Body Wave Perm

Body wave perm. Body wave perm features the loose curls that you form on your hair to make it wavy rather than curly. During the perming process, we employ the larger rollers in this scenario. You’ll start to produce gentle, loose waves. This style is long-lasting, although the waves will become tighter and more developed over time. Then, after a month or two, it starts to loosen up even more.

Body Wave Perm:

Our hair textures, lengths, and volume are all distinct. If you want extra volume, though, the easiest approach to style your hair is to generate waves. Nonetheless, you should be aware of how you want to care for your hair.

The loose curls you develop on your hair to make it wavy rather than curly are featured in a body wave perm. During the perming process, we employ the larger rollers in this scenario. You’ll start to produce gentle, loose waves. This style is long-lasting, although the waves will become tighter and more developed over time. Then, after a month or two, it starts to loosen up even more.

What Is A Perm?

Perm is another name for the permanent wave. It’s a type of hair treatment that results in tight or loose waves and curls. As a result, various perming solutions decide the output.

Although most pioneers claim the operation is merely temporary, it is important to emphasize that it is in some ways permanent. Because you’ll be altering the texture with chemicals, the hair that sprouts from the roots will be curly or wavy rather than straight.

Why Perm Your Hair?

There are numerous reasons why someone may desire to perm their hair.

The hair will look much better

If you’re wary of wearing your hair straight, anything that will make it look different will be appreciated. To obtain good-looking waves, most individuals choose perm.

Sometimes I believe it is our mental images of how we would look with permed hair that motivates us to perm our hair.

Creates volume

Natural wavy hair can be styled in a way that makes the hair appear thicker. If all you need is volume, perm will suffice. If you have thin hair, this style will add volume to it.

Reduces the styling time

This is a style in and of itself. As a result, you simply need to brush it now and then. As a result, you won’t need to curl your hair with a curling iron or use perm rods every night before bed. The waves are already there.

Things to Know Before the Perm

It’s fine if you decide to perm your hair, but there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started.

Check your hair, is it in good condition?

This is crucial since it determines the validity of the perm. It also determines whether or not the hair will stay in good shape. It’s not a good idea to perm your hair if it’s unhealthy. This will exacerbate the problem.

Perm is best applied on bare hair

If you’ve already bleached or chemically treated your hair, perming it will cause harm. Remember that every chemical treatment weakens your hair, so make sure the perm is the first one you try.

You will go back to straight if you wish

It’s not so much a permanent style as it is a permanent look. You can straighten things out if you want to. It will take some time, but once your hair has grown out, you will be able to generate straight hair. It’s important to remember that the perm can be washed out.

If you do decide to use straighteners, make sure to use a heat protectant during the procedure. Otherwise, avoid using straighteners or any other heat source.

No chemical treatment before and after the perm

After using the treatment on your hair, it is already weak. As a result, you should avoid the therapies for at least a month before and after.

There will be a change in your hair care routine

You’ve switched up your hairstyle. As a result, the products you use will change. Expect to not be able to use the same products as before. Invest in shampoos, conditioners, oils, and sprays designed for people who have had their hair treated.

Make a list of things you can use on your hair by conducting research.

Are you committed?

This style necessitates dedication. You don’t expect to see a difference right away. It will take a few days to complete. As a result, give it some time to notice the differences in the hairs.

Make sure you have enough time to complete the procedure. You will not do this during your lunch hour and then rush back to work. The entire procedure takes roughly 3 hours.

Sorry, if you’re like me and don’t want too much commitment in your hair, this won’t work for you. If you don’t take care of your perm, you’ll lose all of your hair.

Don‘t wash that hair right after the perm

I understand that some of you wash your natural hair daily. However, do not wash your hair immediately after a perm. It will bring you a great deal of harm. For the next 48 hours, leave the hair alone. After then, you can wash it because it’s finished.

Have a good conditioner

Perms frequently cause hair damage. As a result, be sure you’re using the correct conditioner for the job. Remember that the perm is extremely drying on its own, so you’ll need to apply a conditioner to keep it moisturized.

