Adore Me Net Worth

Adore Me Net Worth globally is $319.7 Million. Adore Me is a New York City-based women’s undergarments firm. Morgan Hermand-Waiche founded the firm in 2010 while an MBA student at Harvard Business School.

Adore Me Net Worth

Adore Me Monthly Net Worth

Adore Me month-by-month earnings projections are given below.

1. $ 2 in April 2022
2. $ 5 in March 2022
3. $ 0 in February 2022
4. $ 0 in January 2022
5. $ 2 in December 2021
6. $ 5 in November 2021
7. $ 4 in October 2021
8. $ 5 in September 2021
9. $ 2 in August 2021
10. $ 2 in July 2021
11. $ 3 in June 2021
12. $ 4 in May 2021
13. $ 2 in April 2021
14. $ 2 in March 2021
15. $ 5 in February 2021
16. $ 6 in October 2020
17. $ 6 in September 2020
18. $ 6 in August 2020
19. $ 5 in July 2020

History Of Adore Me

Morgan Hermand-Waiche is the founder of Adore Me. When he couldn’t locate underwear that was both good quality and inexpensive during his second year at Harvard Business School’s M.B.A degree in 2010, he got the idea to create a lingeriie firm.

Prior to Adore Me, Hermand-Waiche worked for three years at McKinsey & Company, a management consulting company. It was there that he met Romain Liot, who would later join him at Adore Me. Gary Bravard was a co-founder from the beginning.

Hermand-Harvard Waiche’s professors as well as angel capitalists Fabrice Grinda and Jose Marin were among the first investors in Adore Me. In March of 2012, the firm established its website.

In the same year, Redhills Ventures, Jaina Capital, Ventech Capital, and other US angel investors invested $2.5 million in Adore Me’s second round of fundraising. In its first year of operation, Adore Me is said to have sold 100,000 goods.

Adore Me got $8.5 million from investors in a Series B round of fundraising in July 2013. Upfront Ventures, Redhills Ventures, and Mousse Partners were among the investors. Adore Me was named the second fastest-growing private retail firm on the Inc. 5000 list in 2014, based on $5.6 million in sales in 2013.

In 2014, they sold $16.2 million worth of merchandise. Adore Me was placed #9 on Crain’s New York’s 50 Fastest-Growing Companies list in 2016. In 2016, revenue was $83.9 million.

Adore Me was selected to the Inc. 5000 list for the third time in four years in 2017 and was designated one of the Internet Retailer Top 1000 firms by DigitalCommerce360. Adore Me has 121 full-time workers as of 2017.

Services And Products Of Adore Me

Lingeriie, sleepwear, swimwear, and associated items, including plus sizes, were first available from Adore Me. Adore Me debuted an activewear line in October 2016, with sizes spanning from tiny to large.

Adore Me stated in April 2017 that they have introduced their biggest swim collection to date, with 88 items for ladies of all sizes. Helen Mears, the current director of design, formerly worked at Victoria’s Secret as the chief designer of the Angels line.

In terms of cost and fast-fashion manufacture, the company has been likened to Zara. Adore Me’s items are mostly sold online. Customers browse in customized “showrooms,” where they may buy things a la carte or as part of a monthly membership called “VIP Membership.”

Adore Me debuted its Bijou Collection in December 2017. Fabrics like velvet and French lace, as well as gold branding plates and piercings, were utilized in this high-end designer collection.

Adore Me’s product categories included bras, sleepwear, gifts, sportswear, corsets, and bralettes as of July 2021. Customers are recommended goods and sizes based on a style questionnaire and accompanying algorithm.

Expansion Of Adore Me Into The Retail Sector

Adore Me established its first retail location as a showcase at its offices in New York City in April 2016. Adore Me teamed with Nordstrom in June 2016 to start selling goods in their stores and on their e-commerce site.

Adore Me has teamed with Lord & Taylor in October 2016 to start selling goods in the Manhattan flagship store and online. In June of 2018, Adore Me inaugurated its first permanent physical and mortar retail location.

The first shop opened at Staten Island Mall, New York, in collaboration with Brookfield. The shop also offers “smart” dressing rooms: an Adore Me client may activate the dressing-room display screen by hanging an item with a radio frequency identification tag on the dress in her room.

It will show the item selected in great detail, including a product photograph, as well as the size run and color options available. Adore Me launched its second retail location in Bridgewater Commons Mall, Bridgewater, NJ, on Black Friday, 2018, at 6 a.m. ET.

The shop is 3,600 square feet, more than double the size of its original location, which debuted in June 2018 at Staten Island Mall in New York City’s Staten Island borough. To enhance interaction with the environment, the bigger shop has lounge spaces.

Lawrence Group, located in New York City, created both storefronts. According to reports from 2018, the firm aimed to establish 300 outlets over the next five years.

In April of this year, Adore Me established its third retail outlet in Providence, Rhode Island’s Providence Place Mall. In Willow brook, New Jersey, a fourth site opened in May 2019. Brookfield Properties owns both of these properties.


