Discover how to do viral marketing on Instagram

The video used as the example above, as good as it sounds, is over 4 minutes old - it might have your link tweeted or shared on Facebook, but it wouldn’t work as well on Instagram. But how do you run a viral marketing campaign on Instagram specifically?

The answer is that, to go viral, the post needs a strong, shareable and compelling message for users. The key isn’t to zero in straightforwardly on what is offered, yet to make a story that includes the brand, item or administration, in a characteristic and significant way. Effective viral marketing is one that elicits emotions and moves people enough to absorb the content and transmit it.

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Here are some tips to help you plan.

Be quick and objective

Viral marketing on Instagram must be fast or it will get lost in the user feed. So, invest in images, videos or boomerangs (animated gifs made with short videos, new app feature) that are unusual and strong, that describe your marketing message well. However, be careful not to offend or disrespect the application’s usage rules.

Be fun and charming

People respond to what bothers them. For this reason, please share something about how they act and interact with the world. But there is no blatant advertising: there are other, more effective means for such material.

Take the time to deal with humor in its simplest form - it can be a Valentine’s Day kiss compilation or a beautiful famous line that embodies your company’s mission or vision.

One tip here is to try. For example, send it to some people with different profiles (they may be in private messages) from your own social circle, without mentioning your business, and see their reaction to the campaign.

Be authentic

The best ad is the one that only airs reality. There is no use investing in a viral marketing campaign that sells what it doesn’t do or promotes something that doesn’t match reality.

Because Instagram is so popular with young people, take the opportunity to talk to them about the things your brand believes in that have to do with their struggles, beliefs, and desires.

Promote happiness, peace and development, when true values ​​are powerful ways to leverage your brand and contribute to a better world.

Be insightful to capture the customer’s desire

Never forget that the focus of every action and material is your client. If you have no idea what to do, search! This is to understand your wants, needs, and wants. This gives you a much better opportunity to create a viral campaign.

Use the interactivity of the heart

As you know, when an Instagram user presses the button drawn with the heart, it is known that the user liked the image or video that was posted. This interactivity of the heart can guarantee the Internet’s greatest desire to participate in publications.

For example, a certain French fry industry might make a picture that says, “I () fries.” The space between parentheses between “I” and “French fries” is left blank (or occupied by an opaque heart, with slight traces), precisely so that the Internet user can fill the image with the heart.

A publication whose vitalization was well known was that of Coca-Cola, with the title: “Double tap to complete. :wink: ". The posted image featured the word “I” and a bottle of Coca-Cola. At that time, more than ten thousand people completed the prayer with their hearts.

Appear in the explore tab

One of the most useful Instagram content is the “Explore” tab. Here, social media users receive personalized content of their engagement with the app and their followers. In this way, Instagram thinks about bringing relevant and interesting content to its users.

It’s not just platform users who benefit from the great desire for customization. Businesses can use this incredible tab to produce and vitalize their content. The great advantage for companies is to bring your posts to people who have a great chance of liking your content.

In order for you to have virialized content from the Instagram “Explore” tab, you need to plan a few details, as the most famous posts generally have a certain type of pattern.

The first step to this is to keep track of the type of image that your audience expects, likes and interacts with. Follow some of your clients and followers so you can map out what really needs to be done. From this, you can better plan what type of post is most likely to go viral.

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For the first option, scheduling will ensure that your users have access to the post as soon as possible after it has been posted. Both “Explore” and the newsfeed give preference to Quick Engage posts. That is, the faster your content becomes popular, the more likely it is to go viral from Explore.