Boosie Net Worth

Boosie net worth is $800 Thousand. Boosie Badazz, often known as Lil Boosie, is a Louisiana-born American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, and executive.

lil boosie net worth

Lil Boosie Net Worth

By Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated net worth of Boosie Badazz is $800,000. As a member of the rap group Concentration Camp, he made his name in the 1990s.

BadAzz Entertainment, his own record company, was established in 2008. It’s been reported that Boosie plans to sue Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for $20 million in December 2020. Instagram, controlled by the same firm as Facebook, has blocked the celebrity.

He said that the prohibition had cost him a great deal of money. According to Boosie, he may have lost as much as $20 million in possible business opportunities. However, no legal action was ever taken in response to the case.

Name Lil Boosie
Net Worth $800 Thousand
Date of Birth 14 November 1982
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 5 in
Profession Rapper
Nationality United States of America
Age 39 years old

Salary of Lil Boosie

In his job, he is known as the “rapper.” Because of his love of music, this makes him a lot of money in his job. As of 2022, Lil will be at school. Bооsiе has an estimated worth of about $5 million.

If you like music, you might want to get into rapping. But until after he got fired, he didn’t get into it. It was 2002 when he released his first four albums. They were all called Fоr My Thugz. He did well with them.

As a separate thing from the releases of albums, the rapper began ВаdAzz is interesting, and it is identified as a record label company that has been in touch with art and video. There are three things: Lоссо, DONKEY and Lее Bаnks.

The rapper has been working for eight years in a Louisiana state prison, and now it is making people guilty of drug crimes. This is not the first time this has happened. It was when he was in class that he released his fourth album, which was called ‘Incarcerated.’

This is one of the rappers who rise to prominence and keep the shame in check through many of his albums. The way he lived at first is that he lived in the poorest part of town. Later on, he worked hard and became rich, making millions.


Lil Boosie’s net worth is estimated to be at $800,000 as of 2022. Louisiana-based rapper, songwriter, actor, producer, and executive Lil Boosie or Boosie Badazz or just Boosie is known as Lil Boosie. He started rapping in the 1990s as a member of the hip hop group Concentration Camp, and in 2000 he released his first album, Youngest of da Camp, to launch a solo career in hip hop.

Boosie Personal Life

Here are some basic information related to Boosie’s personal life:

  • Boosie Badazz is a rapper from the United States, born on November 14, 1982. Torrence Ivy Hatch Jr., better known by his stage moniker Lil Boosie, is his true name.

  • With a group called Concentration Camp, Boosie first started rapping in the 1990s.

  • His first solo album, Youngest of da Camp, was published in the year 2000.

  • Since then, he’s put out seven albums in the studio.

  • Due to drug and firearms accusations, Boosie received a four-year jail term in 2009. First-degree murder charges were filed against him in 2010; he was sentenced to ten years in prison on several narcotics possession offenses.

  • Incarcerated, his album recorded while he was incarcerated, was his fourth studio album.

  • Boosie obtained his high school equivalency diploma is incarcerated.

  • As of 2014, Boosie has been out of jail for a year.

  • His stage name became Boosie Badazz when he was released from jail.

  • After renaming himself Touch Down 2 Cause ■■■■ in 2015, he released his debut album under the new moniker.

  • The album peaked at number three on the Billboard 200 and number two on the US Rap and R&B charts.

  • His latest album, titled BooPac, was published in 2017.

  • In House, his sophomore album was released in 2020.

Early Life

On November 2, 1982, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he was given the name Torrence Hatch. Lil Boosie grew up in a hazardous part of town. There were times when local cops were afraid to even enter the area. After the death of his father, Boosie was raised without a father figure. When he was barely 14 years old, Boosie started rapping as a way to escape the violence he saw every day and the chaotic family he lived in.

Rapping Career

On Billboard’s R&B charts, “Youngest Of Da Camp” peaked at number 96 in 2000. For My Thugz" was his second album, released in 2002. ‘BadAzz,’ his third album, peaked at number one on the Billboard rap albums list in 2006.

BadAzz Entertainment was founded by Lil Boosie in 2008. After being jailed on drug charges, he released his fourth album, “Incarcerated,” from prison. Boosie also completed his GED while doing time in jail. He was freed early in March of this year.

