Best Buy Rapid City

Best Buy Rapid City is a multibillion-dollar American consumer electronics business-based firm in Richfield, Minnesota. Founded in 1966 by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler as an audio specialist business named Sound of Music, it was relaunched in 1983 with a focus on consumer electronics under its present name.

Best Buy Rapid City

Company Information Of Best Buy

1. Country U.S.
2. Headquarters Richfield, Minn.
3. Industry Specialty Retailers
4. CEO Corie S. Barry
5. Company Type Public
6. Ticker BBY
7. Revenues ($M) $52,333
8. Profits ($M) $2,644
9. Market Value ($M) $23,202
10. Employees 81,600

What Is Best Buy Rapid City?

Best Buy is a Canadian retailer that formerly operated in China until February 2011 (when the faction merged with Five Star) and in Mexico until December 2020. (due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic). Until 2012, the corporation also opened across Europe.

Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, and Pacific Sales are some of the company’s subsidiaries. In North America, Best Buy has the Best Buy Mobile and Insignia brands, as well as the Five Star brand in China.

In the United States, Best Buy offers cellular phones from Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, and Sprint Corporation. Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, its fighter brands, and rival smaller carriers such as SaskTel are among the providers in Canada.

Best Buy was named “Company of the Year” by Forbes magazine in 2004, “Specialty Retailer of the Decade” by Discount Store News in 2001, “America’s Most Generous Corporations” by Forbes in 2005 (based on 2004 giving).

“Most Admired Companies” by Fortune magazine in 2006, and “The Most Sustainable Company in the United States” by Barron’s in 2019. Hubert Joly is executive chairman of Best Buy after Corie Barry took over as CEO in June 2019.

Best Buy is the biggest specialized retailer in the United States consumer electronics retail market, according to Yahoo! Finance. The company was ranked 72 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest corporations in the United States by total revenue in 2018.

Best Buy Hours, Opening And Closing Times, Saturday And Holiday Hours

Before going to a Best Buy location, you should be aware of the hours of operation. Best Buy Today, Opening, Closing, Saturday, and Holiday Hours are also available. Best Buy is a 56-year-old multinational consumer electronics retailer based in the United States.

Richfield, Minnesota is where the company’s headquarters are situated. Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler established this electronics firm in 1966.

Hours of Best Buy

In a nutshell, Best Buy has over 1000 locations throughout the United States and Canada. The majority of Best Buy locations open at 10:00 a.m. and shut at 8:00 p.m. Most Best Buy locations are open 10 hours a day from Monday to Saturday.

In the table below, we’ve included Best Buy’s operation hours:

Best Buy Hours Opening Hours Closing Hours
1. Monday 10:00 AM 8:00/9:00 PM
2. Tuesday 10:00 AM 8:00/9:00 PM
3. Wednesday 10:00 AM 8:00/9:00 PM
4. Thursday 10:00 AM 8:00/9:00 PM
5. Friday 10:00 AM 8:00/9:00 PM
6. Saturday 10:00 AM 8:00/9:00 PM

There’s no need to be concerned because most Best Buy stores operate according to the above-mentioned schedule. The Best Buy The length of time that the business is open is determined by the location of the store.

Few places close at 7:00 p.m., and even fewer places shut at 8:00 p.m. You may do one thing before going to a nearby Best Buy store: call the customer care staff to get the most up-to-date working hours.


Best Buy was founded in 1966 by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler as an audio specialist business named Sound of Music. It is a Canadian retailer that formerly operated in China until February 2011 (when the faction merged with Five Star) and in Mexico until December 2020.

Holiday Hours At Best Buy In 2021

During all federal holidays, Best Buy opens all of its shops.

Date Holidays/Open
1. January 1 New Year’s Day
2. January 18 Martin Luther King Day
3. February 15 President’s Day
4. May 31 Memorial Day
5. July 4 Independence Day
6. September 6 Labor Day
7. October 11 Columbus Day
8. November 11 Veterans Day
9. November 25 Thanksgiving Day (Open at 5:00 PM and close at 10 PM)
10. December 25 Christmas Day (Closed)

Nearest Best Buy Store

You may use the official store finder to discover Best Buy locations near you. Simply input your Zip code, address, city name, or state name in the official shop locator search field and press the go button.

