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Craig Parkinson. In his career as an actor, Craig Parkinson has consistently defied expectations and re-invented himself as he’s moved from job to job. From his role as Tommy Goodfellas dog painting, Lee Royce on the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks to his time in the West End theatre production of Mamma Mia!, Parkinson has proven himself to be an extremely versatile performer. The Scottish-born actor currently stars in one of the most highly-rated television shows of all time, Breaking Bad, playing the role of Hank Schrader.

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  1. Craig Parkinson, who first gained recognition for his role as Neal Jorden in the Red Riding trilogy, is a native of Pontefract in West Yorkshire.

  2. He has appeared in numerous television shows throughout his career and more recently had a starring role in Paul McGuigan’s film Wondrous Oblivion alongside Oscar winner Natalie Portman.

  3. He began his career as a young actor and studied at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. He has made guest appearances on many television shows such as New Tricks, and Miss Marple and has also featured in notable films such as Red Riding Trilogy and Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife. However, he is most known for his role as David Fisher in Ashes to Ashes which ran from 2008-2010.

  4. Craig’s talent for making his on-screen character really stand out amongst a cast of powerful and well-known actors has been evident from his early roles.

  5. Whether it be in Injustice, where he played a character who just doesn’t fit in or The Experiment, where he was one of four people held captive by researchers to study human behaviour – he always finds himself playing someone whose personality simply is not compatible with other characters around him.

Craig Parkinson (born 11 March 1976) is an English actor and podcaster.
He is perhaps best known for his roles as Shaun in the E4 series Misfits,
Occupation: Actor, podcaster

Have Fun!

  • Craig Parkinson spent a decade in two British soap operas. We were doing four or five episodes a week, and it was not easy to learn that fast, he says. I didn’t give myself time to be creative. If you don’t have fun doing it, you won’t do a good job.

  • Once he started to enjoy acting again, he met a director who encouraged him to be more ambitious about what he wanted to do. It led him on a path that took him to some very interesting places. With an education in classical theatre, Craig began working in theatre productions and movies like Hallam Foe, where he was nominated for best actor at Sundance.

  • After that, he went on to work with some Hollywood powerhouses in movies like Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Craig still has fun with acting—like a recent role in The Imitation Game, where he played legendary cryptographer Alan Turing’s colleague Peter Hilton.

  • Although it was his first time playing a real person, it wasn’t anything new for him to step outside his comfort zone and challenge himself to play someone not only different from himself but also very much out of his generation.

Look Out For The Subtle Details

Craig Parkinson has always been one to challenge himself, and his roles in his new film might just be his biggest challenge yet. Parkinson has taken on a completely different role than that of Shaun Dooley, who he portrayed in The Mark of Cain, and Shameless. He has stepped outside of his comfort zone and immersed himself into that one role; something that would have seemed unlikely only a few years ago.

This film is a new challenge for Parkinson and he has been commended for it, with one critic saying that his performance was better than Jack O’Connell in '71, who won Best Male Newcomer at both BIFA Awards and British Independent Film Awards.

His sensitive portrayal is one that leaves you on edge for the entire film. It is about a group of army men who are on night patrol when they accidentally murder an innocent man. This eventually leads to devastating consequences, leaving their lives changed forever.

The psychological thriller tackles many sensitive issues such as rape, PTSD and mental health. As with any character that is unlike you, it takes a while to get inside of their head and portray them in a believable way. This film was certainly a challenge for Parkinson, but he truly delivered on screen. From start to finish his performance is outstanding.

Remember To Laugh

  • Parkinson is an actor who has stepped outside of his comfort zone. He tried out for a role that he felt wasn’t quite him and then when it came down to it, decided to go for it and take his chances with no regrets. If I hadn’t taken that chance, who knows where I would be right now? he said in an interview.

  • The role he took a chance on was in one of Channel 4’s most popular sitcoms, Peep Show. It’s a comedy show that chronicles two 20-something-year-old lads and their lives. The main characters, Jeremy (Robert Webb) and Mark (David Mitchell), are two young men who live together in London, work together in an accountancy firm, smoke too much weed, and have incredibly difficult love lives.

  • Parkinson is a key character in Peep Show as Super Hans, an uber-macho man with a thick accent who rides his motorbike everywhere he goes. After trying out for and winning a role in Peep Show, it was obvious that Parkinson had to be able to do more than play one character.

Stay in Character

  1. When filming, Craig always stays in character. This allows him to remain in touch with his character and develop a natural rapport with everyone around him. Craig feels that by staying in character on set, he can better connect with other cast members and crew members, resulting in a more genuine performance. Craig also knows that when he is off-set, it’s important to stay in his own skin rather than live as Philip Granger, an ideal man who can do no wrong.

  2. Craig Craig believes that it’s just as important to stay in character off-set as it is on-set. By remaining true to who he really is, Craig believes he can maintain authenticity and spontaneity. For example, a director once told Craig that they wanted him to cry while filming a scene—something that wasn’t exactly in character for Philip Granger.

  3. However, at that moment, Craig didn’t think about Philip Granger. Instead, he thought about how his girlfriend had broken up with him several months before. By tapping into his real-life emotions in a spontaneous manner, Craig was able to bring even more authenticity to his character during filming.