How Does the Perm Work?

We all adore curls, particularly if we were born with straight hair. Have you ever thought about how it works?

You should be aware that keratin is the most important component of hair, and it is this that is altered to change the texture.

As a result, the keratin contains the amino acid cysteine. The reactive sulfur atoms are subsequently added to this amino product. Disulfide bonds are formed when two keratin molecules are combined.

As a result, the perm’s curl pattern is determined by this disulfide bond. It’s easier to disrupt the binding using external chemicals than it is to break the keratin molecule.

The cold perm involves rolling the hair into curlers and then applying the reduction agent. The disulfide bonds will break in a few minutes, and the hair keratin molecules will be liberated.

As a result, the reducing chemical alters the structure of hair strands, causing them to curl. The neutralizer is then employed to bring the process to a halt. In most cases, it then reverses the lowering drugs’ effects.

You create new disulfide bonds in the process, which lock the hair into curly or wavy shapes. The effects of various reducing agents are determined.


The loose curls you develop on your hair to make it wavy rather than curly are featured in a body wave perm. Perming is another name for the permanent wave. It’s fine if you decide to perm your hair, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

How to Perm the Hair

To begin, you must examine the hair’s stature. Confirm that the hair is healthy and capable of handling the various chemical compositions. You’ll have to wait for the hair to recover its strength if it’s been overprocessed.

If the hair is healthy, however, you can proceed with the treatment straight immediately. Allow at least 3 hours for the entire procedure.

Prepping the hair

You start by washing your hair with the appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Part the hair into parts before curling or rolling it. Always double-check that you’ve rolled all of your hair over the rollers.

Apply the ointment to your hairline to protect yourself from any potential burns. When using rollers, keep in mind that the thickness of the rollers will influence whether your hair is curly or wavy. Use the heavy rollers if you want waves.

Apply the perm solution

The application of ammonia thioglycolate is the next critical step (perm solution). It should be applied to all of the hair rods.

It works because it restructures the shaft by opening the cuticles. As previously stated, it does so by disrupting the disulfide bonds. It will take at least 10 minutes to complete.

The neutralizer

After you’ve finished using the perm solution, rinse your hair with warm water. The hydrogen peroxide solution can then be used to establish the new shape of your hair. The neutralizer’s job is to re-establish the disulfide bond.

Remove the rollers after some time has passed. Use enough neutralizer to stop the perming process as well. After that, wait three to five minutes before rinsing your hair.

Washing the hair

Remember that once you’ve finished perming, you’ll get a variety of effects. You should only wash your perm after 48 hours if it is still fresh. This keeps the disulfide connections in place, even if they later grow out.

How Long Will the Body Wave Perm Last?

The perm lasts for around six months. Keep in mind that you must take careful care of it during this period. Perms, like colored hair, are susceptible to significant damage. The perm does not wash away in the same way as the color.

Types of Perms

You can try a couple of different sorts of perms today.

Body wave perm

We can begin the list with this type of perm because it is so popular today. Many people I know are hesitant to wear spiral perms, therefore this is the greatest option for them. This type of perm is for those who want to add more volume to their hair.

It’s wavy, but not overly so. This will be an excellent alternative for individuals who have naturally straight hair. The fact that it works with all types of hair is one of the reasons for its popularity. Hair might be fine, thick, or flat. This style would work best for you if you want to define your curly hair.

Root perm

If your hair is flat and lifeless, this is the product for you. It’s clear from the name that the perm only perms the roots. To give it body, you grow some curls at the roots. As a result, the remainder of your hair will be lifted, giving it volume.

Do you have short hair and are unsure about which perm to try? This one is ideal for folks with short hair. It offers it a trendy style as well as the fullness you desire.

Spiral perm

This is one of our most popular styles of perm. It’s known for its tight curls and rolls. The tightness, on the other hand, is determined by the perming rod. It will survive up to six months if you make it with the help of skilled personnel.

If you use very few rods, it can resemble a twisted corkscrew. Use this style if you want to add extra volume to your hair. The cause for this is that your curls do not lie flat against your scalp.

