480 Area Code

480 area code serves the Maricopa country Arizona. Maricopa County is in the south-central section of Arizona. A 19 mile drive from Phoenix, and 314 from Las Vegas. Area cod 480 serves the northern and eastern portions of Phoenix.

Area Code 480

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Area Code 480
State Arizona
Top Country Maricopa
Population 4.485 million
Time zone (UTC-7)
Area 23,890 km²

North American area code 480 serves the eastern and northern halves of Phoenix’s metropolitan region, respectively. A three-way split of 602 was made on April 1, 1999, when it became clear that the Valley of the Sun was developing too quickly to be contained inside one area code.

Area codes 480 and 623 cover the East Valley, while area codes 602 and 603 cover most of the West Valley and Phoenix itself. As of the year 2000, 602 has exhausted its supply of phone numbers barely four years after the rest of the state was split off into area code 520. As originally planned, 480 would have been a city-wide overlay code, covering all of Phoenix.

There was a lot of resistance to overlays at the time because of the possibility for geographic ambiguity and the need for ten-digit dialing. An alternative three-way geographic split was decided, 480 of which went to East Valley residents.

Except for a small section west and south of the I-10 Broadway Curve that remained in the 602 code), Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, Apache Junction.

And newer unincorporated communities in some far northwest Pinal County which are becoming part of the Greater Phoenix metropolitan region due to heavy draught, the 480 area code covers the entire region. There are also pagers for the Iridium satellite phone service with area code 480.

There are three Valley area codes, which make up one of the largest local speaking regions in Western United States. Valley-to-Valley long-distance costs are rare except in a few cases. A considerable portion of the Valley, even after it was separated into three area codes, continues to be a major market hub for Phoenix.

Prior to October 2021, area code 480 had 988 central office phone numbers. In 2020, the National Action Lifeline adopted 988 as its national dialing number, causing a problem for exchanges that allow seven-digit dialing… As a result, this area code was slated for a ten-digit dialing shift on October 24, 2021.

By the first quarter of 2024, area code 480 is scheduled to be exhausted. 602 is expected to be depleted around 2026. It is predicted that 623 would not exhaust until 2069, although 480 and 602 have more than 700 central office codes allocated in 2021.

Arizona’s telecommunications sector suggested to the Arizona Corporation Commission that area codes 480 and 623 be abolished, establishing a three-code overlay complex and permitting the assignment of new numbers (mainly from 623) throughout Phoenix’s rate center.


This would save two area codes and last 26 years, instead of 35 years for the launch of innovative area codes. It was authorized by the Corporation Commission on November 9th, 2021. An initial six-month period of permissible 10-digit dialing in the 602 and 623 area codes would begin at some time in January 2023, ahead of the overlay’s effective date in August of that year.

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:eight_pointed_black_star: History Of Maricopa - Area Code 480

History Of Maricopa

When Maricopa was first established, it was referred to as “Maricopa Junction,” but the name was eventually changed to “Maricopa.” There were many drinking holes eight miles north of Maricopa, Arizona, and little over a mile west of Pima Butte, where it was first established as an oasis.

Maricopa Wells was the name given to the well by European-American traders and tourists. An abundance of water was given by several Arizona rivers during this time period: Gila, Santa Cruz, Vekol, and Santa Rosa rivers.

Despite its demise, this once-bustling town played a significant role in the growth and development of the South of the country. During this time, it was one of the most popular sites in Arizona since it had a steady supply of water and an abundance of food. Local Pima and Maricopa farmers supplied goods to migrant and visitor communities nearby.

Following the completion of a railroad connection connecting this terminus with Phoenix, the area south and west of the Wells became known as Maricopaville.

In 1879, the Southern Pacific Train was building a railroad line from Yuma to Tucson, and a second line from Maricopaville, which would wrap around the western edge of South Mountain into Phoenix, was in the works at the same time.

  • It was in the 1870s when Maricopa Wells had its most profitable era of time. During this period, the Wells Trading Post offered water and food for both east–west and north–south travellers.

Roads created by James A. Moore, owner of Maricopa Wells, were excellent, and the town was always bustling with business.

  • Officials agreed to this. location of Maricopa) in early 1880s, a hamlet known as Maricopaville was established to accommodate the Maricopa & Phoenix line, which was originally supposed to travel north through Kyrene and Tempe.

  • On July 4, 1887, the first train from Maricopa to Phoenix left the station and arrived in Phoenix. A stop in Maricopa was mandatory for all east–west rail travellers; those who desired a northward journey were forced to change trains.

