Bat Winged Eyeliner

Bat Winged Eyeliner is a makeup technique for hood shaped eyes that allows you to get a winged-out cat-eye that matches your crease shape. Eyeliner is a basic component that may make a significant effect. A little color on your lash line may help to accentuate the color, shape, and overall style of your eyes.

Bat Winged Eyeliner

How To Apply Batwing Eyeliner

Step 1: Make Sure To Prime Eyelids

Make your eyelid smooth and evenly toned with a strong coverage and long-lasting concealer. It should be blended all across the lid and to the level of eyebrow.

Step 2: Powder The Primer

To set the concealer, apply a loose or setting powder. Select a translucent powder if you want or a color that closely resembles your even skin tone.

Step 3: Draw A Wing

Draw a wing from the outside edge of the eye out and up towards the outer brow using a black eyeliner pencil. Looking straight ahead and keeping both eyes open is the best method to achieve this. It’s OK if things aren’t ideal right now!

4th Step: Make A Lash Line

With the same pencil, connect the top lash line to the outside wing. Use shadow brush in angled shape to merge the lines for a clean, consistent line.

Step 5: Draw A Point That Is Properly Angled

Sketch an angled line emerging from the edge of the outside wing to the crease of eye to fill properly in the relevant “point.” Use an angled brush to fine-tune the shape.

Step 6: Enhance The Impact With Liquid Liner

Now, for added intensity, trace your bat wing with a black liquid liner for even more inky richness and lasting power. A look at this graphic necessitates a generous application of thick, black mascara, so use liberally!

Top Bat-Winged Eyeliners For Various Eye Types

Following are some top bat winged eyeliner for various eye types:

1. Small-Eyed Winged Eyeliner

If you have close-set eyes, artist recommends drawing a double-wing around them to bring out their attractiveness.

  • After drawing a liner along your top lash line, make a little flick outward.

  • Apply liner to the lower lash line in the same manner, but just as far as the center of your eye, otherwise you’ll end up with even closer-set eyes.

  • Dab a little concealer between the wings to make them stand out even more.

2. For Round Eyes, Use A Winged Eyeliner.

You have round eyes if you can easily stare your iris. Artist advises drawing at a downward angle toward the eye’s outer tip using a brush and eyeshadow in cream texture or eyeliner, starting from the outside corner.

Stop your eye at the center of the lid at the point of pupil when you look straight apply the eyeliner inside the eye.

3. Winged Eyeliner With Downward turned Eyes

The corners of your eyes tilt toward your cheekbones if you have downturned eyes. For downturned eyes, Lavonne suggests a delicate line of eyeliner starting from the inner to outer corner. Extend your wing toward the crease, using your brow as a reference (don’t go any farther!).

Choose a stunning color that complements your irises to give a splash of color to your overall appearance.


Bat winged eyeliner is a makeup technique for hood typed eyes. It allows you to get a cat like eye that matches your shape of crease. For more inky richness and lasting power, try a liquid eyeliner! If you have almond eyes, Lavonne suggests a delicate line of eyeliner starting from the inside corner across the lash line.

Bat Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

When people struggle to get a eyeliner look like batwing, this is because of the reason of having hooded type eyes that which cause the outline to smudge.

The key to apply eyeliner is to open the eye and look straight. This will give you the required wing tip. To be certain, this is not a negative situation.

Eyeliner is a very simple component that may have a big impact. Whether you’re looking for a conventional cat-eye or a more modern neon appearance, a little color on lash line of eye assist to enhance the color, shape, and overall style of your eyes.

However, unless you keep the surgical touch, it may be uneasy to perfect, mostly in case of hooded type eye.

Various Styles For Hooded Type Eyes With Bat Winged Eyeliner

Hooded type eyes with batwing eyeliner may be created in many ways:

1. Eyeliner With Traditional Look

Bat winged eyeliner gives a traditional look which is decent and classy in appearance.

2. Eyeliner With Foggy Bated Wings

Hughes, the creator of batwing eyeliner, understands how to apply it in both translucent and opaque ways. She created a look comparable to normal eyeliner formulae by using eyeshadow with a makeup excavator.

3. Eyeliner In Sheer Shaped Grey Bat Wings

Keep in mind that a proper lining of lid doesn’t always mean using liquid or crayon black eyeliner. Wet an eyeshadow brush with water and dip the brush in the desired color before applying it. Cotton pads soaked in water work wonders for cleaning.

How To Apply Baked Eyeliner To Dark Brown Eyes

Baked eyeliner is one of those techniques that need the effort to perfect. However, once learned, it is rather simple to put on. However, patience is required since you must wait for the eyeliner to dry before adding more coats.