It’s also voluminous and springy. People with spiral curls, especially those with type 3 hair, have natural curls that resemble spiral curls. If your curls aren’t defined, you can use the perm to provide definition.

Pin curl perm

Here’s another option to consider. It isn’t as long-lasting, but it can be used for a few days. So, if you’re searching for a style that will work for a few special events, this is the one.

To get these distinctive curls, you will need to utilize both pins and curlers. They’ll give you tight curls. You also don’t use any harsh chemicals, instead opting with the curling gel. As a result, when you wash the gel off, your curls are wiped away as well.

Multi-textured perm

This perm has a natural appearance. It only works with long hair. Your hairstylist will utilize two different rod sizes for the procedure. They effortlessly lay the curls and waves on top of each other. As a result, it has the most natural appearance of any perm design.

Do you want your curly hair to have more volume and bounce? This is the look to go for. This is not something you should do at home. Rather, seek expert assistance since they will know what rod size to use and how to layer the hair over each other.

Spot perm

This perm is popular among celebrities. It entails the application of curls to specific hair regions. Curling only the mid-section or the ends of the hair is a nice illustration. It’s fine if you want tight or loose curls.

Stacked perm

Those with layered hair should avoid this. A single length of hair is required. It appeals to me since it works with ladies of all shapes and sizes. As a result, just the ends of the hair are curled. In the end, you’ll have created the illusion of hair volume.

Volumizing perm

The essence of this perm style is to add volume, as the name suggests. Extra small rods will be used by your hairdresser to create tighter curls and, as a result, more volume.

Partial perm

The majority of people mistakenly believe that the style is the same as spot perm. However, there is a distinction between the two. Only a few portions of the hair are curled in this method. As a result, some of your strands are still straight.

How to Care for Body Wave

It will not endure if you do not take adequate care of your newly permed hair. Damage is, in reality, unavoidable. If you don’t want to harm your hair, apply the following hair-care techniques.

No more treatment on the hair for a stipulated time

We’ve said it before: if you want to receive a perm, your hair must be healthy. Hair that isn’t in good health won’t be able to withstand the strain of perming. After the procedure, you’ll need to use all of the treatments available to renew your strands.

As a result, you shouldn’t color your hair or use any other severe hair treatment for the next three months. If you do, you run the danger of losing your hair.

Protect the hair

Most people desire to try an easy-to-manage style once they return from summer vacation or any other type of vacation. The body wave perm is a wash-and-go style that doesn’t require much styling.

After the perm, however, you should always put heat protectants on your hair. It will shield it from the harsh rays of the sun. When swimming, protect your hair from the chlorine and salt in the water.

Air dry your hair rather than using heat

The hair is already in poor condition. As a result, useless or has no heat at all. The best solution is to let your clothes air dry. If you need to touch up your curls, use the lowest temperature curling iron you can find.

Nourish your hair

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll see that the entire procedure affects the hair protein. As a result, you should concentrate on nourishing the hair shafts and raising protein levels. Protein therapies, such as OLAP Alex reparative treatment, are recommended.

Deep condition and mask the hair

The only way to restore your hair’s natural structure is to deep condition it. You’ll need the moisture because your scalp might not be delivering as well as it used to. Depending on the necessity, you can use the deep conditioner at least once a week or twice a week.

Wash it less and condition more

It is vital to condition the hair. However, unlike virgin hair, it should not be washed frequently. The moisture and oils in the strands will be retained, enriching it. However, do not use a towel to dry your hair.

The styling

Remember that the way you brush your hair can cause more harm. After you’ve permed your hair, grab a paddle brush and a wooden wide-toothed comb. They will aid in the removal of tangles.

The key is to use only gentle tools and products on your hair, especially while styling it.


Perms, like colored hair, are susceptible to significant damage and must be taken care of in the interim period before the actual perming process. If your hair is flat and lifeless, this is the product for you. To give it body, you grow some curls at the roots.