The store finder will provide a list of nearby Best Buy locations with information such as operating hours, address, and phone number when you click the Go button.

Maps by Google

One of the greatest services for finding nearby locations is Google Maps. Simply type Best Buy into the Google Maps search field. Nearby Best Buy Stores will be automatically shown on Google Maps. You may simply discover it near any place by using Google Maps.

Options & Benefits Of The Best Buy Credit Card

Best Buy provides two Citibank credit card options: a retail version that can only be used in Best Buy shops and a Visa-branded Best Buy credit card that can be used everywhere Visa is accepted.

Both the My Best Buy credit card and the My Best Buy Visa card earn Best Buy Rewards and provide flexible financing.

How To Do Payment With A Best Buy Credit Card

You have numerous alternatives for paying your My Best Buy credit card bill: online, by phone, through text, or by mail. The following are important for each payment option.

Login To Your Best Buy Credit Card

You’ll need to log in to your My Best Buy credit card account to pay your bill online. Here’s how to do it:

1. On Citibank’s website, go to the credit card registration page.

2. Give your credit card number, your name, the card’s security code, and your Social Security number’s last four digits.

3. You may use your user ID and password to log in to your Best Buy account online after you’ve enrolled.

4. Make a note of your checking account number and bank routing information. Then, to make the payment, just follow the steps.

Benefits Of Having A Credit Card

You may set up notifications and manage your account on the internet in addition to paying your bill.

1. Phone Payment On A Best Buy Credit Card

Citibank’s free, automated system enables you to make a payment on your Best Buy credit card account over the phone at 888-574-1301. To make the payment, you’ll need to submit your checking account information, bank routing number, and a valid check.

2. Text Payment On A Best Buy Credit Card

Another alternative is to send a text message to pay. It’s worth noting that sending and receiving SMS may incur charges from your telephone company. Here’s how to do it:

  • From the handset associated with your Best Buy account, text PAY to 819641.

  • You’ll need to confirm your identification before texting the amount you wish to pay and the account you’ll be playing from.

3. Payment On A Best Buy Credit Card By Mail

You’ll need to submit a check or money order, along with your account number, to pay your Best Buy credit card by mail. Depending on the sort of card you have, you’ll need to mail it to a different address.

Aspects Of Business Of Best Buy

In a noncommissioned sales atmosphere, Best Buy offers consumer electronics and a range of associated items, such as software, video games, music, mobile phones, digital cameras, vehicle stereos, video cameras, and household appliances (washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators).

1. Best Buy provides computer repair, warranty service, and accidental service plans under the Geek Squad brand.

2. Members of Best Buy may participate in an online community forum where they can share their product experiences, ask questions, and get responses from other members or store product specialists.

3. The entrance of Best Buy-branded shops is usually constructed to seem like a blue box coming from the structure, while the building exteriors are generally light brown.

4. From 2005 until March 2013, corporate staff was subjected to a results-only work environment, which was abandoned by Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly.

5. Best Buy has 1,026 Best Buy, 331 Best Buy Mobile, and 28 stand-alone Pacific Sales locations in the United States as of October 29, 2016.

6. In addition to 135 Best Buy and 53 Best Buy Mobile standalone locations in Canada, Best Buy also operated 18 Best Buy stores and 5 Best Buy Express stores in Mexico.

7. In April 2013, Best Buy announced its withdrawal from the European market.


The store finder will provide a list of nearby Best Buy locations with information such as operating hours, address, and phone number when you click the Go button. Citibank’s free, automated system enables you to make a payment on your Best Buy credit card over the phone at 888-574-1301.

Household Names For Best Buy

Best Buy also sells items under eight different house brands:

1. Dynex – offers low prices on Blu-ray players, data and power cables, HDTVs, office supplies, storage media, and webcams, among other items.

2. Init - Storage goods such as media storage, equipment bags, totes, and furniture for home theaters

3. Electronics, small appliances, and accessories such as adapters, cables, HDTVs, mini-refrigerators, and tablets are available from Insignia.

4. Magnolia Design Center (at certain Best Buy shops) Offers bespoke home theater design and installation.

5. Magnolia Home Entertainment (at certain Best Buy shops) — Offers high-end home theater equipment, including 4K, 3D, and big TVs, projectors, receivers, and speakers.

