Definition of Prescription:

  1. Medications: Prescription medications, treatments or treatments for specific patients administered by an individual (such as a doctor), which are administered by the person (eg, pharmacist or physiotherapist) who administers, supervises or administers them. Authorized to manage. . .

  2. Legal: then acquisition or termination of loan, interest or rights.

  3. Make claims based on long-term or indefinite use or old habits

  4. General - Government recommendations or guidelines.

  5. A definite recommendation.

  6. A written order from a doctor allowing a patient to receive medication or treatment.

Synonyms of Prescription

Having title to, Directive, Moderation, Squatting, Prescribed form, Mandate, Balsam, Sovereign remedy, Code, Fee simple, Continence, Occupancy, Property rights, Inalienable right, Vested right, Balm, Specific, Standard behavior, Consuetude, Discipline, Fee simple defeasible, Legislation, Power, Instruction, Norma, Pretension, Socage, Bill, Occupation, Corrective, Restorative, Universal law, Remedial measure, Enactment, Wont, Villenage, Derivative title, Lease, Gavelkind, Help, Healing quality, Standard, Conformity, Medicine, Tenantry, Lay fee, De facto, Rule, Succor, Standing order, Preparation, Preoccupation, Decretum, Custom, Order, Alodium, Droit, Guideline, Possessing, Appurtenance, Medicament, Villein socage, Proprietary rights, Restrain, Property, Original title, Bon ton, Specific remedy, General orders, Proscription, Burgage, Qualification, Manner, Divine right, Standing custom, Way, Usage, Medication, Possession, Assistance, Seisin, Ordinance, Tenure in chivalry, Order of nature, Commission, Cure, Command, Edict, Receipt, Maxim, Recipe, Manners, Faculty, Bounds, Conjugal right, Observance, Alterative, Fashion, Tenure, Measure, Jus, De jure, Restriction, Procrustean law, Fee simple absolute, Decree, Wonting, Formulary, Canon, Authority, Claim, Fee simple conditional, Tenancy, Legal possession, Sublease, Demand, Fiefdom, Established way, Norm, Due, Authorization, Dependency, Free socage, Remedy, Right, Ordonnance, Prescript, Undertenancy, Convention, Knight service, Dictation, Mores, Boundary, Limitation, Order, Birthright, Limit, Fee position, Form, Colony, Charge, Formula, Direction, Presumptive right, Bylaw, Villeinhold, Precept, Title, Adverse possession, Drug, Ritual, Fee tail, Standard usage, Dictate, Legal claim, Rubric, Measure, Social convention, Hold, Law, Prepossession, Etiquette, Feodum, Instruction, Interest, Institution, Aid, Holding, Direction, Proper claim, Method, Natural right, Confinement, Proper thing, Freehold, Use, Healing agent, Fee fief, Principle, Folkway, Teaching, Regulation, Fee simple determinable, Act, Criterion, Property right, Injunction, Vested interest, Lex, Underlease, Institute, Feud, Law of nature, Prerogative, Pretense, Owning, Praxis, Analeptic, Usucapion, Leasehold, What is done, Practice, Set form, Statute, Ruling, Frankalmoign, Tradition, Relief, Formality, Time-honored practice, Preoccupancy

How to use Prescription in a sentence?

  1. An effective way to support rural communities.
  2. He was ridiculed.
  3. In order to obtain the right of release or release by order, either party must indicate a clear period of uninterrupted use for a period of twenty years.

Meaning of Prescription & Prescription Definition