CBD Vape Kits

CBD vape kits contain everything you will need while vaping the highly beneficial cannabinoid. They are specifically meant for anyone looking to start vaping CBD oil. However, even advanced CBD vapers can use CBD vape kits.

If you are just beginning to vape CBD oil, you should always remember that it is safe, beneficial, and it will not get you. The cannabinoid is legal under federal law and you are least likely to fail a drug test due to vaping its e-liquid.

Common accessories found in CBD vape kits.

1. CBD cartridge/ vape pen - is the most fundamental accessory in any CBD vape kit. It holds the CBD vape juice and also has an atomizer or coil, which heats up and vaporizes the CBD distillate.

The coil in a CBD cartridge/ vape pen tank can be made of either ceramic or quartz. Ceramic coils are more efficient in terms of heat retention and quartz coils are known for heating up very fast.

The chassis of a CBD cartridge is usually made of either steel or glass. Steel cartridges are strong and durable, while glass cartridges are easily affordable.

2. Battery - (CBD vape kits come with rechargeable batteries, which provide the power for the coil to function appropriately.

3. Charger - (most CBD vape kit brands prefer USB chargers because they make it easy for their customers to recharge their batteries. With a USB charger, you can recharge the battery on the go (in your office, home, and while traveling in your car).

4. Instructions manual - (CBD vape kits serve a similar purpose. However, their mode of operation can differ, depending on the brand. An instructions manual guides you on the most appropriate way to get the most out of your CBD vape kit. Therefore, you should not disregard this document. Be sure to read it the next time you purchase a CBD vape kit.

Apart from the instructions manual, all the other accessories are either 510 threaded or have magnetic connectors, which enable you to interconnect them and form a whole vape unit.

Some (not all) CBD vape kits feature unique connectors, which are adaptive to both 510 threaded accessories and those with magnetic connection technology.

What to look for in a CBD vape kit.

Like any other product, CBD vape kits have some key qualities that distinguish the best from the rest. Below are some of the things you need to check out when looking for the best CBD vape kit in the market.

1. Battery life - (a high capacity battery in a CBD vape kit is always a plus. You would not love to regularly limit your CBD vaping experience as a result of a dead battery.

The best CBD vape kit should have a battery that can last for at least a whole day’s vaping experience.)

2. Design - (a CBD vape kit with an ultra-compact design is absolutely one for you. The design should make it easier for you to use the device).

3. Consistency - (you need a CBD vape kit, that will consistently deliver the perfect hits. Some CBD vape kits have a tendency of degrading their performance as you continuously use them).

4. Portability - (the ideal CBD vape kit is one that you can effortlessly carry alongside you to your workplace or on a trip).

5. User-friendliness - (since a CBD vape kit is usually meant for starters, its mode of operation should not be too much complicated. You should be able to use it without any experience).

Things you need to know before using a CBD vape kit.

1. Can you overdose CBD?

To date, no fatality case, caused by overdosing any of cannabis’s constituents, has been reported. Also, studies have shown that CBD has very low toxicity.

However, CBD can react differently in humans as we are diverse in terms of weight, genetic, etc. The cannabinoid is also known to react when consumed with certain medications. Therefore, it is recommended that you determine your ideal CBD dosage from an expert. Some dispensaries selling CBD vape kits have experts, who you can consult on the perfect dosage.

2. Are there any side effects caused by using a CBD vape kit?

Extensive research on the side effects caused by using a CBD vape kit is still ongoing. Nevertheless, the most documented side effect of vaping CBD is mild drowsiness.

3. Why are lab tests done on CBD vape kits and vape pens?

CBD vape kit brands perform third-party lab tests on their products to ascertain the cannabinoid content in the CBD E-liquid/ vape juice. Also, they help determine the level of the other constituents in the CBD oil. Certified third-party labs are so important because they are unbiased; hence customers can trust them.

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