Bluebird activate

BlueBird Card Activate: For consumers, American Express’s Bluebird card serves as an alternative to traditional banking. It is especially beneficial for those who have trouble opening a bank account. It is also ideal for those who want access to debit cards that they may load with money quickly and use frequently. Due to the uncommon use of their bank account for purchases, this shields their primary banking account from potential fraud. Its headquarters are in New York City, in the United States, and it was established in the year 1850. The Amex Bluebird card, a reloadable prepaid card, will be the subject of this article’s discussion, but first, we’ll look at the card’s attributes before going to the activation.

  • To activate the cardboard, users require a Bluebird Card.
  • Users must keep their data close to reaching.
  • Users’ Bluebird Cards must include their names.
  • To make the cardboard work, the users require our method.
    Bluebird activate

What is Bluebird?

A prepaid credit card is called Bluebird. For people who don’t have a standard bank account or are fed up with banks and their fees, it is an option. Almost no costs apply to Bluebird. It functions almost exactly like a checking account, which makes it a suitable replacement for many customers.

What is Bluebird’s Process?

You may put money onto a Bluebird account in a variety of ways, and you can utilize your account in a variety of ways, including shopping at Walmart (they hope) and an account. The fact that Bluebird doesn’t have a lot of fees is a game-changing aspect of this.
Bluebird has no yearly or monthly fees, no charges for adding funds through a bank account or direct deposit, and no charges for using a MoneyPass ATM if you are using direct deposit.

Fees for Bluebirds and details

Bluebird activates: There are no monthly fees, direct deposit fees, or debit card loading fees with Bluebird. Any Walmart location or an ATM in the MoneyPass network will give you free cash.
Additionally, there are no fees for online shopping, and you can link checks to the account. There are no additional fees for using them, however, the price for 40 checks is $19.95.
How much is Bluebird’s charge schedule? In addition to any costs imposed by the ATM owner, there is a $2.50 fee for using an out-of-network ATM. Additionally, you must spend $5 to start if you activate your account at Walmart. To avoid this fee, activate online.
Bluebird Fees

Activation fee $0
Reload fee Except when adding cash at merchants other than Walmart, which costs $3.95, or when using the mobile check capture feature for Money in Minutes, which costs up to 5% of the check.
Check deposit fee $0 with 10-day option; up to 5% of the check amount if you want money immediately
ATM fees None at Money Pass ATMs; $2.50 plus ATM owner fees at non-network ATMs.
Card replacement fee The cost of a replacement card to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged one is zero dollars; twenty dollars if you want it shipped more quickly.
Annual Fee $0
Monthly Fee $0
Overdraft fee $0
Transfer Fees to Bluebird accounts $0
Bill Pay Fees $0
Foreign Transaction fees $0

How to add money to your Bluebird American Express?

Money can be easily deposited into your Bluebird account. You also have a variety of choices.

Money Transfer

Direct deposit can be set up in three simple steps:

  • Use the Bluebird mobile app or log into your Bluebird account. Select “Add Funds.”
  • “Set up Direct Deposit” should be chosen. Your Bluebird Account number and Bank Routing number are displayed.
  • Print off the Bluebird Direct Deposit Form, then fill it out. To process the request, give your employer the form.

Cash at Walmart

This approach is rather easy to use. Declare that you want to add money to your account at a Walmart register. Any amount between $1 and $1,999 may be added. You can start using the money in your Bluebird account right away.

Transfer with debit cards

Your debit card must first be confirmed to add money to it. And then:

  • Use the Bluebird mobile app or log into your Bluebird account.
  • “Add Funds” and “Add New Source” should be clicked.
  • Describe your debit card in detail.
  • Check the billing address.

Check Capture on Mobile

You can deposit money into your account by using the Bluebird app to photograph a check. How do you go about that?

  • Open the Bluebird App and log in.
  • Select “Add from a Check” under Add Money.
  • Sign your check’s reverse side.
  • Take a picture of the check’s front.
  • Take a picture of the check’s reverse side.
  • Enter the check’s amount.
  • You will be prompted on the screen to select when you want your money. You can receive money immediately for a fee or without charge in 10 days.
  • Verify the deposit sum
    You will be asked to put “VOID” on the front of your check and upload another photo if you chose Money in Minutes and your check is approved. Wait until you are prompted in the app before writing “VOID.”

