Commercial Risks

Commercial Risks,

Commercial Risks: What is the Meaning of Commercial Risks?

  • Risks arising from the operation of non-profit organizations and tax havens (as opposed to personal and domestic risks).

Literal Meanings of Commercial Risks


Meanings of Commercial:
  1. Interested or dedicated to negotiations.

  2. Try to make a profit.

  3. (TV or radio) Radio provides financial support with advertising revenue.

  4. (Chemical) is supplied in bulk and not in high purity.

  5. Television or radio commercials.

Sentences of Commercial
  1. Business agreement

  2. Commercial products

  3. The adventure is described by the film crew in a documentary film that can be shown on commercial and satellite television channels throughout Italy.

  4. According to James, gardening in the broadest sense means that organic gardening can be done without the help of commercial chemicals.

  5. Its mass marketing includes print, radio and television commercials.

Synonyms of Commercial

money-oriented, mercantile, commercialized, display, promotion, merchant, mercenary, advertisement, profit-oriented, sales, private enterprise, trade, trading, business, materialistic


Meanings of Risks:
  1. Loss, loss or exposure of loss (to someone or something of value).

Synonyms of Risks

bet, possibility, menace, hazard, wager, danger, threat, venture, prospect, fear, peril, probability, chance, put in jeopardy, expose to danger, put in danger, put at risk, put on the line, imperil, endanger, likelihood, gamble with, take a chance with, jeopardize