Adore Me is a New York City-based women’s underwear firm. Morgan Hermand-Waiche founded the firm in 2010 while an MBA student at Harvard Business School. Gary Bravard and Romain Liot were co-founders of Adore Me. The company’s director of design formerly worked at Victoria’s Secret as the chief designer of the Angels line.

Brands From The Adore Me Group

The year 2019 began with a flurry of acquisitions and the creation of new brands. Belabumbum, a maternity brand, was bought by Adore Me in February 2019.

“The purchase was part of Adore Me’s goal to stimulate additional development by widening the product offering to satisfy new seasons of a woman’s life,” according to Adore Me. For expectant and new mums, Belabumbum provides intimate attire, sleep, leisure, and activewear.

Adore Me launched its first satellite brand, Walkpop, in June 2019. Walkpop is a legwear company that sells a variety of sizes, styles, and skin tones of legwear, leggings, tights, and socks. Jorja, Adore Me’s period p*nty brand, debuted in January 2020.

The pants are available in sizes XS-4X. Jorja intends to bring more pleasure to “that time of the month” with bright colors, whimsical patterns, simple use, and a substantially lower environmental effect than plastic tampons and pads with the slogan “The Happy Period P*nties.”

The company also intends to make period products more accessible to m*nstruation persons in the United States who are poor. They do this via low prices and product contributions.

Campaigns For Branding

During International Women’s Day and the month of March 2019, Adore Me teamed up with Girls Inc., a non-profit organization that provides support, mentorship, and counseling to young women. Adore Me donated 100% of the revenue from a series of underwear with female-empowering patterns to Girls Inc.

In 2018, Adore Me collaborated with New York-based photographer Aude Adrien on an artistic picture series spotlighting Adore Me employees and their tales of how they got to where they are today, what drives them, and how they define empowerment.

Appearances On Television

In the last season of Project Runway: All-Stars, the episode Adore Me was featured. Helen Mears, Adore Me’s Head Designer, presented the challenge for the third episode. The task was to design an ensemble that used innerwear as outerwear, notably a corset.

After the program aired, Christina Exie won the challenge and had her winning corset sold on AdoreMe dot com.

Expansion Of adoring Me Into Other Countries

Until 2017, Adore Me predominantly served the North American market, shipping to all 50 states, as well as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Adore Me officially announced its expansion to start selling in China in September 2018. ShopShops, an interactive Livestream platform, and global shopping marketplace service has been used to introduce the brand’s items.

Technology Of Adore Me

For its mobile and desktop websites, Adore Me was one of the first stores to employ Google’s Angular technology, a JavaScript-based, open-source front-end web application framework.

In order to generate a “tailored purchasing experience,” Adore Me uses data from its Style Quiz to produce a “customized shopping experience.”

1. Adore Me received a Nexty award for ‘Best Use of Data in Marketing’ in 2018.

2. Adore Me is the creator of New York Hearts IT (NYHT), an NYC-based network for tech businesses.

3. Kubernetes, an open-source framework for managing the deployment, scaling, and administration of containerized applications, is used by Adore Me in its proprietary software solutions.

4. Adore Me was an early user of the system and holds monthly events for other practitioners in their European headquarters with the goal of sharing information about developing technology.

Models Of Adore Me

Within the Adore, Me brand, “body positivity” and “inclusivity” have been pushed.

They’ve collaborated with models including Iskra Lawrence, a body-positive spokesmodel, and Nina Agdal, a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated; Adore Me collaborated with plus model Sophie Tweed-Simmons in 2016.

Services I Adore (AMS)

Adore Me has its own distribution facility, Adore Me Services (AMS), in Secaucus, New Jersey, which it owns and runs. In January of this year, the brand built a new distribution hub. The new facility, according to Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Adore Me founder & CEO, will help with product fulfillment to outlets.

The establishment of AMS was part of the company’s second phase of worldwide expansion. A high-density robotic storage and order picking system are combined with automated put walls and conveyor belts in this solution.

Customer Service Is Important

On, user reviews are accessible and available for each product, supporting shoppers in determining product fit, contentment, and more.

1. In 2017 and 2018, Adore Me earned Retail TouchPoints’ ‘Customer Engagement Awards.’

2. During Customer Contact Week, the brand received the Excellence Award for Best in 2018 Class Omnichannel Experience.

3. The firm launched a hybrid bot on its website in December 2017. Customers of Adore Me may get live service through numerous chat channels thanks to the hybrid bot.

Many consumers have protested about the company’s usage of the contentious technique of negative option invoicing in its early days. Customers at Adore Me may either pay full price for a product or join a membership club to get a significant discount on the same goods.

Customers have then invoiced a certain sum each month unless they purchased linger*e or opted out for the month. Customers have found it difficult to terminate their subscription, despite the fact that it is possible.

Following a Federal Trade Commission inquiry into Adore Me’s misleading billing practices, the firm agreed to return up to $1.38 million in-store credits to consumers who had previously lost them and to fully state how much buyers would spend on its monthly subscription plan.