A Cautionary Tale of Bluebird

Bluebird activates: When you load money into the account via direct deposit and mobile check capture, there is a lag time, which is one of the complaints from users about Bluebird.
Users who reportedly didn’t suffer as much wait time with other banking alternatives have found this to be disappointing. Before transferring your finances to Bluebird, make sure you are aware of the terms.

Making Use of Your Bluebird Amex

There are a few things you should be aware of when using your Bluebird card:

  • When selecting your card choice in-store, select “credit” rather than “debit.”
  • Paying at the pump can occasionally result in a hold being placed on your card for an amount that is greater than what you spent. Pay for petrol inside in advance to avoid this.
  • ATMs are available for withdrawals. The daily withdrawal cap is set at $700. When using a Money Pass ATM, there are no ATM fees to pay.

How to use Bluebird to increase credit card rewards

Those who are interested in getting the most out of their credit card rewards have already discovered how to make use of Bluebird. You can earn cash back credit card rewards for paying your mortgage. You can use your Bluebird account to pay your bills (for free) because you can load your Bluebird account with Vanilla prepaid reload cards (also for free) and because you can buy Vanilla prepaid reload cards (also for free) at specific retailers.

Alternatives for Bluebird

Bluebird might be appropriate for a lot of people, but it might not be ideal for everyone. What alternatives to traditional banking exist if that is the case? Here are three excellent choices to consider:

Checking account 360 by Capital one

Since I’ve been using it for years, I adore Capital One 360. The best banking mobile app is provided by it. I use this account most of the time for internet checking. They also have a huge ATM network!

Interest check for allies

One of the better online banking options is Ally. Did you know that this checking account pays interest on the balance? No minimum balance restrictions or monthly fees.

Checking with TIAA Bank’s yield Pledge

One of the top online checking accounts available is offered by TIAA. At just 1.21%, the introductory interest rate is incredibly low. That’s a lot.

Creating a Bluebird Account Request

You must fill out two screens of information when opening a Bluebird account online (without first obtaining a debit card at Walmart). Name, address, email, and phone number forms are on-screen.
You must enter your SSN and date of birth on screen two along with a new username, password, PIN, and security question. There isn’t a formal credit check. Your Bluebird card will be mailed to you after approval.

Amex Bluebird card features

  • Both the annual maintenance charge and the purchase transaction fee are waived with this card.
  • Direct deposit and cash reload at Walmart registers are just two of the many ways you can load money onto the card.
  • You get free access to more than 30,000 Money Pass ATM networks.
  • It costs nothing to get cash from Money Pass ATMs, however, $2.50 is required to withdraw cash from other ATMs.
  • You will receive alerts about your family subaccount’s low balance as well.
  • Both the overseas transaction and the activation process are free of charge.
  • The Bluebird card does not charge an additional fee for bill payment, and free checks are also available.
  • You can create up to four additional family members’ accounts once you have a bluebird card. If you add teenagers to the account, you can keep track of their spending and establish spending limits, which is a terrific tool.
  • The card has zero liability, which means you won’t be responsible for any fraudulent purchases made.
  • When you sign up for the card online, there are no setup costs.

How to activate your card on the Bluebird website?

We’re eager to launch your Bluebird Account! Learn more here!

Opening A Bluebird Account: Steps

You need to determine whatever services your card has made available before we can go into the specifics of the activation procedure. The available services are determined by how you obtained the card.

A card could only be obtained in one of three ways:

1.The Setup Kit

Bluebird Account setup kit costs $5 at Walmart.
The Bluebird Account Setup kit is one of the most popular methods for people to obtain their Bluebird card. It is available at Walmart. It costs $5 and is available at all Walmarts.
Although you can use the $5 to make transactions, after the balance is used up, the card is essentially useless.
The temporary card cannot have money added to it; if you want a card that you can add money to, you must register an account and obtain your permanent card.