Body Wave Perm for Different Types of Hair

Body Wave Perm, as previously said, is a very adaptable option that looks amazing on all hair types and lengths, whether short, medium, or long. Depending on your hair type, here are some suggestions for body wave perms.

Body Wave Perm for Short Hair

Short hair is alluring on its own, and it conjures up images of small yet seductive women. A body wave perm might add some oomph to this look. The following are some ideas for styling your short, body wave permed hair:

1. Mohawk Perm

If you appreciate the idea of catching two birds with a single stone, this is a terrific alternative. To try this look, you must, of course, be daring.

This looks great with straight hair on the sides and lovely body wave curls on the top. This will appear to be a synthesis of two opposing styles, and it will undoubtedly raise your uniqueness quotient.

2. Burgundy Short Perm

If you like to dye your hair in bright hues, then this is the one for you. By adding burgundy to your hair, you may instantly transform a simple permed bob into a head-turner.

3. Short Wavy Perm

The truth is that you don’t need long tresses to receive a perm. Body wave perms can look great even if your hair is short. When your wavy fringes frame your face-line, your cuteness level rises.

4. Multi-Textured Perm Bob

Combine a body wave perm with a few other curls, such as tight perms, and let the curls come to their conclusions. These look so cute on a bob, and people are amazed by how versatile these perms are.

5. Bleached Blonde Perm Bob

Body wave perms may look great on blondes, too, not just with bright hues. This hairstyle gives you an exotic, sun-kissed look. This is most likely the best summer look.

6. Wet Hot Perm Lob

Lob has recently ruled the fashion scene. When combined with a wet hot perm, you can take your game to the next level, as wet curls are more defined and give your lob a relaxed look when allowed hair air dry naturally, requiring less style.

7. Swooped Bangs Perm

Do you have bangs and short hair? Use this pair to your advantage and do yourself a favor by getting a body wave perm for your bangs. This is a decision you will never regret making.

Body Wave Perm For Medium Hair

You may be annoyed at times because you have medium-length hair that is neither short nor long. But don’t be concerned! This is a disadvantage because you can experiment with both lengths and develop your style.

Medium-length hair is versatile, and if you have any feelings about it, it should be positive. Here are some ideas for a body wave perm looks:

1. Olaplex Partial Body Perm

This is a perming style that has revolutionized the industry. The hair is partially permed in a body wave in the bottom half in large rings, while the roots are left untouched, as the name implies. Add some straight bangs to the front of your hair and you’ll be in love with your new style.

2. Huge Body Wave Perm

Who doesn’t admire Julianne Hough’s incredible permed hair? It’s medium-length hair with massive body wave perms to give it the appearance of a bob. If you enjoy experimenting with your hair, this style should be at the top of your to-do list.

3. Partial Perm Hair

The Olaplex Partial Body Perm is similar to this. To achieve a natural and wavy look, only the lower half of your hair is permed. This design is attractive and offers you a rock star appearance.

4. Mixed Digital And Cold Partial Perm

This look gives off an air of effortlessness, but it’s quite tough to pull off. First, utilizing digital perms, the bottom end of your hair is given huge, body wave perms.

When these waves are allowed to dry, they transform into lovely rings. Later, your bangs will be given a cold perm to create loose waves. This look offers you a sweet, girl-next-door vibe.

Body Wave Perm For Long Hair

If you’ve been gifted with long, beautiful locks, why not show them off with body wave perms and make the entire world swoon?

1. Voluminous Body Perm

We’ve all seen fairy tales with waterfall-like hair that pours down her back, but this style can be accomplished by giving your spectacular mane a nice voluminous body wave perm that will last up to six months.

This look is simple to maintain, and you won’t have to spend hours styling your hair after you’ve adopted it.

2. Relaxed Waves

Having long hair and sticking to one hairdo seems like a waste of time, doesn’t it? Give yourself a relaxed body wave perm that will only show up when your hair is completely dried. While they’re still wet, experiment with different styles.

3. Partial Digital Perm

If having a look that always looks like you just ■■■■-dried your hair is your dream, then this is the look for you. The best thing is that this perm style is perfect for long hair.

