Best Indian Government Apps

In this digital era, it would not be wrong to say that we are completely dependent on digital platforms today. For watching movies, we have apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime. And, there are apps for utility bill payment as well. These apps have made our life easy and also save our time at the same time.

Different industries have made their apps grow their business, and helping people like the hospitality and travel industry is having apps like MakeMyTrip, Trivago, etc. State and central government are also making their apps for different things. We will talk about those apps made by the state or central government.

App Made By State Or Central Government

1. Jansunwai

The Uttar Pradesh government, under Yogi Adityanath, has launched this app called Jansunwai, where people of Uttar Pradesh can file the complaint if they are facing any issue or problem in Uttar Pradesh and if police are not co-operating with them.

Those people living in Uttar Pradesh who have a problem related to the government department like land issue and the file are taking time in government office they cannot file complain. Still, the people facing many difficulties like harassment, exploitation, goons problem, etc. can lodge their complaints on the Uttar Pradesh Jansunwai portal.

2. Mahakavach

Today the whole world is fighting with coronavirus. Still, for fighting with coronavirus, we all need to be a little more responsible. That is why the Maharashtra government has made an app named ‘MahaKavach,’ which will help the health department of state in contacting and tracing the Covid 19 patience so that we all can stop the virus from spreading.

The app is a joint initiative taken by the National Health Authority, the Maharashtra State Innovation Society, and many more departments who have worked very hard to make this possible. The application allows improvement in two major processes that is important for fighting the virus – and then contact them and after that quarantine tracking.

Contact tracing also involves the tracing and tracking the persons who have come in contact with the patient.

  1. TNEB

TNEB is Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is the company which generates and distributes electricity in the state. The Government of Tamil Nadu owns the company. It is one of the largest State Electricity Boards in our country regarding the number of consumers with a single distributor.

TNEB bill payment is now easy; the app helps the consumers to pay that online. TNEB is not only for the bill payment but also for calculating bills; it is also a quick payment gateway. This app was created under section 131 of the electricity act.

New users can get registered through a simple online application. There are many features for the consumers of TNEB that they can enjoy. This is one of the best apps made by any government to make the publics’ lives easy and save time.

  1. IRCTC

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is an app of Indian railway that helps people in booking train tickets, checking seat availability, train routes, the train available, etc. there are millions of people around India who are using the IRCTC app daily. IRCTC also offer discount and coupons for the passengers. One can find any train on IRCTC.

It is not possible that any train is not available on this app. Suppose someone has booked a ticket from the IRCTCI app. In that case, they need not worry about anything like last-minute train cancelation, train timing, information about platform no, information’s IRCTC will update you with that information by sending you a message on your mobile phone without any delay.

Tatkal booking is also available on this portal, but it is available only one time in a day; anyone can easily use this app. They need to register themselves on the IRCTC app, and it is an easy process.

  1. BHIM

BHIM is a mobile money payment app made by the National Payments Corporation of India, made for online money transfer and bill payments. This name BHIM is named after B.R. Ambedkar, and it was launched in Dec 2016 when demonetization took place in the country, and people were facing problems in the transaction of money.

This is an E-Payment application which directly does transaction through your bank account. You need to generate your own Q.R. code and UPI Pin code. This application gives you your full transaction history and account information of the transaction.

There is a security feature in this app that allows login to this app; it will get expires after 90 seconds if you are shown inactive on the app or if the app detects any fraud. Anyone can use this app; they have to register themselves by filling in their details like account number, debit card, and credit card no. This app is one of the safest apps in terms of online money transfer.


These are some of the best apps that are made by the Indian government to make things easy for the public earlier things like bill payment; mobile recharge, ticket booking, and nowadays for the pandemic government have made different apps for tracing and tracking patient and the people who have come in contact with them.

The government is taking reasonable steps to make our country digital and making public life easy. They do not have to stand in line for hours, which will save their valuable time.