Albina Dzhanabaeva Personal life

Albina Dzhanabaeva was brought into the world in April 1979 in Volgograd. He is half Kazakh by nationality. His father Boris Khabdishevich Dzhanabaev was a geologist, more than once Albina went on an expedition with him.

Albina Dzhanabaeva Personal life

Later, the head of the family decided to dedicate more time to the family and their three children: the daughters Albina, Katya, and their son Boris. Therefore, he changed jobs and got a job as a driver for KamAZ on a poultry farm in Volgograd.

Childhood and youth

Albina Dzhanabaeva was the eldest daughter, so she often had to look after younger children, instead of running with her friends to the movies or walking around town. Mom Irina Petrovna disappeared at work. She worked at the Akhtuba Radio Measurement Plant and worked as a salesperson.

Dzhanabaeva wanted to sing more than anything else. In her youth, when Albina went from being a girl to a girl, everyone began to notice her charm and model data. At the age of 14, on the advice of her friends, the beauty participated for the first time in a beauty contest. More than once he won awards from the public. Dzhanabaeva realized that she could achieve much better success when she left the provincial city: from Volgograd, the family moved to the working town of Gorodishche.


In the capital, Albina Dzhanabaeva, 17, entered the Gnesins School of Music. He had no money for expensive metropolitan life and for a rented apartment. Therefore, the girl lived in a noisy hostel and tried to earn everything she could. He took part in various theatrical performances: first among the crowd, then small roles were entrusted to him. Beautiful girl with pleasure took to appear in commercials.

After graduating from Gnesinka, the singer had the opportunity to work abroad. She was offered to sign a worthwhile agreement with a Korean theater: Albina Dzhanabaeva needed to sing in the melodic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” for a very long time, where she was dependent on the job of an outsider. They had to sing in Korean.

Film and television projects

It should be noted that the cinematographic biography of Albina Dzhanabaeva is much more extensive than her discography. The singer made her film debut in 1998, starring in the film “Forest Swamps.” Since 2000, he has appeared in the films DMB-002, The Lion’s Share, Star Holidays, Hold Me Tight, and Operation Righteous.
The drama “Betrayal” became a big project in the artist’s filmography. Franziska Petri, Dejan Lilich, and Andrei Shchetinin additionally featured in the account of the affection polygon. The film was introduced at the 69th Venice Film Festival.

Personal life

Albina Dzhanabaeva’s personal life has always been under the scrutiny of paparazzi and fans. In fact, in 2003, shortly after the singer began working with Valery Meladze as a showgirl, rumors began to circulate about a romantic relationship between a star and a young beauty.

Furthermore, when Dzhanabaeva brought forth her first kid, Konstantin, the embarrassment couldn’t be maintained a strategic distance from. The journalists of “Viagryanka” spoke of the paternity of Meladze, with whom Albina had no relationship.

Albina Dzhanabaeva now

Now the singer successfully continues her solo career. In 2017, Albina presented a new single “Sharp as a Razor”, which was written for her by Artem and Daria Orlova.
Albina Dzhanabaeva - “Sharp as a razor”
In the fall, the hit “Most Important” appeared in Dzhanabaeva’s repertoire. The artist performed the second song in duet with. The number of views of the video clip of a hit 3 months after its launch on YouTube was 1.3 million.

Fame and betrayal

Valery Meladze got noticed after participating in Alla Pugacheva’s “Christmas Meetings”. The creative tandem with his composer brother turned out to be a great success: rehearsals, performances, and tours began.

Irina saw her husband less and less at home, but she believed that this was in the order of things: she was engaged in creativity and earned money, she is dedicated to the home and children. At that time, Inga had younger sisters, Sophia and Arina.


  1. 2005 - Diamonds

  2. 2006 - “LML”

  3. 2007 - Kisses

  4. 2008 - “Emancipation”

Wrapping Up

There is a lot of talk about Valery Meladze’s divorce. But the singer himself has not yet commented on this fact. The “7D” correspondent went on tour with Valery to find out the details; after all, Meladze is hard to find in Moscow.