Because special equipment is necessary for this style, it can only be done by a professional hairstylist in a salon. Your roots will be left alone, but the ends will be digitally permed. The midsection will also be left unstyled, giving you a refined appearance.

4. Big Body Perm

If you want massive, bouncy curls, go for the big body wave perm. This look is both elegant and natural. This ensemble has a wow factor that will ensure you are the life of the party.

5. Tousled Waves Partial Perm

If you want to preserve the fact that your hair has been permed but still want a natural look, this is the style for you. Only the ends are given a lovely body wave perm in this. When these waves are tousled together, they give you a natural, effortless, and beautiful look.

Body Wave Perm For Thin Hair

If you have thin, lifeless hair, fear not: a body wave perm is your savior. After treating your hair with some nourishing serums, have a voluminous body wave perm at a decent salon.

Retouch the perms every 4-6 months and watch how beautiful and wavy hair will become second nature to you, and people will forget you had thin hair before.

Perm Rods for Body wave perm

There are many various types of perms, hence there are many different types of perm rods on the market. Look at the possibilities without becoming perplexed. Here’s a perm rod color coding chart to assist you to find the ideal rod for your desired perm style.

As you can see from the table above, if you want a body wave perm, choose large rods with a larger diameter since the smaller the diameter of the rod, the tighter the curls will be. Keep this in mind when choosing your perm rods.


The Body Wave Perm is a very adaptable option that looks amazing on all hair types and lengths, whether short, medium, or long. Here are some suggestions for body wave perms to give you an extensive hair-care ■■■■■■■ this spring and summer.

Body Wave Perm at Home

Body Wave Perm is a non-permanent curling technique that is ideal for those who want to change their look but don’t want to commit to a complete perm that will stay till their hair grows out.

Depending on the natural texture of your hair, a body wave perm might last anywhere from 3 to 5 months. You can style your hair at home once you’ve learned the ins and outs of perming thanks to the abundance of Perming Kits available.

Before attempting a body wave perm on your own, it is recommended that you observe and learn from a professional stylist. To get a body wave perm at home, follow these simple steps.

Before you begin, make sure your neck is appropriately protected, and wear some old T-shirts that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Step 1: Shampooing

Shampoo your hair well, then blot away any extra water with a towel while keeping your hair moist. Make a clean foundation for perming.

Step 2: Sectioning your hair

Divide your hair into four sections: two on each side, one at the top, and one at the bottom. You can also divide it into three halves, two on each side and one in the middle.

Step 3: Wrapping

Remember to wrap little strands of your hair with curling paper, then apply the body wave perm on top of the curling paper and begin wrapping. Make sure your perm rods are larger in diameter, as the rule of thumb is that the thinner the rod, the tighter the curls.

We want to create loose and huge waves with a body wave perm, so choose a curling rod accordingly. Wrap a strand of hair around the rod and attach it with a small elastic hairband. Wrap your entire hair around the rods with strands of matching size.

Step 4: Perming Solution

Once you’ve finished wrapping your hair, apply the perming solution to each rod, ensuring sure it reaches all of your hair’s strands. This solution aids in the breaking of disulfide bonds in your hair, allowing you to achieve a fresh texture.

Step 5: Rest

Allow 30 to 40 minutes for your hair to rest after applying the solution.

Step 5: Washing

Wash away the perming solution without removing the rods. Using a towel, dry your hair. Remove any excess water with a paper towel.

Step 6: Neutralizer

A neutralizer is a chemical solution that aids in the re-formation of disulfide bonds into waves. Apply the neutralizer to your entire head of hair. Allow for a 5- to the 10-minute recovery period. After that, wash your hair.

Step 7: Removing the curling rods

Remove one rod at a time to determine if you’ve achieved the desired wave. Remove all of the curling rods after you’re satisfied with the result.

Step 8: Drying and Styling

Once all the rods are removed, use a hairdryer or let your hair dry naturally. Tousle it up to get some volume. Then, style it as you like it. Just don’t disrupt the newly formed body waves.

Body Wave Perm Products

Perming is a style that necessitates patience, as well as a substantial expenditure of time, care, and high-quality supplies.

