Magnetic tape

Magnetic tape,

Definition of Magnetic tape:

  1. Tape used in recording sound, pictures, or computer data.

  2. Ribbon of plastic coated with magnetic material (such as ferric oxide) and available in several standard widths (half-inch being the most common) usually in cassettes. Used in audio, video, and data storage (primarily for backup), it provides only sequential (serial) data access unlike magnetic and optical disks which provide random access.

Synonyms of Magnetic tape

Flexowriter typewriter, Teleplotter, Alphabetical printer, Bulletin board, Card, Catalog card, Digital graph plotter, Disc, File, Filing card, Film, Hard copy, Index card, Library catalog, Magnetic recorder, Microcard, Microcards, Microdot, Microfiche, Microfilm, Motion-picture film, Oscillograph recorder, Oscilloscope, Phonograph record, Platter, Printout, Punch cards, Punched tape, Reader, Readout, Recorder, Relay register, Scoreboard, Scorecard, Scoresheet, Slip, Tape, Tape reader, Teletypewriter, Ticker tape, Videotape

How to use Magnetic tape in a sentence?

  1. Although the earliest productions were broadcast live, the development of recording discs, magnetic tape, and, eventually, digital tape enabled increasingly sophisticated editing of productions.

Meaning of Magnetic tape & Magnetic tape Definition