2.The Website

Many people are unaware that they can sign up for a Bluebird card by going to the Bluebird website.
To obtain a Bluebird card that is permanent, follow these steps:
Visit the Bluebird website
Click on the “Open an Account” button you may find at the top.
Enter the data that the website requests from you. You must give your name, email address, residential address, telephone number, and birthdate.
Website for Bluebird where you can create an account
Your Social Security Number must also be entered. Since the business does not run a credit check before issuing cards, you don’t need to be concerned about it when you sign up.
You must choose a username, password, ATM PIN, and security question after entering your information.
After registering, you will get your Bluebird card in the mail in approximately a week. Make sure to call Bluebird at 1-(877)-486-5990 and report your issue if you haven’t received your card after two weeks.

3.The Mobile App

Additionally, you can access your Bluebird account by using the free Bluebird Mobile app on your device.
Additionally, you can access your Bluebird account through the Bluebird Mobile app. Depending on your device, you can download the app for free from your local app store. Following the app’s launch:

  1. At the bottom of the login page, click the “Register Now” link.
  2. You must indicate whether you have a temporary Bluebird card on the following screen. Tap “No” if you don’t have a card.
  3. You will then be prompted by the app to enter all the same information as on the website. Enter them and send them.
  4. A Bluebird account for you will be made. Your card will arrive in ten business days.
  5. You should be aware that the corporation won’t ship your card to P.O. Boxes no matter how you register your account. Additionally, the FPO and APO regions as well as residents of Vermont won’t receive their cards.

How to activate a Bluebird card

You do not require a Bluebird com activation card if you create your account on the website or the app normally.
However, you must adhere to one of the two procedures listed below if you wish to register your temporary card and receive a customized Bluebird card in the mail:

How to use the website

Using the website, activate a Bluebird com card:

  1. Visit the Bluebird website.
  2. Click on the “Register Your Card” link you may find at the top.
  3. Say “Yes” when asked if you have a temporary Bluebird card.
  4. Your information, including your Social Security Number, must then be entered. To continue, you must input the 15-digit card number, so make sure your temporary card is close to hand.
  5. Establish your login, password, and ATM PIN for your card.
  6. Create a security question and response so you can regain access to your account if you forget your login information.
  7. Your card will then be registered, and that’s all. Within ten business days, a permanent card will arrive in the mail.

Using The App

Following the program’s installation and launch:

  1. The “Register Now” link can be found at the page’s bottom.
  2. Tap “Yes” when asked if you have a temporary Bluebird card.
  3. Enter the 15-digit temporary card number along with any other information the app requests.
  4. It’s vital to remember that before completing the registration procedure, the organization will need to confirm your email address.

Why It makes sense to get the permanent Bluebird Card

You won’t be able to use or add any money to the temporary card when the $5 on it expires. However, you will be able to add up to $500 to your activated card after that.
When you receive your permanent card a week or two later, you can add up to $1999 to it and use it however you like.
You may also access your money from ATMs, pay your bills online, make free cash reloads at any Walmart, and make early direct payments with the permanent card.

How To Fill Up a Bluebird Card with Cash

There are several ways to load money onto your card, but these two are the simplest:

At a Walmart:

Pay the desired amount at any Walmart register, and it will be free of charge transferred to your card. Although some other retail outlets allow you to put money onto the card, you will have to pay a transaction fee.

Debit Card Transfer

You can add money to your Bluebird card at any time by linking your bank account to it.

Top Bluebird Card Features

The Bluebird card is issued by American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. The Bluebird Prepaid Debit Account does not have the same advantages and features as bank accounts, making it not a true bank account.
The Bluebird prepaid card’s best qualities are:

  • No credit check
  • No ongoing charges
  • No yearly charge
  • With no minimum balance
  • No overdraft charges
  • Online or with a mobile app, pay your bills.
  • By using your bank account, direct deposit, mobile check deposits, or Walmart, you can add money for free.

At bluebird website /activate, you can activate your new Bluebird Card

You need the card numbers, expiration date, CVV, bluebird account credentials, personal information, and the last four digits of your SSN to activate your Bluebird card.

Activating bluebird account

When you have everything ready, go to Loading... to activate your Bluebird card by following the instructions below.

