Best Email Marketing Tools Aweber Vs Get Response

There is no doubt in saying that the money spent on email marketing always comes back to you in a multiplied form. However, if you’re not using email marketing for your business then you’re missing out on one of the major aspects that would help you in growing your business. No matter, how big or small is your business.

In this article, we will be discussing Aweber and Getresponse, two great email marketing tools. Before we dive into the supporting details that how these two tools can be best for your business, let us first take a peek at these two terms and which one is better over another. Doing this will help you to make an informed decision!

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What are Aweber and GetResponse?

These are two great tools that host your mailing list, sends e-newsletters and attractive email templates to your subscribers. It gets super easy to figure out what does email marketing means by just taking a peek at the term. In simple words, when someone opts for email marketing, he sends marketing-related content via email. And this, in turn, convinces people to spend money on the brand. That’s what Aweber and GetResponse do.

Aweber pricing vs GetResponse pricing, which one is reasonable?

Now we know, what these two tools are. Let us now take a look at the prices of these two. We can initiate with Aweber pricing.

Aweber Pricing:

Aweber facilities us with its five great plans. However, these are not named, but you can select those according to the size of your list. The price structure of these five plans is as follows;

Plan #1:

If you have up to 500 subscribers then you should go for a plan that’s $19 per month.

Plan #2:

If the number of your subscribers varies from 501- 2500 then you can get a plan that’s for $29 per month.

Plan #3:

If you’ve subscribers that are 2,501 to 5,000 in number then you should definitely go for a plan that’s for $49 per month.

Plan #4:

If your subscribers are between 5,001 to 10,000 then this plan is right for you. It is $69 per month.

Plan #5

If your subscribers range from 10,001 to 25,000 then this plan that’s for $149 per month is right for you.

Well, you didn’t find a number that fits your subscribers? You probably have more than 25,000 subscribers! And in that case, you should contact to Aweber, they will quote a monthly price for you. Keep one thing in mind, there is no difference when it comes to the functions of each plan. The price is quoted on the basis of the number of subscribers. Not only this, but they also offer discounted plans.

Top GetResponse Pricing:

GetResponse offers 4 plans to the consumers. And each of these plans is named. Let’s take a quick look at these;

Plan #1: Basic

If you’ve 1,000 subscribers then this plan is the one for you. It allows you to send unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers. It costs $15 per month.

Plan #2: Plus

If you’ve around 1000 subscribers then you can go for a plan that’s for $49 per month. However, with it, some additional features come up.

Plan #3: Professional

This plan is also for 1000 subscribers that come with even more advanced features. It is $99 per month.

Plan #4: Enterprise

If you have a list that exceeds 100,000 then this plan is right for you. It is $1,199 per month.

The key difference between all these 4 GetResponse plans is the addition of CRM, landing pages, e-commerce, webinars, and landing pages. The more you the money you pay, the more functions will be provided to you. That’s all GetResponse is about.


Best Aweber Pricing:

A very important elements to look at when choosing an email service provider will be pricing , this especially when you just starting off your online business .You do not want to choose a email marketing software that cost you couple of hundreds .

In AWeber, the price you will be paying is based on the number of subscribers you have. It also includes a 30-day free trial for users to sample all their features. Its pricing plan starts at $19 each month for up to 500 subscribers and scales up from that.

Whose Price is Better?

When the price of Aweber vs GetResponse is compared then we find Getresponse’s basic plans more suitable as they’re similar when compared to the plans of Aweber’s. Also, they’re extremely cost-effective. If the list of your subscribers varies between 500 to 1,000 then you can get a $15 plan per month. It will cost you $180 per year. That’s cheaper than Aweber’s plan, but still has all the features that Aweber’s $19 dollars plan contains. It means you will be saving $4 every month.

GetResponse even offers excellent discounts when you opt for 1 or 2 years payments. Aweber too offers great discounts, but they’re not as great as GetResponse’s. Now, by keeping all these in mind, we have a winner in terms of price and that’s GetReponse. Now let’s take a look at the features of these both and find out who wins this time.

Features Of Aweber And GetResponse:

Both of these email marketing tools offer same core features and these are;

  1. They offer a great range of pre-designed email marketing templates

  2. They have the capability to hold data and host mailing lists

  3. They feature responsive email templates

  4. They can integrate with third-party tools/sites

  5. They have a function of RSS to e-newsletter functionality

  6. They offer complete statics on the percentage of your subscribers. Like, who are unsubscribing you, clicking on the links and opening your emails

  7. They have the autoresponder functionality

  8. They help you to edit and create newsletters without any sort of code building

Key Differences In Aweber And GetResponse:

Above, we have discussed some of the features that are common in both of these tools. But, there are certain features that are available in GetResponse alone. These features are;

  1. CRM functionality

  2. A landing page builder

  3. Webinars

  4. ‘Autofunnels’

  5. More high-level marketing automation

With the above key-features, do you still think that we need to announce the winner in terms of features? Well, everyone now knows the winner.

Email Marketing Visually Of Both These Tools:

Let us take a look at some of the very important email marketing aspects and that’s “visuality.”


