Beard line up

Beard Line up. For a perfect beard line up, trim and shave your beard with the right tools, following the right steps. For a cleaned perfect beard line up follow the steps mentioned below in the article and get a groomed look in no time.

beard line up

Best beard trimmers

Trimmer Blade Reviews
Philips Norelco Multi groom Series 3000 MG3750 Cheap but effective.
Wahl Aqua 9899 More power for thicker beards
Philips Norelco Multi groom Series MG7750 The best beard trimmer.
Wahl Peanut 8655 Compact, powerful, corded
Andis Slimline Pro 32400 Lithium Ion T-blade Trimmer

Beards are imperfect

Well, no offense, but that’s the matter of fact that the beards tend to grow imperfectly. Some of them lack thickness while others are super sparse. A well-lined up, perfect beard defines you as a groomed person. No matter how good your barber is at defining your neckline and cheek lines, you must also know how to take care of your mane.

Beard line-up tools

To carve out a straight neckline and perfect cheek lines, you need to have a steady hand and experience. Otherwise, your beard lineup tools would do no good.

Being a beards man means that you need to have an inexpensive and easy-to-use beard shaping tool kit. Given below is the list of the tools that are used to trim and shape your beard.


Beard trimmers or razors are one of the essentials you should have for your beard line up. For your convenience, we have provided you with the best trimmers available online and on the market.

Wide-toothed comb

There are three main types of combs widely used for beard line up. You can choose one according to your beard type and keep it in your Beard tool kit.

1: Fine-Toothed beard comb

This type of beard comb is done by men with shorter beards and mustaches. This comb tends to catch and snag your beard much easier than other types of beard combs.

2: Wide-toothed comb

This is the most common type of beard comb used by men. It has smooth, wide teeth that allow it to glide through your beard with lesser snags. We suggest you carry this one as your pocket comb to keep yourself tidy during the day.

3: Super wide-toothed comb

If you have a beard longer than a normally grown one, then prefer this type of comb. A Super wide-toothed comb is extremely effective to detangle the wildest beards. It works well for large beards especially when they are wet.

Small-sized scissors

You can either go for ordinary small-sized scissors to maintain your beard or choose any from the below list, as scissors are an important tool during beard line up to cut large hair.

  1. Suvorna Beard and Mustache Scissor kit
  2. Equinox Professional Razor Edge Shears
  3. Lucky Franc’s Trimming Scissors + Mustache Comb
  4. Japanese Stainless-Steel Razor Edge Scissors.
  5. Sanguine Beard Trimming Scissors.
  6. Suvorna Hoopoe 5″ Men’s Grooming Scissors.

Beardoholic All-in-one

This tool is one of its names when it comes to beard shaping. It comes with 5 different beards-shaping sides. Made up of 100% clear plastic, this tool lines up your beard by giving it a curve cut and step cut options. You can also use it to line up your goatee.

Aberlite beard line up tool

It is the most advanced beard line up tool. Aberlite comes with four different sides, giving you the option to choose the type of beard cut you want. It is made up of high-quality plastic.

You can line up your beard by giving it a gentle curve cut, straight step cut, and deep step cut.

It also has an anti-slip rubber affix to its center. This will give you a good grip on when to start your beard lining up.

Beard class beard line up tool

This beard line up tool is one of the best-selling and has positive reviews. It offers all the important edges curving and shaping.

With this brief introduction to beard shaping tools available on the market. Now let’s move towards the next step as mentioned below.

For a perfect beard line up, you need to have your handy tool kit. You can go for any of the above-mentioned tools that go best for you and are pocket friendly.

Clean your beard first

An important step before you start your beard line up is to clean it.

1: Shampoo your beard

First, rinse your beard with water and use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Rinse and dry your face with the help of a clean towel.

2: Let your beard dry

Whenever you start your beard line up, never begin with wet hair. Wet hair appears longer than dry hair and lining up a wet beard will lead to trimming too much hair. Let your beard hair air dry or use a hairdryer.

3: Comb your beard

For a proper beard line up, comb your hair thoroughly. With the help of a comb detangle your hair. Organize your hair in its usual place, this step will ensure a clean and even result.