  • Visit the bluebird website to activate the account
  • Tap the login button after entering your Bluebird account’s Username and Password.
  • When prompted after logging in, enter your card information and other information.
  • After that, complete the additional on-screen instructions to activate your Bluebird card.

Not a member of Bluebird? Make one right now!

You must establish a Bluebird account if you don’t already have one. The procedures for creating an account are listed below.

  • Visit the Bluebird account registration page.
  • Read the information on the next screen before clicking Next.
  • Click the Next button after carefully reviewing the account preview information.
  • Click Next after entering your username, email, and password in the appropriate sections.
  • After giving your personal information, you can move on to the next step.
  • Review the provided information and submit it in the following step.
  • The remainder of the sign-up instructions are thereafter to be followed.
  • Your BlueBird account has now been established, and your email address has been sent a verification email.
  • Make certain to confirm the email.
  • You will be able to activate your Bluebird account following a successful verification.

How do I recover My Bluebird password or username?

  • Click the Forgot Username/Password? link on Bluebird.
  • Select one of the options—I forgot my username, or I forgot my password—and then click Next.
  • On the following screen, enter your card number and CVV, then press the Submit button.
  • After that, you can have your username or password back.

What must I do if my Bluebird card is stolen or lost?

First and foremost, temporarily freeze your Bluebird card to stop additional purchases. After seven days, your card will automatically defrost. The steps to freeze your card are as follows:

  • Creating a Bluebird account is required.
  • Pick your Main account on the home screen.
  • Select the Gear symbol next.
  • Then select Freeze Card from the menu.
  • The “Freeze Your Card” option has a button next to it.
  • When you locate your card
  • Make an account with Bluebird.
  • From the Home screen, choose your Main Account.
  • Then, from the menu, choose “Unfreeze My Card.”
  • Your card can be unfrozen by clicking the green button.
  • If your card is missing

Register for a Bluebird account

  • From the Home screen, choose your Main Account.
  • Select the Gear button.
  • Next, select Replace Card from the menu.
  • • Confirm your mailing address. Only the registered address will receive the replaced card.
  • Choose the justification for the replacement card and your preferred method of mailing.
  • To submit your request and confirm the replacement of your card, tap Continue.
  • Alternatively, you can phone Bluebird Customer Service at the following numbers to request a replacement card:
  • Account number: 1 833 926 3922 with Bluebird Bank
  • Call 1-877-486-5990 to open a Bluebird American Express Prepaid Debit Account.

Bluebird Card costs and details

Bluebird claims there are no unforeseen costs, and we can attest that the business is very open about its expenses. Basic functions like direct deposit and bill payment are provided without charge, and any fees for adding or transferring funds are made explicit on the website.
Keep in mind that the annual limit for direct deposits is $100,000. There are daily and monthly limits on how much you can add with your debit card: $200 and $1,000, respectively. Reloads of cash are also limited to $2,500 daily and $5,000 monthly. There is a $1,999 maximum that can be added when you reload cash at a Walmart location. While you can deposit checks using a mobile capture option, the maximum daily or monthly deposit is $5,000 or $10,000.

The Steps for using the Bluebird website to register a Bluebird Card

The steps for registering your Bluebird card on are provided below for your convenience.

  • Start the procedure by clicking this link: The website will direct you to the registration page, where the “Register your card” option is located. select it by clicking.
  • You’ll see a pop-up asking if you’ve ever used a temporary Bluebird card. You must select the “yes” option.
  • You must now enter the information requested, which includes your card number (15 digits), security code (4 digits), full name, email address, phone number, username, and password, all of which must be created at the same time, date of birth, SSN (Social Security Number), ATM PIN creation, and security question and answer.
  • You will be required to accept the terms and conditions to finish the process.

Process for Logging In Bluebird Card

The first step is to visit Bluebird’s website by clicking here.
After entering the website, select the “Log in” option that is located at the top of the screen, as shown in the illustration below.

  • Login to Bluebird Card
  • You must now enter your information. Your username and password, which you set up when you registered, are among the information.
  • Type the security question’s response after entering your credentials.
  • You posed the query earlier, thus you must be aware of the response. On the webpage, there is a picture that you must respond to.

Instructions for Bluebird Card Logging In 2.

