John W Creasy

John W Creasy is the main protagonist of the 1980 novel series and thriller-drama movie Man on Fire. He was portrayed by Scott Glenn in the 1987 film adaptation and by Denzel Washington in 2004 movie.

He wrote under a pseundonym because he didn’t want the ■■■■■ to target him. “Marcus Creasy” of the novel originally went on a rampage in Italy, as revenge against the ■■■■■. In the novel, Creasy originates from the U.S. state of Tennessee. He served in the French Foreign Legion before becoming Pinta’s bodyguard.

Quinnell based Creasy on several people he knew from Africa and Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s. He imagined that Creasy would look like actor Robert Mitchum and in the novel, “Pinta”, the girl he was to keep safe, was raped and murdered by the ■■■■■, and Creasy finished his rampage by killing the don of the ■■■■■, where he lives in Gozo for the rest of his life.

Is the Man on Fire movie based on a true story?

Several crew members were shot with rifles during the making of this film. Man on Fire (2004) is based on A.J. quinnel. Fuentes was based on a real person who was the commander of the anti-kidnapping squad in Mexico.

Who is John Creasy based on?

Quinnell based Creasy on several people he knew from Africa and Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s and imagined Creasy looking like actor Robert Mitchum.

How does Creasy die in Man on Fire?

While in the movie Pita survives the kidnapping and Creasy eventually dies, in the novel Pita is killed by the kidnappers and Creasy survives. (Author A.J. Quinnell wrote four more novels with Creasy and was working on a sixth when he died in 2005).

What happened to John Creasy?

After years of dirty work as a marine and then as a CIA ■■■■■■■■ (revealed on his resume as a former CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer (SAD / SOG) and former Marine Force Reconnaissance Specials officer), John Creasy is exhausted and virtually ■■■■ inside.

Was Creasy a real person?

The real John W. Creasy is a retired CIA operator and Force Recon Marine officer, and now a mercenary. Daniel Rosas Sánchez The Voice is based on a real kidnapper, Daniel Arizmendi López. Like the real Arizmendi López, La Voz believes in Santa Muerte.

Where does Dakota Fanning come from?

Conyers, Georgia, USA.

Who killed Jordan Calf?

Samuel Ramos (Anthony) accepted the kidnapping when attorney Jordan Kalfus (Rourke) promised to get insurance to pay off his father’s debts. After the exchange fails, Samuel Jordan commits suicide and commits suicide for the girl’s daughter.

Why did the father kidnap the girl in Man on Fire?

Answer: He was planning to kidnap Pitas for the insurance money. Samuel Ramo’s father had died and the family was deeply in debt. Ramos decides to kidnap his daughter because insurance money is a good idea. Of course, things are terribly wrong.

How old was Dakota Fanning in Man on Fire?

Dakota Fanning was 9 years old in Man on Fire when she played the Lupita Pita character Martin Ramos. She happened over 16 years ago, in 2004. She Now she is 25 and has appeared in 46 of the 33 films since Man on Fire came out.

Why does Man on Fire have the R?

Probably extreme torture graphics, finger amputations, graphic blood, ■■■ murder, arm amputations from shotgun blast, don’t forget the microbomb guys. (USA) MPAA / for Man On Fire (2004): rated R for language and strong violence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Is the movie Man on Fire based on a true story?

The film, Man on Fire, is not directly taken from a true story but instead inspired by a novel of the same name written by A.J. Quinnell and adapted for the big screen by Brian Helgeland and Tony Scott. The second event that inspired the novel was the kidnapping of J. Paul Getty’s grandson.

Q: Is John Creasy based on a real person?

Was John Creasy real? Yes, John Creasy was a real character who was a Former CIA operative and ■■■■■■■■. Creasy came to Mexico City to meet his brother-in-arms, Paul Rayburn.

Q: Where was Man on Fire filmed?

The movie was shot in five months in Mexico City.

Q: How tall is Denzel Washington?

Denzel Washington is 1.85 m tall.

Q: How old is Denzel Washington?

Denzel Washington is 66 years old (December 28, 1954).


Quinnell based Creasy on several people he knew from Africa and Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s and imagined Creasy looking like actor Robert Mitchum.

John W Creasy. John Creasy is a person in the film Man on Fire. He is played by Denzel Washington in the film. Certain individuals have hypothesized that John Creasy may be a mixture of two unique individuals. One is Frank Horrigan and Howard E. Wasdin who resigned as a Navy SEAL Commander in the wake of presenting with unique excellence for a long time.

John Creasy Biography

John Creasey was brought into the world in 1908 in Surrey, England, into a group of nine kids. Before his demise in 1973, Creasey composed north of 600 books under in excess of 10 unique pen names, strikingly not quite the same as the following.

These books included such series as Gideon of Scotland Yard, The Toff, and The Baron. By 1935, Creasey’s composing turned into his primary concentration and in 1962 the Mystery Writers of America offered him the Edgar Award for best novel and afterward the Grand Master Award in 1969.

His compositions have sold north of 80 million duplicates in excess of 100 nations just as across 29 dialects. Notwithstanding composing work, Creasey’s accounts have become TV programs, radio series, and component films, which have additionally sold around the world.

