 80ml bottle and Curology Moisturizer comes in a 50ml bottle. They cost $20 plus shipping for a pair.

Does curology really work for oily skin?

Curology Cleanser comes in an 80ml bottle and Curology Moisturizer comes in a 50ml bottle. They cost $20 plus shipping for a pair. When this treatment review answered the questionnaire, it recommended products designed to treat acne and oily skin. First, an acne-fighting body wash developed by the team of dermatologists at Curology.

:brown_circle: How much does the curology custom formula cost?

Small Custom Plan ships every 30 days and bills at $20 per month. Includes your custom formula, cleansing and moisturizing kit, and other Curology-recommended products for your unique skincare needs. Large Custom Formula contains your regular custom products but in larger bottles.

How expensive is curology oil

Curology can cost between $ and $ depending on what you want. When you start, you get a one-month free trial (you just pay for shipping and wire transfer in US dollars).

How much does curology cost?

How much does the treatment cost? The first month is free. You only pay $ for shipping (plus tax, if applicable). Then switch to the subscription of your choice.

:brown_circle: Is curology a good brand?

Product size was another notable issue, as Curology moisturizers are the smallest bottles on the market and sell out faster than other products, leaving customers with or without hydrated skin. Curology has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website.

How often should I use curology products?

Try to use this product every two or two days at most; the longer you use it, the less likely it will irritate your skin. Use common sense when adding a different product based on how your skin looks and feels. Try Curology risk-free. Get your $ back if you don't like it .

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Is curology good for dark spots?

Curology states that it is safe for all skin types. Dark Spot Formula: The company says this formula is used in the morning, when a person needs to use it with sunscreen, and at night.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Is curology worth the hype?

However, this is to be expected from any skincare formula, especially those with potent prescription ingredients. Thanks to the number of positive reviews, the BBB A+ rating for business operations, the evidence in Curology before and after photos and the fact that the formulas are custom made, this Curology review says yes, it's worth it!

What do customers say about curology?

The typical customer review for Curology is very positive. Some of the benefits mentioned by customers: Some reviews state that while Curology products cost more than regular skin care products, they cost less than a personal treatment from a dermatologist.

Can I use curology products at home?

Curology wants to make sure you can safely use these drugs and also manage your condition by treating your skin. Anyone, regardless of skin type, can use Curology products at home as part of their daily routine. Your sample pack contains products specifically designed to address your specific skin concerns. Where can curology be used?

Can curology replace a dermatologist?

If you've outgrown what over-the-counter products can do for you, but aren't quite ready to see a dermatologist, curology is the way to go. But it cannot completely replace a dermatologist.

What is curology?

What is Curology? Curology makes a tailor-made skin care formula especially for you. A licensed dermatologist will review your skin profile, skin type, and medical history and prescribe a custom blend of three simple ingredients. Whether you have acne, dark spots or fine lines, you get a bottle that covers you. Who puts together my personalized formula?

Does curology make custom skincare?

Curology makes a tailor-made skin care formula especially for you. A licensed dermatologist will review your skin profile, skin type, and medical history and prescribe a custom blend of three simple ingredients. Whether you have acne, dark spots or fine lines, you get a bottle that covers you. Who puts together my personalized formula?

Why choose curology for acne treatment?

1 Ingredients backed by research at Curology 2 Lots of positive reviews for Curology 3 Curology is harmless 4 Easy testing and ordering online 5 Easier access to prescription acne treatments.

:brown_circle: Is curology good for acne?

Curology products are specially formulated to treat acne, clogged pores, dark spots, firmness, texture and wrinkles. Curology claims that with treatment you can expect a 90% reduction in acne and a 38% increase in skin firmness.

Is curology the cure for your skin cancer

Curology does not diagnose or treat skin cancer. It is important that you personally consult your dermatologist with any questions or concerns related to skin cancer. However, they can help with acne problems and rejuvenation.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Does curology work for acne?

While my skin concerns are split equally between acne and rejuvenation, the main focus of curology is on treating acne. "Acne is at the heart of their business and always will be," says the doctor.

:brown_circle: What do I get with the curology trial?

When you sign up for a trial, you'll receive a monthly supply of your personalized skincare formula, plus a pH-balanced cleanser and moisturizer developed by Curology's dermatologists. When your trial period ends, you can log in to your account to set up your subscription.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Is curology the cure for your skin health

Judging by the name, one might assume that curology can actually cure acne, but the truth is there is no "cure" as it is a long lasting condition that requires ongoing treatment until the curology chemistry heals.. probably mid to late 1930s.

:brown_circle: Is curology or Proactiv best for acne?

One good reason why some people prefer curology is based on the available treatment options. While Proactiv focuses more on acne, Curology can address other issues, such as wrinkles and dark spots. But in the end, the Proactiv line wins.

Is curology the cure for your skin disease

Yes, Curology works with acne-prone skin around the world and has successfully treated 88% of its clients. Curology can not only fight existing acne germs but also protect your skin from all kinds of infections. It is designed to help people with acne and pimples and is often very effective.

:brown_circle: What is a curology treatment plan?

Curology is a telehealth service developed by dermatologist David Lorcher that connects people with healthcare providers developing a treatment plan for their specific skin condition, including pimples and other issues such as wrinkles and skin texture.

Is curology the cure for your skin rash

Yes! Of course he can. Curology will refer you to a licensed healthcare professional who will assess your skin and prescribe a custom formula for your skin. Curology currently treats acne and rejuvenates with different combinations of ingredients based on skin type and concerns.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Does curology cream really work for acne?