  • You have now completed all the stages. Look at the illustration below to see how your page will appear once you submit your response.
  • Check Your Bluebird Card Balance Here: Bluebird Card Login
  • Here, you’re provided instructions on how to check the balance on your Bluebird card.

Temporary Balance

You should first verify the available balance on your Bluebird card. These are the things you require.

  • 15-digit temporary card number
  • Four-digit security code
  • Here is the link that will take you to the Bluebird Card-Balance page, which is the main page where you may check the balance.

Permanent Balance

You have two options for checking your Bluebird card’s permanent balance: online or over the phone. To begin, click this link and go to the login page. You can access your card’s permanent balance as well as other information by logging in with the appropriate credentials.

You can’t miss these Bluebird card Benefits!

The great advantages that the American Express Bluebird card offers make it quite popular. The top 5 advantages that come with your card are as follows:

Cash Availability

For over 30,000 Money Pass ATM locations, you can use the ATM to obtain free access to the money in your Bluebird account. At more than 4000 Walmart locations, you can get cash using the Cash Pickup option.

Payment Transfer

Through the Bluebird2Walmart Money transfer, you can send money to anyone. Additionally, free money transfers are available between Bluebird’s accounts.

Verify Capture

Check Capture by Ingo Money App’s Bluebird program makes it simple to convert checks into cash in your Bluebird account. If you use this option to deposit the cheque. In 10 days, you would be able to retrieve your money, but the check shouldn’t be returned unpaid. You don’t have to pay anything to access your money at any moment.

Money Transfer

The benefit of direct deposit is considerable since it allows you to join in the service and enjoy the benefit of getting your money two days sooner.

Kinship accounts

This favorable specialty allows you to distribute up to 4 cards to anyone based on your preferences. Additionally, you have the option to customize the ATM access limits, as well as other features that will help you arrange your finances.

Why is it that I can’t register my Bluebird card?

If you are having trouble activating your Bluebird card, check to see if you validated your email address while registering online. Call Bluebird at (877) 486-5990 if your email address has been verified but you are still unable to activate your card.

How can I start a Bluebird account with American Express?

To access American Express Bluebird, click here. An additional window will open. The fields “name,” “address,” and “phone” are necessary. The following is crucial account information:

  1. Decide on a username.
  2. Once you click Submit.
  3. Your account will be established.

Why is Bluebird’s SSN required?

Your Social Security Number will be required for identification verification, but your credit report won’t be checked. Additionally, since credit bureaus won’t be notified of your account activity, this debit card won’t aid in your credit-building efforts.

Does Bluebird run a credit check?

No Credit Check

Because Bluebird is a checking account/debit card option, it does not require a credit check. Passing a credit check can occasionally be as nerve-wracking as passing an exam or a driving test.

How can I sign up for an online Bluebird card?

How can I make my Bluebird card active? Click here to access your Bluebird Account. Click the Activate button on the card activation notification after finding it. Input the information from the personalized card you received in the mail on the form.

How can my Bluebird Account be unlocked?

Once you’ve logged in, go to the home screen of your Bluebird Account, and choose the Subaccount. In the Subaccount Settings, select “Lock Subaccount” by clicking or tapping. Next, choose Unlock Subaccount.

Is there a routing number for Bluebird?

My account and routing numbers are available where? Your online Account’s My Profile feature makes it simple to find your Account Number and Routing Number. 1. Go to My Profile after logging into your Bluebird Account.

Is Bluebird an account with a bank?

An account with Bluebird® Bank a bank account with reasonable fees and a commonly used Visa ® Debit Card.

Has Bluebird developed any apps?

Wherever you are, you can easily monitor your available balance with the Bluebird Mobile App4. You may also configure alerts and notifications to notify you when your available balance is close to running out.

Without an SSN, how do I activate my card?

Only a small ■■■■■■■■ of prepaid card issuers today need an alternative form of identity, such as an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or another foreign ID number, instead of an SSN for activation. However, in most cases, you will need to provide some sort of identity proof to obtain a card.

How did Bluebird choose its bank?

Demand deposit accounts, such as the Bluebird® Bank Account, are created by Meta Bank®, N.A., Member FDIC.

How do I transfer funds to a Bluebird account?