John Creasey’s own life was pretty much as actually different as his expert life. He was hitched multiple times and represented parliament multiple times, but while at his high point he actually figured out how to sell more than 1 million books each year. Now and again, he was composing 30-40 books every year.

Appearances of John Creasy

Sr. No Films
1 Man on Fire (1980)
2 The Perfect Kill (1992)
3 The Blue Ring (1993)
4 Black Hor (1994)
5 Message From Hel (1996)

Man on Fire - Frank Horrigan

The book “The President’s Club” is the reason for the film Man on Fire. In this story, John Creasy experiences an individual misfortune that renders him genuinely helpless. He later lives in Mexico City and engages with Pita Ramos, who psychological oppressors have kidnaped after she observes them killing her dad.

The ruffians have given a final offer to deliver a portion of their men in return for delivering Pita. In any case, they won’t stick to these requests. Carl Strickland, a previous CIA specialist, moves toward his close buddy Frank Horrigan to protect her.

He is wary as he most likely is aware of how much exertion was expected to find him. Furthermore, along these lines starts an enthusiastic excursion of saving the young lady that is very therapeutic for Creasy. John gradually starts to recuperate from his misfortune.

Man on Fire - Howard Wasdin

Howard E. Wasdin’s story unfurls along these lines. He likewise goes through a sincerely trying period in the wake of understanding a few things about himself and what hinted at it during his experience as a Navy SEAL serving at Mogadishu, Somalia (Black Hawk Down episode).

This drives him down the way of addiction. Afterward, he procures a good release from administration with PTSD or a Post-horrible pressure problem. His condition incorporates self-destructive considerations.

He then, at that point, chooses to transform himself around by ditching drinking out of the blue when he awakens with the desire to get a glass of bourbon one day.

He then, at that point, concludes that there is something truly off base and finds support from his better half. She urges him to see a therapist where he begins taking drugs for PTSD, in addition to other things.

Howard E. Wasdin

Frank Horrigan depended on Howard E. Wasdin, while John Creasy was inexactly founded on the two men. In any case, Creasy essentially drew motivation from Howard E. Wasdin. Many individuals have conjectured this over the long haul since the two of them appear to be comparable in numerous ways, other than their tactical foundation.

Is John W Creasy a Real Person?

Indeed. John W Creasy is a combination of two individuals, the two agents in the CIA and the military.

He was a blend of the two men, while the person in Man on Fire depends essentially on Howard E. Wasdin. You can see this through flashbacks and his time recuperating from PTSD.

There is likewise some impact by Frank Horrigan who additionally helps salvage Pita alongside him. Horrigan helps since they are lifelong companions, having recently served at Mogadishu, Somalia, during the Black Hawk Down episode. This episode is the place where Horrigan lost a large portion of his men to wounds or passing.

This occasion damaged him profoundly. However, this doesn’t prevent them from being companions after such a long time despite what occurred there. For sure, the occurrence had caused such countless losses among their colleagues in those days. He later gets involved when Carl Strickland approaches him about saving Pita.


Featuring Denzel Washington, ‘Man on Fire’ is an activity thrill ride that follows the narrative of a man who fills in as the guardian of a nine-year-old young lady. At the point when she is captured by the Mexican he leaves on a killing binge where any individual who had a say in the jacking is made to pay for it.

The true story behind “Man on fire”

The film, Man on Fire, isn’t clearly taken from a certified story yet fairly roused by a novel of a comparative name formed by A.J. Quinnell and adapted to the big screen by Brian Helgeland and Tony Scott.

English thrill ride author, Phillip Nicholson, utilized the pseudonym, ‘A.J. Quinnell’, to compose his clever Man on Fire, which was enlivened by two genuine occasions.

The primary occasion spun around the seizing of a Singaporean money manager’s oldest child, who was held for recovery by The Triad. The financial specialist would not pay the payoff on the off chance that his different youngsters became targets. His child was subsequently killed in light of the refusal; however, his different youngsters were not generally hurt.

The second occasion that enlivened the novel was the capturing of J. Paul Getty’s grandson. Getty was known as probably the most extravagant man on the planet around then and his grandson was hijacked while he was in Rome and held for a payoff of 17 million dollars.

Getty would not pay too to secure his 13 grandkids, yet he was additionally dubious that his grandson had organized the payment jacking to get the cash for himself. Nonetheless, when Getty accepted his grandson’s ear via the post office, he consented to pay a piece of the payoff, and his grandson was delivered five months after his underlying abducting.

The motivation behind the person

A few genuine occasions propelled the book. The first is the seizing of the oldest child of a rich Singaporean man, and the man didn’t pay the payment, which brought about the demise of his child. The subsequent occasion was the grabbing of the grandson of Paul Getty in Rome.

Philip Nicholson drew the essential system of his novel from these genuine cases; it assisted him with building his original’s setting and making a grasping account. The story follows the narrative of John Creasy, an ex-CIA specialist presently transformed into a full-time hired soldier whom an affluent Italian man recruits to fill in as a protector for his little girl, Pita.