4: Prepare your skin

Before you start your beard line up, apply translucent shaving cream and a good quality pre-shaving oil. The skin of your face and neck is really sensitive and you need to prepare it before you line up your beard.

It is necessary to prepare your face and beard first and then start grooming your mane.

Start your Beard line up

Follow this step-by-step guide to give your beard a proper line up.

Define your cheek line

From your sideburn to your mustache, imagine a straight line. This is your natural cheek line. This is a straight line that begins with your sideburn and ends at the edge of your mustache. If you think that you cannot create a straight imaginary line, then take a white pencil and an eyeliner and draw a straight line yourself.

Trim your beard

Once you draw a line, start trimming your beard carefully above the visualized cheek line. Then shave downwards and go with the smaller hair of your beard. Now starting with your sideburn, trim your beard down your face, right next to your mustache. Repeat the same process on the other side of your cheek.

Shave your neckline

visualize your beard line

Draw an imaginary line from a point where your beard begins on your neck. Imagine that this line runs from one ear to the other ear. Do not be shy to use a white pencil to draw this line.

Figure out the midpoint

Now take the two of your fingers and put them horizontally on your Adam’s apple. This is the midpoint of your neckline. This point is 1 to 1.5 inches above your Adam’s apple.

Start Shaving

Now, this is a good point to start shaving your neckline. Place your clipper right at this point and start shaving downward. Remove all the unnecessary hair from this area.

Now start from your freshly shaved point and continue to run your trimmer to the left and trim hair below the jawline. Repeat the same process on the right side and create a gentle curve.

With the help of your trimmer round the intersection where your sideburn and neckline meets. For an angular lineup skips this step.

Follow these steps and define a fine cheek and neckline. You can also use any safe trimmer and tools available to you if you don’t have one of those mentioned above.

Some commonly Frequently asked questions about the beard line up.

1: How often should you lineup your beard?

If you are looking forward to growing your beard, you won’t want to trim it more than once in two weeks until you get your desired length. Once you reach the beard length you want, you can up-trim it once a week to maintain it.

2: Should your beard follow your jawline?

Your beard should follow the line around without rounding too much. It shouldn’t be V-shaped, there should certainly be a hair under both sides of the jaw. Use either your razor or a small trimmer at points where the neckline requires neat work.

3: What is the most attractive beard length?

According to a 2013 study, the most attractive beard length is “heavy stubble,” and it comes after about 10 days of growth.

4: What do barbers spray-on hairline?

Black ice touch-up spray. This spray is trusted by barbers everywhere for touching up small areas and forming sharper lines.

5: What does a 6-month beard look like?

A 6-month beard is called the power beard. It’s thick, and about 3 inches (7,6 centimeters) long. It is big to the point that the front of your neck will no longer be visible.

6: What is a Viking beard?

Viking beards were initiated in Scandinavia and were worn by ancient Vikings from the 8th-11th century. It gave them a fierce and threatening battle-ready appearance. They were intended to keep Vikings warm in cold climates.

7: What is a French beard?

A French Beard, or a French cut beard or a goatee normally extends to the apex of the chin. Guys look cool with this style of beard.

8: Is stubble a beard?

On a man’s face, stubble isn’t quite a beard. Stubble feels rough, and it can be itchy.

9: How many months should I grow my beard?

A full beard can take 2 to 4 months to grow, as facial hair tends to grow between 0.3 and 0.5 mm every 24 hours. This makes somewhat between one-third and one-half an inch per month.

10: Will my beard fill out if I let it grow?

A patchy beard will fill itself in if you let your hair grow longer. This might mean growing an uneven beard in some spots, as you maintain the length of your mustache but let the cheeks grow in more.

11: How long is a beard after 1 year?

After a year of unceasing growth without any trimming, the average man has a beard of up to six inches in length


You can get a perfect beard line up with the above-mentioned tools and steps. To keep your beard tidy, there is a need for a trim every two days. It will keep your cheek line and neckline defined. But if your hair grows very fast, you might need to follow these steps daily. If you prefer a natural beard line up then do this after every three to four days.

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