6. Modal — mobile accessories with a sense of styles, such as Bluetooth speakers, cords, and cases

7. High-end appliances are available through Pacific Sales (in some Best Buy shops).

8. Platinum — Highest-quality in-house brand for the corporation, creating several items, such as cables, mobile phone accessories, tablet accessories, and digital imaging equipment

9. Rocketfish — Cables for home theater setup and installation, as well as computer and gaming accessories.

10. Rocketfish Mobile — Cell phone covers, gel skins, clips, and chargers, as well as other high-end devices such as GPS.

Jobs With The Best Buy Hourly Rates

Employees at Best Buy earn an average of $14.17 per hour. Best Buy’s hourly compensation varies from $10.99 to $21.23 per hour on average.

Workers with the title Sales Supervisor at Best Buy earn the most, with an average hourly rate of $19.16, while Customer Service Associate employees earn the least, with an average hourly rate of $11.77.

1. Job Title Salary Range Average
2. Sales Consultant $10 - $17 $13
3. Sales Associate $10 - $16 $13
4. Customer Service Specialist $10 - $16 $12
5. Inventory Specialist $10 - $17 $13
6. Customer Service
Representative (CSR) $9 - $17 $13
7. Retail Sales Associate $12 - $19 $14
8. Computer Repair Technician $12 - $23 $16

Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask following questions.

1. How can I find out whether a product is available at Best Buy in Rapid City?

BestBuy will have the most up-to-date information on product availability. Keep checking back since product availability might change at any time. Throughout the season, statuses such as Sold Out and Check Stores may change.

Phone orders are not possible for products marked as Sold Out, In-Store Only, or Check Stores. Agents at the call center are unable to offer inventory level advice.

2. What is the best way to check the progress of my order?

Enter the order number (found in your purchase confirmation email), as well as your last name and phone number, on the Order Status page. After you sign in, you may also retrieve your orders from your Account overview if you have an account.

3. The item I’m looking for is no longer available in my local Best Buy in Rapid City or on BestBuy. Is there a different way to obtain it?

Especially during the Christmas season, inventory in stores and on BestBuy is regularly updated. In the event of a resupply, be sure to check back early and frequently.

4. I purchased a present that will need to be serviced or installed. When should I anticipate it to happen?

When arranging a service appointment, we will do our best to accommodate your requirements and will gladly reserve the most convenient, available appointment slot for you; however, for time-sensitive services/installations, we urge that you arrange as far in advance as possible.

Geek Squad Autotech Reservations allows you to see, plan, review, modify or reschedule car installation appointments. Please bear in mind that due to the increased demand for appointments around the holidays, appointment slots usually fill up rapidly.

5. What are Best Buy Rapid City stores’ holiday hours?

Best Buy shop hours in malls may vary depending on mall hours. Please check the store hours on the Rapid City Best Buy store web page for the most up-to-date information. BestBuy is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and provides free live chat help around the clock.

6. Why do best buy malls remain open?

Many Best Buy shops will be open for extended holiday hours to suit your schedule during the Christmas rush. Local legislation or landlord requirements may compel certain establishments to operate at various hours.

7. How did best buy started business?

Best Buy began as a small electronics business named Sound of Music in 1966. In 1983, the firm changed its name to Best Buy after expanding its product range to include household appliances and VCRs.

Best Buy, which is known for its warehouse-style stores and commission-free staff, now has over 1,200 locations in the United States.

8. How would you evaluate Best Buy - Rapid City?

From 14 reviews, Best Buy - Rapid City received 2.0 ratings.

9. Is identification required for purchases at Best Buy?

The new approach, which is currently in place in all of our Best Buy shops across the United States, requires customers to provide a valid picture ID card at the time of return.

10. Is it possible to return open-box products at Best Buy?

Customers can return practically any open box items (including open-box items, new, clearance, re-owned, and refurbished products) to Best Buy as long as they do so within the return and exchange period.


The Best Buy Rapid City, situated in Richfield, Minnesota, is a multibillion-dollar American consumer electronics company. It was founded in 1966 by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler as an audio specialist company called Sound of Music, and it was relaunched in 1983 under its current name with an emphasis on consumer electronics.

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