Adore Me announced the establishment of its scholarship program in 2017, providing a $1,000 award to women pursuing a business degree. Female students who had launched their own business or planned to do so in the future were given awards by the corporation.


For International Women’s Day, Adore Me collaborated with Girls Inc. For its mobile and desktop websites, Adore Me was one of the first businesses to use Google’s Angular technology. Using ShopShops, an interactive Livestream platform, and a global buying marketplace service, the company creates a “customized shopping experience” based on data from its Style Quiz.

Pros And Cons Of Adore Me


1. There are several designs to select from if you want to feel confident and seductive.

2. You may try on clothes in the comfort of your own home and choose from a wide choice of sizes.

3. Curations from stylists that are guaranteed to surprise and delight


1. Some MSA consumers have lately complained about bad customer support.

2. In the first few of delivery, sizes may be off.

3. Some styles don’t seem to be of sufficient quality for the price.

Is Adore Me a Good Investment?

Adore Me is a terrific place to go if you want to try new designs of intimates, swimwear, or linger*e advised by skilled stylists. The opportunity to try things on at home makes the process less unpleasant and lets you determine whether they’re suited for you.

Adore Me may not be suited for you if you like more toned-down trends, merely require more basic everyday wear, or are seeking a more economical choice. If you’re new to subscriptions in general, Adore Me’s customer care may be more difficult to deal with if anything goes wrong with one of your delivery.

Adore Me Popular Intimates Subscriptions

Wantable Sleep & Body Edits vs. Adore Me:

1. Both of these memberships include a $20 styling charge that is applied to the cost of any products you retain, with free returns on anything you don’t.

2. Wantable sends you 7 individual products, each of which is priced separately and is typically extremely reasonable, as opposed to Adore Me’s 3-5 entire sets, each of which costs $39 or more.

3. Wantable focuses on comfort and everyday wear, but Adore Me includes more daring and sexier selections.

Compared To Savage X Fenty

Compared to Savage X Fenty, which provides a VIP membership with different bonuses and special discounts, but is otherwise simply a recurring payment of $49.95 that gives you a shop credit, Adore Me is a curated subscription where sets are shipped to you every month and you purchase what you retain.

SFX also provides discounted monthly curations by Rihanna or another famous guest but does not ship anything you don’t purchase. SFX offers a Considerably broader choice of options for men and women, from casual to daring.

Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask the following questions.

1. Is it true Adore me is a good company?

The brand’s goal is to help every woman feel beautiful and discover a great fit, regardless of size or body type. Adore Me is a legitimate and reliable company. Since its inception in 2011, the firm has shown its validity and dependability to a large number of consumers.

2. Is Adore me from China?

Adore Me is a linger*e e-commerce firm situated in New York City that employs 200 people in the United States and Europe. Morgan Hermand-Waiche founded the firm while still an MBA student at Harvard Business School.

3. Is there a monthly charge for Adore me?

Adore Me packages start at $24.95, but you may pay more or skip the month completely to avoid the $39.95 monthly price being charged to your credit card. If you don’t miss a month, this credit will be credited to your account for use on your next purchase and will never expire.

4. Are the bras from Adore me supportive?

It’s quite soft and cozy. For a bra with no underwire, it’s really supportive." —Colleen C., Ph.D. It’s available at Adore Me: $24.95 with VIP membership for the first time, or $39.95 without (originally $59.95).

5. Is Adore Me a true-to-size brand?

The underwear was also quite comfy and sized well. Because I have a short torso, I sometimes have issues with my underwear riding up too high, but these were great. When I wore this bra, I had a little discomfort problem. This was my first time wearing a balconette bra.

6. Is Adore Me made in the United States?

We’re thrilled you inquired! While we develop and fit our goods in-house in New York, we source and manufacture them with a small, trusted network of suppliers in Asia and Europe.

7. Is adore me a secure website?

The Better Business Bureau has given the firm an F rating after receiving more than 560 complaints. Many customers claim they were charged a monthly membership after acquiring bras and underwear from the site and had trouble canceling or receiving refunds.

8. Is it difficult to end Adore Me?

You may always call and cancel your Adore Me VIP membership. Request cancellation by calling +1 (800) 433 2367, and don’t forget to ask for an email confirmation of the cancellation.

9. What is Adore Me’s pay-as-you-go model?

Our one-time purchase option is the Pay As You Go option. Shoppers pay the indicated price, which may be subject to discounts or specials, and get free shipping and exchanges as part of their VIP Membership in the United States. You will be enrolled in a flexible, active membership with several advantages if you pick the VIP membership at checkout.

10. Is Adore Me able to refill items?

Some goods are replenished, but not all. We recommend getting the outfit you’ve been eyeing before it sells out in your size! Don’t be hesitant to act if you see something fantastic! We offer a new linger*e collection every month if you miss a specific set.


Adore Me has a global net worth of $319.7 million dollars. Adore Me is a women’s underwear company established in New York City. While an MBA student at Harvard Business School, Morgan Hermand-Waiche launched the firm in 2010.

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