  • On October 15, 2003, Maricopa became the 88th incorporated city in the state of Arizona. There was a 4080 percent rise in the city’s population between 2000 and 2010, from 1,040 to 43,482.

It was like a gold rush California town when the train arrived in Maricopa Ville, with workers working around the clock to create everything from taverns and saloons to warehouses and restaurants. Maricopa Ville, with its tens of thousands of residents and convenient location, was considered an appropriate location for the state capital at the time.

A train connection connecting Maricopa Ville with Phoenix was never completed, though. A station on the train line was also a goal for Tempe, which pressed the territory’s administration to have one.


For the first time in Maricopa’s history, population estimates authorised by the US Census Bureau and the Arizona State Demographer’s Office put the population at 51,977. For the first time ever in Pinal County, Maricopa surpassed Casa Grande as Pinal County’s most populated incorporated community, and it is now the second-most populous community overall, after the unincorporated San Tan Valley in Pinal County.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Things to Do in Maricopa Arizona

Maricopa has a plethora of activities to keep you entertained. Exploring the downtown area in search of museums and stores is an excellent idea or the next delectable dish on the menu What catches your attention? Have you heard about the delicious five-course meal at the restaurant you’ve been hearing so much about?

Alternatively, you could want to read the newspaper while drinking hot coffee at one of the many cafés that can be found around the city. Visit the theatre or simply stroll down the main avenue, taking in the sights of the passing traffic.

What’s the point of wasting hours debating what to do in Maricopa? As you travel through this new location, allow the possibilities to wash over you. Make your way out on foot and get to know the neighborhood on a more personal level. Choose from a variety of smaller stores to get the right memento, or visit a gallery to completely rediscover your creative style and discover a new favorite one.

Is it possible that the wind is whispering thoughts into your ear? Rent a car and drive it outside the city boundaries, all the way out into the great wide open. Discover the smaller cities and villages that lie beyond the border and learn about the people and events that have shaped them.

A trip to the county fair is a great way to relive childhood memories while eating cotton candy that melts in your mouth. Take a break from the rush and bustle of contemporary life at a rest stop on a forgotten highway, or let the ordered chaos of a modern metropolis sweep you away as you lose yourself in the organized chaos of the city. Your options are limitless—and so are the adventures that await you.

:small_red_triangle_down: Arizona Soaring

If you’ve ever visited Arizona, you’re probably aware that the state’s sky is a distinctive hue of blue. As a huge state with most of it remaining relatively undisturbed by modern man, there’s no better way to observe it than from thousands of feet above it in a hang glider.

A variety of packages are available from Arizona Soaring, including calm sightseeing and full aerobatic – which is not suggested for individuals who are prone to motion sickness – flights. Despite the fact that it is not the most inexpensive method to see the spectacular desert, mountains, and city, it is one of the most thrilling.

:small_red_triangle_down: Koli Equestrian Center

Riding across Arizona’s gorgeous terrain on the back of a horse will make you feel as if you’ve been transported back in time by at least 100 years. The guided excursions, which are held on the Gila River Indian Territory, will take you to some of the most isolated and pristine areas of the approximately 2,500-acre reservation.

If you are new to horseback riding, don’t be concerned; you will be provided with a patient horse and training before you go out on the trail. Trips are available in a variety of lengths and for a variety of abilities, as well as special tours for couples, birthday parties, and business activities. You can find out more about their schedules and pricing by visiting their website.

:small_red_triangle_down: Dwarf Car Museum

Ernie Adams, the museum’s proprietor, is a collector of scaled-down racing cars and historic automobiles that are genuinely drivable, as well as a function Object() { [native code] } of such vehicles. Even if you don’t understand what he’s saying, you can’t help but notice the enthusiasm with which he approaches the little yet formidable automobiles that embellish the museum.

The centerpiece of the museum is a 1960s construct known as Grandpa Dwarf, which is a small Chevrolet built primarily from old freezers and is on display throughout the museum. It’s a pleasant area to spend an hour or two, especially during the warmest part of the day. It’s likely to be one of the sites you’ll remember for a long time.

:small_red_triangle_down: Copper Sky Recreation Complex

It should come as no surprise that the Copper Sky Recreation Complex is located in Maricopa, Arizona, which is noted for its copper and great areas of blue sky. The facility, which is conveniently located on Martin Luther King Boulevard, is a wonderful spot for you and your family to socialize, have a few laughs, and work off some of the calories you ate at the breakfast buffet.