Pre-Perm Products

Before getting a perm, make sure your hair is well-nourished to avoid damage from the chemicals in the perming solution and neutralizer, as well as heat.

As a result, you’ll need a clarifying shampoo with a lot of protein. Following that, you’ll require the perming products (these are usually included in the perm kit). Aside from that, gloves and capes will be required to ensure that the chemicals do not harm your skin.


The Body Wave Perm is a non-permanent curling technique. It’s ideal for those who want to change their look but don’t want to commit to a complete perm.

Body Wave Perm Cost

The price of a body wave perm varies depending on:

Hair Length: Perming long hair is more expensive than perming a pixie cut, for obvious reasons.*

Perm Solution Used: Perm solutions come in a variety of forms, including alkali, acidic, and natural. While alkali is better for hair that has never been treated, an acidic solution is better for damaged hair. The latter is more expensive than the former.*

Style: As previously stated, you can style your body wave perm in several different ways. As a result, the price varies depending on the style.

Perm Technique: Exothermic, chemical, cold perm, digital perm, and other procedures are utilized. Each approach has different pricing.

Salon: Finally, the salon you choose has a significant impact on the cost of your body wave perm. Choosing a competent and well-known salon can place a strain on your wallet, but the results will prove that it was well worth your money.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Following are the questions about this keyword:

1: Is a body wave perm good for fine hair?

A body wave perm essentially involves chemically modifying straight hair to produce natural-looking curls. “You’re the perfect candidate for a perm if you have straight, fine, or limp hair that doesn’t hold a natural wave,” Saviano explains.

2: How long does a body wave last in your hair?

To get the most out of your wavy locks, switch up your regular hair care routine with products designed specifically for your new hair structure. You may expect your beach wave perm to last about six months if you take excellent care of it.

3: Is there a difference between a perm and a body wave?

When it comes to hairstyles, what’s the difference between a perm and a body wave? … A perm gives you permanently curly hair, and the size of the curl in your hair is determined by the rods you and your stylist choose. A body wave is similar to a perm, but it produces hair that is wavier and naturally curly.

4: What is a Korean perm?

Digital perms, often known as the ‘Korean perm,’ require curling the hair after it has dried, as opposed to cold perms. To get looser curls, this perm technique employs a medium to large perm rod. When hair is dry, digital perms often leave it with natural-looking curls that are more noticeable.

5: Do perms cause hair loss?

Because perming is primarily a drying operation, it can cause damage to the hair strands, making them weak and brittle if done poorly. The strands break, resulting in hair thinning or bald areas. The good news is that hair loss like this is only temporary, and new strands will regrow over time.

6: Are body wave perms in style?

For a change of pace, consider an old-fashioned body wave perm. Perms, according to Elle, began making a comeback in 2021, after being out of favor since the 1980s and 1990s. Even adding a little movement to very straight hair may help with styling, so I think they’ll stick around."

7: How long does a boy perm last?

How Long will a Perm Last? Perms generally last between two and 10 months, depending on what kind of perm you get, what hair-care routine you follow, and how quickly your hair grows.

8: Can I put my hair in a bun after a perm?

Hair elastics and tight clips should be avoided when wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun. To help retain the appropriate shape of your curls, leave your hair loose for the first two days after the perm procedure.

9: How often should I wash permed hair?

Wash your permed hair once a week to keep it clean and retain its beauty, just like you would silk or another delicate fabric. Warm water should be used to wash your hair. Hot water can deplete the oils that keep your hair nourished and shiny. Curls can also be ruined by using hot water.

10: Can you wet your hair after a curly perm?

After a perm, hair normally takes 28 hours to set. However, do not wash permed hair for 48 hours after the procedure to ensure that it takes to the perm. It’s also best not to get your hair wet for 48 hours because it will rinse away the perming solution, so don’t get caught in the rain.


The price of a body wave perm varies depending on the style, length, and technique used. Choosing a competent and well-known salon can place a strain on your wallet, but the results will prove that it was well worth your money.

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