Debit card

Debit card,

Definition of Debit card:

  1. Bank card for cash transactions, but without a credit card. In the case of debit card transactions, the purchase amount is debited from the balance available in the cardholder's account. If there are not enough funds, the transaction will not be completed. Also known as an equity card (in the US) or a payment card (in the UK).

  2. A card issued by a bank that allows the holder to transfer money electronically to another bank account during the purchase.

Synonyms of Debit card

Swipe card, Credit card, Cash card, Debit card

How to use Debit card in a sentence?

  1. Debit cards are accepted at our store and are preferred because using a credit card will cost us more money each month.
  2. To use a commercial debit card, you must complete Form 3B, state the reason for use, and send a receipt to finance to confirm the purchase.
  3. Some people spend all the money they spend, whether in cash, checks, credit or debit cards, direct debit or standing orders.
  4. When using debit cards to make purchases or withdraw cash, it is important that account holders maintain good records to avoid debiting the account.

Meaning of Debit card & Debit card Definition