Curology claims that the cream can treat acne as well as aging, with each formula specifically tailored to the user's individual skin needs. This product uses ingredients that can treat problems associated with acne. The company also claims that the formula can help regenerate skin cells, improve radiance and smooth the skin's surface.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Does curology treat rosacea and acne?

Depending on your skin problems, Curology may prescribe medications such as Accutane or doxycycline, an ■■■■ antibiotic that can treat rosacea and acne in adults. However, prescriptions are provided on a case-by-case basis.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is curology skin care?

Curology is a skin care formula sold to subscribers on a monthly basis. Contains ingredients such as azelaic acid, clindamycin, niacinamide, tretinoin and zinc pyrithione. The maker of Curology claims that this product can help acne-prone skin, reduce signs of aging like dark spots and wrinkles, and create a firmer texture.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is curology and is it safe?

What is Curology? Contains ingredients such as azelaic acid, clindamycin, niacinamide, tretinoin and zinc pyrithione. The maker of Curology claims that this product can help acne-prone skin, reduce signs of aging like dark spots and wrinkles, and create a firmer texture.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is curology and how does it work?

Curology currently focuses primarily on acne, but is quickly expanding into anti-aging with formulas that target wrinkles and dark spots. Are you trying to implement anti-aging skin care that actually reduces wrinkles and gives your skin a youthful glow?

What is curology rich moisturizer?

Curology Rich Moisturizer deeply hydrates dry or aging skin and works twice as hard. Contains six moisturizing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and shea butter. A cleanser that does not clog or irritate the skin and contains no irritants.

:brown_circle: Is curology the cure for your skin tags

Basically, Curology is a personalized prescription acne cream. Of course, they also promoted other products like the face wash (which has a similar formula to Cetaphil's gentle face wash), moisturizers, and even blemishes, just to name a few. The process of getting a prescription is quite simple.

What can I do to help my skin with curology?

Be kind to your skin. Try to avoid benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs such as glycolic or lactic acid), or beta hydroxy acids (BHA, salicylic acid). These products can be introduced gradually after your skin has become accustomed to the treatment.

Does curology work for wrinkles?

Contains vitamin C and tretinoin. Curology's formula, which contains tretinoin, provides longevity and texture. This ingredient is said to improve skin radiance, regenerate skin cells and smooth the skin. Wrinkles are no problem either.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What are the ingredients in curology skin care products?

Contains ingredients such as azelaic acid, clindamycin, niacinamide, tretinoin and zinc pyrithione. The maker of Curology claims that this product can help acne-prone skin, reduce signs of aging like dark spots and wrinkles, and create a firmer texture.

What is curology skin care routine?

The Curology Basic Skincare Treatment includes: Curology Custom Formula: This formula is a lightly moisturizing foundation formulated by in-house dermatologists to meet the specific needs of each individual. The company recommends applying it at night.

Does curology really work?

According to the research results, curology works for 88% of people. Prescription ingredients and access to healthcare providers make Curology an effective skin care solution for many. However, one solution does not work for everyone.

:brown_circle: Can curology help my acne?

Before enrolling in a curology course, it is recommended that you seek expert advice and consider other options. The Association of the American Academy of Dermatology states that virtually anyone with acne can receive effective treatment. He says incorporating the following over-the-counter practices can help clear up acne: .

Should you apply curology before or after moisturizer?

Once your skin adjusts, there's probably no need to wait. Try applying a moisturizer first and then a medicated treatment. You can also try diluting the product by mixing it with a moisturizer in the palm of your hand before applying. Be kind to your skin.

What is curology skincare?

Curology's skincare collection includes products to repair acne, clogged pores, dark spots, firmness, skin texture and wrinkles. Curology has been featured in many leading publications, including SHAPE, INStyle, and teenVogue.

:brown_circle: What are the reviews of curology?

Their Curology review resulted in a Facebook rating based on 3,461 reviews, stars out of 1,030 reviews, and Influenster stars out of 8,295 reviews. There are no official links on the Curology website. On Influenster, 57% of customers gave Curology 5/5 stars. Only 4% of the reviews have a 1-star rating.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How fast does curology work

Well, every new acne product takes time to set in, and acne treatment is no different. Depending on your formula, it may take 8 weeks or more to see improvement. For most people you will notice small improvements at first and full results may not be noticeable until after 3-4 months.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How long does it take for curology to work?

How long does it take for the medicine to work? Some participants see results for the first few weeks, while others see no change for up to 6 weeks, or experience increasing pain as they get used to their medication (e.g, dryness, mild irritation, or temporary worsening of a rash). ).

How long does it take for curology to clear your skin?

And then? Welcome to your journey through curology. In 6 to 8 weeks, your skin will likely be significantly lighter than it is now. How long does it take for the medicine to work?

Is curology body wash good for acne?

Curology Acne Body Wash contains 2% salicylic acid, a chemical peel that helps unclog pores, treat acne and prevent breakouts all over the body. For people with acne on the chest and back, this foaming shower gel can help.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Is the curology cleanser safe for sensitive skin?

Curology Cleanser is gentle and therefore safe for sensitive skin. It is also non-comedogenic, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, etc. Its purpose is to gently cleanse impurities without stripping the skin of its natural moisture or causing dryness, tightness or irritation.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is the best anti-inflammatory for rosacea?

Tranexamic acid: has a powerful and specific anti-inflammatory property, promotes skin discoloration and removes dark spots, soothes the skin and restores the skin barrier. Metronidazole: An antibiotic used to treat skin infections and rosacea (it works by stopping the growth of bacteria).

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