How may I transfer funds to a different Bluebird Account holder? Enter your Bluebird Account credentials. Select Send Money under Money Out. You can either choose the person you want to transfer money to or add a new contact by clicking or tapping on “Add contact.” Send by selecting Send after entering the desired amount.

Who should I contact at Bluebird?

Visit the Bluebird website or dial 1-877-486-5990, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for customer service (International: 1-801-449-4016).

Can I use Bluebird with PayPal?

Can I connect Paypal with Bluebird Bank? Because you can only use your Bluebird routing and account number to make deposits into your account and not withdrawals, you cannot link them. words found in others. You can only get access to it through direct deposit.

How do I activate my Bluebird temporary card?

How can I personalize my Bluebird card and register my temporary Bluebird card? Press-Register. To complete registration and validate your email address, enter your temporary Bluebird card number and CVV (the four-digit number found on the front of the card you bought at Walmart).

How do I make my Serve card temporary active?

How do I make my card active? 7–10 days following the approval of your Serve Account, your Card will be delivered via mail. Once you have created your online Account, it just takes a few minutes for the card to be activated. Simply go to or dial 1-800-954-0559 to contact Serve Customer Service.

How do I locate the number on my Bluebird Card?

Logging into your account at after adding funds will give you access to your virtual temporary card number, CVV code, and expiration date for online purchases.

How can I close my account with Bluebird?

To terminate your Account online, take the actions outlined below: Open your Bluebird Account and log in. Please choose your Main Account from the Home screen. Toggle the gear symbol on or off. Decide to close the account. Check the list to see if there are any steps you need to complete before canceling your Account.

Cash App’s bank name?

Lincoln Savings Bank is the designated bank for the Cash App payment application, according to the most recent revisions. This means that Lincoln Savings Bank oversees controlling, maintaining, and storing all of the money in the Cash App.

Bluebird: Is it a prepaid bank?

A reloadable prepaid debit account that may be used almost any place American Express® Cards are accepted is the Bluebird® American Express® Prepaid Debit Account. With a commonly used Visa® debit card, the Bluebird® Bank Account offers a no-fee checking account.

Pros at Bluebird Cards

  • There are no transaction or monthly fees.
  • Direct deposit, transfers from a linked debit card or external bank account, mobile check deposits, cash reloads at Walmart registers, mobile check deposits, and other free methods of funding the card are available.
  • More than 30,000 MoneyPass ATMs are part of a vast, free ATM network.
  • Includes benefits and services not seen in other prepaid cards, like low balance notifications and family subaccounts.

Cons of Bluebird Cards

  • At stores, cashback is not permitted.
  • Fees are associated with most cash withdrawal options, with non-MoneyPass ATM withdrawals costing $2.50.
  • Mobile checks must be cleared the same day for a steep price of 1% to 5%; the free alternative takes 10 days to process.


Visit the bluebird official website to activate your Bluebird Card.
When the customer reaches the next page.
After that, click “Card-Activation.”
Enter your "Username" and then retype it.
Enter your 4-digit personal identification number and PIN again.
After that, enter your E-mail address, phone number, and Personal Data.
Click “Continue” to activate your Card.
When your process is through, you will be able to use your Card.

Frequently Ask Questions

1.How can my email address be changed?

  • Access your Bluebird Account by logging in, then go to the My Profile area.
  • Choose one of the Email addresses shown in the Contact Information section.
  • After that, choose the Add Email option and enter a backup email address you want to use to connect your account.
  • Select Next, then double-check your email.
  • Click the verification link in the Bluebird email you received.
  • By checking the option next to Make this my primary email after verifying your secondary email address, you can make it your primary email.

2.How can a transaction be disputed?

You can get in touch with Bluebird customer service at the following numbers for support on any disputed transactions:

  • Call 1-877-486-5990 to open a Bluebird American Express prepaid debit account.
  • Account number for Bluebird Bank: 1 833 926 3922

3.How do I terminate my online account?