Craig Parkinson’s height

  • Craig Parkinson is a tall man. Craig has played characters in TV shows and movies ranging from average to tall, which means he has needed to change his height as an actor on more than one occasion. However, it also provides you with more opportunities than most other actors.

  • Craig is 6 feet and 4 inches (1.93 m) tall. In fact, he was originally supposed to play the Terminator in Terminator Genisys but had to turn it down because it required him to wear shoes with a 5-inch heel and stand at least 6 feet and 9 inches tall, which would have made him taller than Arnold Schwarzenegger. He instead played a different role in which he got to keep his real height!

  • Craig’s height is quite useful for playing a wide range of roles in movies and TV. His debut role was in a short film called. The Big Kahuna, where he played an average-sized guy, but since then he has gone on to play some taller characters too.

  • He played a tall man who fell from an aeroplane in Coronation Street (2016), another tall guy in Happy Valley (2016) and a Tall Order villain called Ban-Go who was also 6 feet 4 inches tall.

Craig Parkinson movies and tv shows

  1. Craig Parkinson is an award-winning British actor. Craig was born in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, and grew up in Dronfield, South Yorkshire, where he attended Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School. He received a degree in History from Liverpool University and later studied acting at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art).

  2. His first big role came when he starred opposite Sir Ian McKellen in A Rather English Marriage as one half of a couple.

  3. He later went on to star in Born Equal, which was shown at a film festival in Venice and received a special mention by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. His next movie was called The Accidental Husband, where he starred opposite Uma Thurman. The Accidental Husband proved to be another huge success for Craig as it was premiered at number one on September 27, 2008, in Australia.

  4. In 2008, Craig starred in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day with Frances McDormand and Amy Adams. The movie was based on a novel by Winifred Watson and directed by Bharat Nalluri.

  5. Craig worked alongside Kate Beckinsale in 2009 as well when he portrayed William Fox Talbot in a TV film called A Scandalous Adventure. It featured Ed Westwick and Catherine McCormack as Charles Darwin and Emma Wedgwood respectively.


Originally from Melbourne, Craig has had a pretty incredible journey to where he is today. Starting with small roles in TV shows, landing a role on Shortland Street and then working alongside huge stars like George Clooney, it’s hard to believe that Craig hasn’t yet hit 40 years old. He’s an actor who has stepped outside of the box and chosen his own career path instead of following what was expected. Read on to find out how he did it!

Craig parkinson

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some points to know.

What do you know about his life?

Here are a few things you might want to know about Craig before meeting him. He’s 1.82m tall and not afraid to admit he’s slightly taller than 5’11. That’s his height in shoes, of course. Craig was born on December 18th, 1975, in Manchester and moved to Bolton when he was 2 years old.

What was his profession?

Craig is a self-proclaimed film geek and has always loved films. He was just three years old when he started collecting Star Wars figures and his interest in movies only grew from there. At school, he took part in drama classes because he enjoyed being on stage. It wasn’t until later that he realized there were better opportunities to pursue as an actor.
Since then, Craig has filmed over 200 TV shows and films but that doesn’t mean it’s been plain sailing.

How much he study?

After studying at Manchester University, Craig got his first major role in a drama series called Heartbeat in 1999. It was then that he began to branch out and take up roles on comedy shows such as Peep Show, Green Wing and more recently, Mum. In 2016, Craig took on his most important role yet as Detective Inspector James Hathaway in a TV series based on crime novels written by Lynda La Plante.

What was his show name?

The show is set in London and follows Hathaway and his partner DS Annie Redford, played by Laura Haddock. Craig describes it as a sexy, gritty murder mystery with lots of twists and turns. It’s definitely worth watching if you like crime thrillers! The success of his current role has led to Craig being dubbed one of ‘the UK’s finest actors’ by many industry insiders.

By what age did he start acting?

It’s hard to believe that Craig has only been acting for just over 16 years. He started his career in Manchester with a local youth theatre group called Moving Experiences, where he took up stage fighting and played bit parts. After studying drama at university, he was cast in a major role on Heartbeat followed by roles on several other TV shows and films.

His role in the tv shows?

Craig hasn’t just been successful on screen but also off it. He’s played roles in many critically acclaimed stage plays, most notably a part in Macbeth at Manchester Royal Exchange. He’s also received several awards for his work both as an actor and as a producer, which is no surprise given that he’s worked on over 100 productions throughout his career.

For what he was given an award?

Craig was nominated for several awards for his leading role in Manchester By The Sea including Best Male Newcomer at London Film Critics Circle, British Independent Film Awards and Evening Standard Awards. He is also a member of both BAFTA and the National Television Academy.


At the end of this article, you will successfully like to know who is a Craig Parkinson.He is an actor who has stepped outside of his box and ventured into directing with a style all his own. Craig was born in LiverpoolFull highlights, England on March 15th 1971. Craig’s father was also an actor but he died when Craig was only four years old. His mother raised him alone and he had little contact with other children because she didn’t want him exposed to anything negative or dangerous.

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