The method of baked eyeliner. Here are the fundamentals of baking eyeliner:

1. Apply a thin coating of creamy eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye outward.

2. Make certain that there are no gaps between your eyeliner and your lashes.

3. Then, proceed to the top lid.

4. Then, using your finger, softly drag the eyeliner down along the bottom of lash line.

5. Steps 1 through 4 should be repeated until you reach the outer corners of the eye.

6. Finally, apply eyeliner to the top lash line and brush it upwards.


Eyeliner is a basic component that may make a significant effect. Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock ‘N’ Kohl Eyeliner Pencil and Em Cosmetics’ Matte Gel Pencil are two of our favorites for winged eyeliner. The secret is to apply eyeliner with your eyes open and looking straight ahead. Baked eyeliner is one of those techniques that need the effort to perfect.

Eyeliner With Wing For Tiny Eyes

Winging one’s lids is simpler than one may think for persons with tiny or narrow eyes. Begin by tracing around your lower eyelid. Then, join the outer and inner edges together.

When you’re finished, fill in the space between the two edges. You’ll notice that darker colors flow better than lighter colors. When you’re finished, use a tissue to remove any extra product. After that, blot your face and wash away any excess product. You are now ready to go.

Winged Eyeliner For Downturned Eyes

Fill in the space between your brows and your lower lash line to create a natural-looking wing. * Start at the bridge of your nose and conclude to the end of your eyebrow with a thin line.

  • Add another lineup from your hairline to meet the first. Add a third line to connect both lines.

  • Use a dark brown liner to fill in the space between your eyes and your lower lashline. Finally, apply mascara.

Here are some pointers on how to make a natural-looking wing:

1. When applying wing makeup, use a delicate touch.

2. Apply shadow beneath your eyes to make them stand out.

3. Apply mascara just to your upper lash line. Instead, apply a clear gloss to add sparkle to your eyes.

4. If you wear spectacles, use black eyeliner rather than brown.

5. Choose a matte lipstick over a sparkly one.

Eyeliner With Foggy Bat Wings

To get the effect seen above, begin with a clean, moistened eyeliner brush. Then, dip the tip of the brush into a pot of black liquid eyeliner. Smear the color on your lid with the brush back and forth.

Once you’ve gotten the desired result, set the brush aside and let the eyeliner dry fully. After it has dry, coat the lashes with mascara using a flat top mascara wand.

Apply a second coat of mascara to the bottom half of your lashes. Use clear mascara to coat the upper part of your lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have these questions usually.

1. Is it right that winging your eyeliner will make eyes appear bigger?

Winged eyeliner (Makeup for big eyes) may be useful to make the eyes seem [larger]. If your eyes are small, prohibit the eyeliner application on your top lashes since it make them more smaller.

2. Is a wing liner OK for hooded typed eyes?

You are a person with hood typed eyes if the line of crease of your upper eyelid is not visible while you open your eyes. Don’t worry, perfect wing eyeliner application to hooded eyelids is simple. To avoid the liner being concealed by the eyelid, make the outer tip of the wing where the hood begins.

3. Can winged eyeliner be used on all eyes?

Then you should be familiar with all of the variants of this trendy eye makeup trend. Winged eyeliner is something that anybody and everyone can use since it can define your eyes like no other.

4. What is the definition of batwing eyeliner?

Consider using bat-wing shaped eyeliner (though we don’t advise drawing the fearsome animal too close to the eye). Bat-winged eyeliner is a hood typed eye makeup method that gives you a winged cat shaped eye that complements your crease.

5. Is winged eyeliner a thing of the past?

The winged shaped eyeliner style is famous for a long time; the appearance is old and in need of a refresh in 2021. Instead of aiming to get perfectly cat shaped eye, try floating eyeliner. Yes, you read that correctly.

6. What do you name the eyeliner wings?

Winged eyeliner, popularly known as a “cat shaped eye,” is maybe the most traditional beauty style in history.

7. What sort of wing should you have on your eyeliner?

A thin winged appearance is good. Lavonne suggests using a liquid liner to get the appearance. With a monolid, you don’t have much room, so make the most of it by ensuring the liner is crisp and straight.

8. Is it true that eyeliner makes you seem older or younger?

The severe liner on just the lower eyelid makes your eyes seem smaller and bottom-heavy, making you appear weary and older.

9. What exactly is butterfly eyeliner?

Butterfly eye makeup has grown in popularity. It’s simply the use of winged eyeliner with multi-colored eyeshadow to mimic the appearance of a butterfly. One look at this trend may make you think you need Michelangelo’s creative talents to pull it off.


Winged bat Eyeliner is a hooded eye makeup technique that enables you to get a winged-out cat-eye that fits the contour of your crease. Eyeliner is a simple component that may have a big impact. A dash of color along your lash line may serve to draw attention to the color, shape, and general style of your eyes.

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