Check sure your account, subaccounts, balance across all subaccounts, and goals are all $0 before trying to delete your account online. Additionally, make sure all outstanding transactions have been completed. For account closure:

  • Access your Bluebird Account by logging in.
  • From the Home screen, click on your Main Account.
  • Tap the Gear icon, then choose the Close Account menu item. Before moving forward, make sure to go over the checklist.
  • When every item on the checklist has been accomplished, select Close Account.
  • Keep in mind that you will have access to your Account for up to 90 days after canceling your account to access previous statements.

4.What advantages does a Bluebird Card offer?

5.How to Add Funds to an Amex Bluebird Card?

You can load money onto the card and make purchases once it has been enabled. The following methods can help you add money to your Bluebird Card.

  • Direct Deposit
  • Cash at Walmart

6.Does anyone know how to pay money to my Bluebird card?

Anyone with the same type of Bluebird Account as you can receive payments from you. You can send money to other account holders of Bluebird Prepaid Debit Accounts but not Bluebird Bank Accounts, for instance, if you have the Bluebird® American Express® Prepaid Debit Account.

7.Who is Bluebird’s bank?

When you contribute money to your Bluebird account, it is deposited into one or more banks covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and a custodial account. Bluebird now works with American Express National Bank.

8.Builds credit Bluebird?

The Bluebird card account, unlike other American Express card accounts, won’t assist you in establishing credit. The account does not submit a credit report to the major credit bureaus because a credit check is not necessary.

9.What locations do I go to put money into my Bluebird account?

Cash - At Walmart and thousands of other partner retailer locations, you can add cash to your account right at the cashier. At the Walmart MoneyCenter or directly at a register, just present your Bluebird card and the cash you wish to add, and the funds will be available in your Account.

10.How can I check the amount on my Bluebird card?

Select your primary account when logging in to your account online or via the Bluebird Mobile App*. For your Available Balance, text “BAL” to BBIRD (22473) if you have signed up for text alert notifications.

11.How do I transfer money from a different bank account to my Bluebird Account?

  • Go to Money In after signing into your Bluebird Account.
  • Choosing Add Money from a Bank Account

12.Can I use my Bluebird temporary card online?

Spend the Available Balance on your temporary Bluebird card anywhere that accepts American Express Cards in the United States, including in-person, online, and by mail.

13.How can I establish my bluebird card’s PIN?

To create a new ATM PIN, follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to My Profile after logging into your Bluebird Account.
  • Under the Settings section, choose Change ATM PIN.
  • ‘I forgot my ATM PIN.’ should be clicked or touched.
  • Select a new ATM PIN and fill out the form boxes with it.

14.What is the cost of activating a Bluebird card?

No charge for activation
Opening a new Bluebird account never incurs any fees.

15.Why is it that I can’t register my Bluebird card?

If you are having trouble activating your Bluebird card, check to see if you validated your email address while registering online. Call Bluebird at (877) 486-5990 if your email address has been verified but you are still unable to activate your card.

16.Which bank does Bluebird work with?

Yes. Demand deposit account The Bluebird Bank Account was created by MetaBank®, N.A., Member FDIC.

17. What are the features of Bluebird?

  • Nothing monthly
  • Direct Deposit for Free Earlier
  • Permitted to Display Cash at Walmart
  • Free ATM withdrawals within the network
  • Free Mobile Check Capture with Free Online Bill Pay and Card Freezing
  • To Transfer Funds to Other Bluebird Account Holders is Permitted.

18.How can I make my Bluebird card active?

  1. Click here to access your Bluebird account.
  2. Click the Activate button on the card activation notification after finding it.
  3. Fill out the form with the details of the customized card you received in the mail.

19.What is the number on my Bluebird pin?

You must update your PIN online on the Bluebird Website if you lose it or are unable to recall it. After logging in, select “My Account” and then “Profile” to change your PIN. You can also call 1-800-CASH-NOW at any time to have your PIN reset.

20.Can I move money from my Bluebird card to another card?

From one Bluebird card to another, you can move money. All you must do is log in to your account and click the “send money” button. Enter the email or phone number of the person you want to send money to, enter the amount you want to send, and then click “Review.” You’ll be asked to enter your PIN.


A financial account called Bluebird gives you the convenience and freedom to manage your money. Bluebird makes it easier to take care of the day-to-day essentials so you can spend your time doing the things that matter most because it has several fee-free features and no monthly costs.