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Looking for a unique and original gift? Why not an AirPods case? What are the craziest AirPods cases? Where to find and buy crazy AirPods cases?

At AirPods Case the search for originality and eccentricity is totally our thing. Our team of designers really had a lot of fun making these cases just for you. Looking for an original gift? You will find your happiness at

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That’s good! You are the proud owner of AirPods, the smallest Apple product ever released. Now you will be able to listen to your favorite sound without wasting time untangling your headphone cable.

Listen to your music, make calls while cooking, dancing and walking. You finally have your hands-free thanks to Apple. Enjoy but don’t forget to protect your beautiful case. Because a fall can happen quickly and your car keys in the bottom of the bag will always be able to scratch it.

So don’t wait a second longer and protect your precious one with You will find on our website the craziest cases ever designed! Completely crazy they are but above all 100% safe. Our AirPods cases are incredibly resistant and exceed standard military drop tests.

Crazy AirPods Case

Top 10 craziest AirPods cases.

Let’s discover now together the top 10 craziest AirPods Cases!

1- Shotgun AirPods Case

Shotgun AirPods Case

In first position is our wonderful Shotgun AirPods Case. This ■■■ shaped AirPods case will protect your case from falls and dust. Don’t wait any longer and surprise your friends with this AirPods case.

2- Alien AirPods Case

Alien AirPods Case

Are we alone in the universe? This AirPods case is made for people who believe in the existence of aliens. The fun side of this case? It lights up in the night, no way to lose it!

3- Eggplant AirPods Case

Eggplant AirPods Case

You have a naughty mind? This eggplant shaped AirPods case is made for you. Make your friends laugh every time you take the case out of your pocket!

4- Burger AirPods Case

Burger AirPods Case

In our Top4 we find one of our most popular products the Burger AirPods Case. Fan of junk food? This case is perfect for you!

5- N95 Coronavirus Mask AirPods Case

N95 Coronavirus Mask AirPods Case

The year 2020 has not been an easy year… ■■■■■■ coronaviruses… Even if this year has not been a great one, we can afford a dose of humor with this N95 Coronavirus Mask AirPods Case!

6- Chicken Nugget AirPods Case

Chiken Nugget AirPods Case

Fan of junk food but you’re more into nuggets than fries? Your buddies will be a fan of this Chicken Nugget AirPods Case.

7- Corgi ■■■■ AirPods Case

Corgi AirPods Case

The Corgi is so cute and even more their little fluffy buttock. We couldn’t resist the idea of designing an AirPods Case. Great, isn’t it?

8- Grenade AirPods Case

Grenade AirPods Case

Guns are good but grenades are better. Protect your AirPods case with this grenade, made of reinforced silicone, this AirPods case will resist to any fall.

9- Motorcycle AirPods Case

Mororcycle AirPods Case

Fan of motorcycles, you will love the originality of this 3D AirPods case. Don’t wait any longer and adopt the coolest AirPods case for bikers!

10- French Bulldogs AirPods Case

French Bulldog AirPods Case

The French bulldog is super trendy and with the sunglasses it’s super cool! You too adopt this totally Pop Art dog. THE coolest store for AirPods case.

That’s it, our top 10 is now finished, I hope you liked it. Looking for another crazy case ? I invite you to have a look at our products. We have hundreds of product references, you will find what you are looking for.

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