Definition of Centrex:

  1. A telephone service in which a group of phone lines can be joined by part of the local exchange acting as a private exchange.

  2. CENTRal EXchange. Telephone company service that obviates the need of buying, maintaining, and upgrading a private branch exchange (PBX). Basically, Centrex service consists of ordinary trunk-lines to which several features are added by the phone company. These features include the common four (call conferencing, call forwarding, call waiting, and speed calling) and others such as call accounting, caller ID, call hold, call transfer, direct inward dialing, intercom, least cost routing, etc. Although more economical than a PBX system, Centrex requires special telephone equipment for exploiting its features.

How to use Centrex in a sentence?

  1. Service may be provided by commercial analog lines or via centrex (central Office exchange service, provided by a switch managed at the providers central Office).

Meaning of Centrex & Centrex Definition