In the same year, he adopted the moniker “Boosie Badazz” for himself. “Touch Down 2 Cause ■■■■,” his first album under his new moniker, was released in 2015. Rap and R&B sales were up, and the Billboard 200 list had the album at number three. Besides “BooPac,” he has published numerous more albums, including “In House” for 2020.

Consequences of Legal Action

Several times, Boosie has been arrested and imprisoned. In 2010, he was charged with murder in the first degree and narcotics distribution with the intent to distribute. “At least five more killings” were subsequently stated by prosecutors as a possible link to Boosie. His conviction on the murder charge was overturned in favor of a guilty verdict on the drugs counts. Eight years in jail were handed down to him.

In 2014, his lawyers were successful in proving that Boosie had been set up by informants, and he was allowed to leave jail.


When Boosie made disrespectful remarks about Dwyane Wade’s 12-year-old daughter, who had come out as transgender, he was roundly attacked in February 2020.

Video of him boasting about hiring an adult lady to perform an pornographic act on his young nephew was posted on Instagram in May 2020 but has since been taken down.

Lil Nas X’s anti-transgender diatribe by Boosie in October 2021 brought him back into the spotlight. Lil Nas X took his own life as a result of the tweet.


A well-known American rapper and actor by the name of Torrence Hatch Jr. known as Lil Boosie and Boosie Badazz is Torrence Hatch Jr, better known as Lil Boosie. Born on November 14, 1982, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Boosie was raised by his mother, Connie Hatch, who is also his manager and mentor. As far back as he can remember, Boosie Badazz has been rapping. First came “youngest of da Camp” in 2000, which established a long and successful career in American music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to Boosie:

1. How much money does Lil Boosie have in 2021?

Introduction. Lil Boosie is estimated to be worth $800,000 by the year 2022. Louisiana-based rapper, songwriter, actor, producer, and executive Lil Boosie or Boosie Badazz or just Boosie is known as Lil Boosie.

2. What’s the deal with Lil Boosie’s modest net worth?

Rapper/record label owner: This number is an amalgamation of his two occupations. The Billboard charts have seen numerous of Boosie’s albums, such as “BadAzz,” and “Touch Down 2 Cause ■■■■,” make it into the top ten throughout the years.

3. What is ASAP Rocky’s net worth?

The net worth of ASAP Rocky. Rapper and record producer Rakim Athelaston Mayers, better known as ASAP Rocky, has a fortune estimated at $10 million. On October 3, 1988, he was born in New York City.

4. In terms of money, how much is Rick Ross worth?

It’s estimated that Rick Ross has an estimated net worth of $45 million. With over 100 million albums and singles sold across the globe, Rick Astley has made a name for himself.

5. How much is NBA Youngboy worth?

In 2020, he is expected to have a net worth of $11.9 million. It is quite likely that he will be well-off because of his music career. Billboard ranked him as the fourth-highest-paid rapper of 2020 in 2021.

6. What’s the net worth of musician Gucci Mane?

Introduction. Gucci Mane’s net worth is estimated to be over $12 million as of 2022. 1017 Records founder Gucci Mane is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. In addition to T.I. and Young Jeezy, he was instrumental in exposing trap music to a wider audience.

7. What is net worth?

Individuals, organizations, industries, and even nations may all have a net worth, which is a numerical assessment of their worth. A company’s net worth is a snapshot of its present financial status. Net worth, often known as book value or shareholders’ equity, is a term used in the business world.

8. How much money does Taylor Swift have?

Swift’s vengeance maneuvers enabled her to land in the top 10, even though her catalog was notoriously sold out under her. In the last year, she’s reissued two of her previous albums.

9. What is the net value of 50?

His net worth is expected to be $30 million in 2022, a significant decrease from prior years when Forbes put his net worth at $150 million. “What is this?” New York-born rapper 50 Cent, better known by his stage name Curtis Jackson, is a multi-talented artist, producer, actor, and entrepreneur.

10. How much money does Chris Brown have in 2019?

Chris Brown’s net worth is at $50 million, making him one of the wealthiest hip-hop musicians of the last decade or so, and he has had tremendous success as a performer and producer.


Rapper Lil Boosie is well-known in the United States. Even though he had a rough childhood, he was motivated to succeed since he had a natural knack for rapping. Hip-hop heavyweights like Webbie, Bun B, and Yung Joc have worked with the trendsetting rapper. Lill Boosie’s estimated net worth is $800 thousand as of 2022.

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