The original got a few good approvals and has been adjusted into two movies, one out of 1987 and one more in 2004. The two films mistreated the plot. The principal film transformation got a few awful surveys and wasn’t a triumph.

The last option is viewed as a vastly improved film as the general topic was nearer to the novel than the more established film. So, was john w creasy propelled by a genuine story? Indeed, John w Creasy was particularly motivated by a genuine individual. Purportedly, he was a previous CIA usable and later a professional killer.

Foundation data of john w creasy

Composed by English creator Philip Nicholson, John w Creasy starts from the province of Tennessee. He is dauntless, heartless, and holds his dedication to the perfect individuals. He served in the French Foreign Legion for quite a while before turning into Pinta’s protector. Quinnell put together Creasy concerning a few groups he knew and accumulated data from their encounters in the Vietnam War.

A few realities about the 1987 film adaption

Maker Arnon Milchan needed Robert De Niro as the main man in the film.

Chief Tony Scott was the first decision to coordinate this film, yet later, he was supplanted by French chief Élie Chouraqui, who coordinated the 2004 adaption of the book.

The screenplay of this first adaption went through a few changes, which brought about a terrible film.

The film acquired horrible surveys upon its delivery and was viewed as a sub-optimal item.

### A few realities about the 2004 film adaption

The 2004 film renames Pinta’s personality to “Lupita” because the term Lupita implies whore in the Mexican language.

This film has entertainer Denzel Washington playing the personality of John W. Creasy and entertainer Dakota Fanning playing Lupita (Pita).

Entertainer Dakota Fanning was feeling the loss of her teeth during the recording. After an extraordinary conversation, the movie producers chose to keep it for what it’s worth and rejected utilizing counterfeit teeth.

Dakota took piano examples for her personality.

The personality of Rayburn was initially going to be played by entertainer Marlon Brandon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many individuals pose inquiries about Jhon Creasy. A few inquiries are Given below with their responses.

1. Who is the genuine John W Creasy?

Indeed, John Creasy was a genuine person who was a Former CIA usable and professional killer. Creasy came to Mexico City to meet his faithful comrade, Paul Rayburn. While in Mexico, Creasy attempts to commit suicide.

2. Is the Man on Fire in light of a genuine story?

The film, Man on Fire, isn’t clearly taken from a certified story yet fairly roused by a novel of a comparative name formed by A.J. Quinnell and adapted to the big screen by Brian Helgeland and Tony Scott.

3. What happened John Creasy?

Creasy goes to Kalfus ’ home just to think that he is shot dea in his pool. Creasy and Lisa Ramos drive to the gathering spot and the trade happens, where he bids farewell to Pita.

4. How did Creasy respond?

Furthermore, in the book, “Pinta”, the young lady he was to be careful, was assaulted and killed by the afia, and Creasy completed his frenzy by killing the wear of the afia, where he resides Gozo for the remainder of his life.

5. Does Man on Fire have a spin-off?

His most recent film, The Equalizer, looks cleverly like his past work: a terse Washington character with conceivable military preparation becomes connected to and salvages a youthful, honest young lady. It’s essentially a continuation of Man on Fire.

6. What befell Creasy in Man on Fire?

While in the film Pita endures the grabbing and Creasy bites the dust toward the end, in the clever Pita is killed by the criminals and Creasy gets by. (Creator A.J. Quinnell composed four additional books including Creasy and was dealing with a 6th at the hour of his demise in 2005).

7. How old is John Creasy?

John Creasey MBE (17 September 1908 - 9 June 1973) was an English wrongdoing essayist, additionally composing sci-fi, sentiment, and western books, who composed more than 600 books utilizing 28 unique pen names.

8. Does Dakota Fanning act?

Dakota Fanning addresses an uncommon variety of entertainers who started as a kid star and effectively progressed into a similarly encouraging grown-up ability. The Alienist is only one of Dakota Fanning’s new undertakings that have acquired the entertainer new fans and admirers.

9. Who is the young lady in Man on Fire?

Dakota Fanning was brought into the world on February 23, 1994, in Conyers, Georgia. She handled her first business at 5 years of age and acquired a Screen Actors Guild Award for her work with Sean Penn on I Am Sam.

10. Is there going to be a book of Eli 2?

Given the achievement of the principal film, it appears to be without a doubt that it will get a continuation. As of now, Netflix hasn’t made an authority declaration about a spin-off of Eli, however, it’s moderately early given that the film was delivered in October of 2019.

11. For what reason did Samuel Ramos consent to the capturing?

Samuel admits to Creasy and Lisa that he consented to Kalfus’ arrangement to organize Pita’s capturing, so he could take care of business obligations by falsely gathering the protection cash.


The person is very renowned among the majority is as yet associated with their brave attributes. It attracts equals to the next brave characters of the 80s like Rambo, Tony Montana, and so forth this large number of characters are known for their no mentality and boldness.He was made by English writer Philip Nicholson, composing as A. J. Quinnell. He composed under an alias he didn’t need the afia to target him. “Marcus Creasy” of the novel initially went out of control in Italy, as vengeance against the afia.