DIY Sugar Wax

Suger wax, with all its benefits, is amazing to use. However, sugar wax isn’t an expensive beauty product. Instead, it’s very easy to make this at home.DIY activities enable us to make things with our hands with so much fun and satisfaction.

Sugar wax is easy to make at home with the help of the least ingredients and amazing results. And in 30 minutes, you can do your way at home without taking appointments at expensive saloons where they charge a handsome amount for waxing.

Sugar wax we will make in-home benefits all body parts, but face wax is not suggested. The reason behind this is when we pull strips with effort. It loses the tight and delicate skin of the face. So the excessive use of wax on the face causes loose skin and rashes.

Suger wax is non-allergic to skin

As allergic skin is sensitive compared to normal skin, one wax ingredient is lemon juice or vinegar, which is itchy to the skin and causes allergies. Moreover, the sugar itself is used in the scrub with its particle-like texture. It makes skin sensitive, so allergic patients shouldn’t use this.

Easy steps for DIY sugar wax

Now we will tell you about the simple steps necessary for making and applying sugar wax:

Step 1: Assembling ingredients

For making sugar wax, the necessary things are as below:

  • Sugar 1 cup
  • Water 1 cup
  • Lemon juice 5 tbs

Step 2: The Making of wax

Pour water and sugar into the saucepan on low flame, cook things, and bring them to boil. After that, stir the flame, add lemon juice, simmer it, and keep stirring it; don’t leave this unattended.

The mixture will be bubbly after 15 minutes when the foam appears on the surface. Pick the foam from a spoon until the mixture becomes clear and thick. Do not let it thicken too much because it will become thicker after removing it from the stove.

3: Store it in a bottle

After cooking wax, put the wax in the bottle with a wide mouth so we can easily pick out the required amount of wax. The bottle must be dry and clean. And after using it, firmly tighten the lid and place the bottle in a safe place because sugar can attract insects and ants.

4:Using the wax

When you plan to use wax with the help of a wooden spatula, apply a thin layer on the surface, for example, arms. Apply a thin layer of all the hairs coated with wax and apply the wax along with the side of hair growth and then place a cotton strip and make pressure on the strip so the hairs and wax grip the cotton, after that with a little ■■■■ pull off the strip from the opposite side of the hairs. All the hair will remove, and smooth and sleek skin will be visible.

5: Applying Alum water

After wax use, alum water will remove the germs and slower the process of hair growth for making the alum water you need.
1:2 glass water
2:200g of alum powder

Mix them well and cook them for 10 minutes. After waxing with the help of a cotton ball, apply the mixture to the waxed skin and wash after 15 minutes.

Use of baby powder before wax

Baby powder before wax will remove the sweat from the skin and make it sticky with the skin because in the presence of sweat, the wax will not work with the skin, and it also helps the removal of tiny hairs.

Making finger wax

Finger wax is another form of wax that is equally useful as normal sugar wax, but the benefit of finger wax is that it is in the form of a sugar ball and can be applied without any cotton strip.
For making finger wax double the quantity of wax, then water, and then cook it until the texture becomes really thick add one lemon juice to prevent it from crystalization.
Let it cool for some time, then take some wax in your hand and roll it into a ball if it’s sticking with your hands. Then take a bowl of water and wet both of your hands and then try this on a small area to test if it’s sticking properly and removing hairs. Then place this ball in a covered box.
Some cautious keep in mind

While applying and using wax, keep in mind these things such as

Extremely high temperature

The sugar temperature is extremely high so keep the children out of range. And do not burn yourself while stirring and pouring it into the bottle.

Don’t apply hot wax on skin

Try to soften the wax if it is hard or melt it slightly in hot water. Try a little drop on the skin first to try whether you can bear this temperature or not. ■■■■ it slightly while applying to cool it.

Don’t use wax twice

After applying wax once, don’t use it again in the same place because the wax makes the skin sensitive by removing ■■■■ skin. That’s why I especially take care of it.

Don’t use a steel knife

Some people use a butter knife to apply the wax. It’s hazardous in two ways. First, it is dangerous to skin for any cut. And its temperature is much high turn wooden spatula; therefore, it can burn your skin.

Only use wooden things for application

As told earlier, only use a wooden spatula or ice cream sticks to apply this properly. It would absorb heat, and its spread on the skin is also good. While applying force along with wax, it won’t hurt you.

Do you apply soothing lotion or aloe vera gel?
After wax skin has gone through a tough process, a soothing lotion or aloe vera gel is necessary to give skin a relaxing effect.
Don’t apply wax on acne.
Wax application on acne skin will increase trouble. The skin may be damaged and leave marks on it.


Waxing is great when it comes to beauty, it’s very easy to make this at home with the help of only three ingredients, and you can save it for a long time period.
The thing that can affect the wax is temperature because in summer, the wax will expand, and you have to place it in the fridge. And in winter, it may be hardened, and you will first melt it slightly in the microwave or hot water.

While making your way is overcooked and becomes hardened, add water to one tablespoon and turn on the flame. After that, if there is a need, pour more water with a spoon and set it.


Sugar wax is easy to make and use if certain steps are followed. Sugar wax is made on high flame with the help of sugar, water, and lemon juice, and it’s ready in 30 minutes. Successful application of wax also required some expertise. And some caution we have to consider.

Sugar wax and finger wax are both easy to make and very effective. Using waxing for a long time decreases hair growth because the hair is pulled from the roots. Again and this process makes the roots weak. Sugar also gives shine to your skin, and it has exfoliating properties that remove the ■■■■ skin from your body.