Both Aweber and GetResponse have great templates to offer to consumers. But, this time Aweber takes over the game. There is no doubt in saying that Aweber’s template looks a lot better than those of GetResponse’s. Aweber’s templates are eye-appealing while GetResponse’s are a bit out-dated.

Responsibility Of The Email Templates:

The email templates of both of these are responsive. They adjust the layout of your e-newsletter automatically. So, it won’t matter, what device is being used, whether it be PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

GetResponse, here presents itself better on a smartphone, when compared to Aweber.

Web Fonts:

Aweber this time has a leg ahead of GetResponse. It allows you to use web fronts while Getresponse doesn’t. However, with better web fronts, your newsletter will slay. Similarly, with fewer options, it will become slicker.


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Autoresponders, Which One Offers Better? Aweber Or GetResponse?

As discussed earlier, both of these tools offer great functionality of autoresponders. Moreover, Aweber is a bit easier to use when compared to GetResponse. No matter what, GetResponse functionality is stronger. Some of the key features that can help you to shape your automation workflow in terms of GetResponse are as follows;

  • Link clicks
  • URLs visited
  • Emails opened
  • Carts that got abandoned
  • A change in the data of a subscriber
  • Purchases of the products

In this part, GetResponse shows up as a winner, because Aweber at the very moment has very basic features.

Importing Of Data In Terms Of File Types:

Both of these, Aweber and GetResponse let you import data in different file types, and some of them are common in both. Let us take a peek below to understand better;

Aweber File Types:

Aweber lets you import data in terms of the following file types;

  • CSV
  • XLS
  • TSV
  • TXT
  • XLSX

GetResponse File Types:

When you opt for GetResponse then following file types options are open for you;

  • VCF
  • ODS
  • CSV
  • TXT
  • XLS

GetResponse also allows you to import from third-party services. However, you can add contacts manually by utilizing both of these software. Also, both of these let you add a particular autoresponder cycle. There’s one thing that you should keep in mind, and it is that Aweber takes around 1 day to import a new list (If you have more than 100,000 subscribers.)

In this area, both of these tools are a winner!

Integration Of These Two Tools With Other Systems:

Both of these two email marketing tools offer numerous integrations with different applications and sites. And some of these are known all around the world such as Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Salesforce. Aweber offers hundreds of integrations, while GetResponse offers around 150 or so integrations. So, in this case, Aweber is a clear winner.


Aweber facilities you to test 3 variants of e-newsletters corresponding to each other, while GetResponse offers 5. In this area, GetResponse wins the game.

DKIM Email Authentication:

In order to make sure that your emails are extremely at the top of its delivery rate, a system known as DKIM can be utilized. Both Aweber and GetReponse have this feature. But, this feature comes with GetReponse’s Professional and Enterprise plans, and these two are a bit expensive. You can find this feature in Aweber’s as a standard function. This part goes to Aweber!


Both of these email marketing software offer top-notch support to the customers. But, according to numerous users of these software, the majority rated Aweber over GetResponse. As Aweber offers phone, email, live chat, and other options for communication. On the other hand, GetResponse lacks the phone option.

Who Offers Better Free Trials?

Both Aweber and GetResponse offers a month of a free trial. And, when it comes to Aweber then you are not limited to the number of subscribers, to whom you can send emails.

But, GetResponse limits it to 1,000. When you opt to get Aweber’s free trial then you would need to enter your credit card details, but GetResponse doesn’t require that at the time of free trial.

Which One Is Right For You? Which One To Pick?

Both of these offer a range of amazing functions and features to the consumers in order to help them in maintaining, creating, and communicating with an email database. They help you to make communication easy. Well, GetReponse, in this case, it can be considered a winner. As it is cheaper than Aweber and it comes with more advanced features. But, there are many areas where Aweber is better. Such as, it can integrate better with third-party services, phone service is included in the monthly plan, which is not available in GetResponse.

Why Should You Choose GetResponse?

One of the major reasons for choosing GetResponse over Aweber is that you don’t have to give them your credit card details for a free trial

GetResponse is cheaper than Aweber, especially when your list is of 500–1,000 subscribers

You get better split-testing options with GetResponse

  1. It has a time optimization feature

  2. It has a built-in landing page creator

  3. It features marketing automation

  4. It has CRM functionality

  5. It has Webinar functionality

  6. It is extremely easy to sell your products with GetResponse, as the name indicates!

  7. It offers great discounts

Why Should You Choose Aweber?

Aweber offers eye-catching templates that are more attractive than those of GetResponse

They provide phone support that GetRespond don’t It provides better integration with third-party services. DKIM is available with all plans of Aweber. On the other hand, GetResponse offers it with Professional and Enterprise plans. GetResponse emails when appear on Gmail app gets a bit buggy, while they are smooth on Aweber


Now you know all the features and functionalities of both these tools, make sure to try both. Doing this will help you in understanding which one is more suitable for you. As both of these offer free trials, so you don’t have to worry about anything before trying them out. Below are the links of these two tools, just click those and get a free month trial.