There are a variety of activities available, including tennis, basketball, volleyball, and swimming, and the costs will not break the bank on your vacation spending spree. After you’ve expended all of your available energy, there are areas where you may rest in the shade and have a refreshing drink or an afternoon snack if you like.

:small_red_triangle_down: Maricopa Dog Park Alliance

The Maricopa Dog Park Alliance, which is located on John Wayne Parkway in Maricopa, serves as a magnet for dog lovers from all across Maricopa and the greater Phoenix metropolitan region. The park is relatively new, and the grounds are well-kept and well-maintained. There are separate places for large and little dogs, so your dog shouldn’t feel out of place no matter how large or tiny it is.

A number of visitors have expressed their appreciation for the park’s cleanliness and lack of dog, and some have even reported seeing individuals who weren’t even park staff strolling about picking up other people’s dogs’ droppings. If you’re travelling without your canine buddy, it’s a terrific spot to get your fill of doggy-compassion until you can return to your home base in your hometown.

:small_red_triangle_down: Jane Askew Memorial Park

Jane Askew Memorial Park, which is conveniently located in the heart of Maricopa, is a wonderful free area to relax and read a book, take a quiet stroll, or jump around like a monkey with the kids. Water features such as ponds, fountains, and jungle-gym equipment are available, with the majority of the equipment being covered to protect children from the scorching sun.

The park is located in a residential neighborhood, however it is accessible to the general public. A basketball court is nearby, as is Rancho El Dorado Parkway and Lakeview Drive; there are lots of grassy spots to run about on, and you can even bring your own ball and play some hoops on the court.

:small_red_triangle_down: Maricopa Lake Park

Simply seeing palm palms swaying in the breeze against a backdrop of gorgeous mountains and a clear blue sky may be awe-inspiring for tourists to Arizona. Consider taking advantage of some of Maricopa’s gorgeous and free parks, which will allow you to get your fill without breaking the bank.


You may find yourself returning to Maricopa more than once if you’re staying in the area because it has such beautiful features as a manmade lake with fountains, plenty of tall palm trees, and an enclosed playground area for the little ones. Taking a walk around the Maricopa is a wonderful opportunity to see the sun set behind the mountains on the western horizon; the evening sky above Phoenix is frequently a beautiful pink-orange hue that is difficult to explain.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People asked many questions about area code 480. We discussed a few of them below:

:one: Is the area code 480 located in the state of California?

A number of telephone area codes in Arizona are designated as North American area codes. Region code 480 serves the eastern and northern areas of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

:two: Is it safe to consume Maricopa?

Maricopa is also considered to be one of the safest cities in the state of Arizona. Because of its low crime rates, Maricopa has continuously been ranked as one of the safest cities in the state by the independent safety organisation Safewise. The sense of belonging that comes with living in a small town adds to a neighbourly atmosphere and a reduced crime rate.

:three: What is the area code for 520?

Area code 520 is a telephone area code in the Tucson in the state of Arizona. It was established in 1996. Tucson, as well as the majority of the state’s southern region, are included in the numbering plan area. On March 19, 1995, the area code 520 was founded as a result of a split from the area code 602.

:four: Is Maricopa, Arizona, a pleasant place to live?

Even with the necessary renovations, Maricopa is a pleasant place to raise a family and is a convenient location if you need to commute to Chandler or Phoenix on a regular basis. Living here is a little slower, more in keeping with small-town life, but there are plenty of things to do to keep you occupied while you’re here.

:five: Is Arizona only a desert state?

It’s no surprise that the majority of people refer to Arizona as a desert state. Indeed, it is the only state where portions of four North American deserts — the Great Basin, the Mojave, the Chihuahua, and the Sonoran – can be found in close proximity to one another. Here are seven surprising places in Arizona that will shift the way you think about the state.

:six: What is the area code for 401?

The state of Rhode Island has a single telephone area code, which is 401. The area code 401 is one of the original 86 North American area codes, which were established in 1947 and are still in use today.

:seven: In the United States, what is the area code for 425?

Area code 425 is a telephone area code in the state of Washington that serves the northern and eastern suburbs of the city of Seattle. Bellevue, Duvall, Issaquah, Kirkland, Maple Valley, Redmond, and Renton are just a few of the main cities that make up the eastern region that sits east of Seattle. The Eastside is made up of several smaller communities that make up the larger city of Seattle.

:eight: What is it that Arizona is known for?

Arizona’s most recognized and now official moniker, “The Grand Canyon State,” pays homage to the state’s most prominent feature, the Grand Canyon, which is located inside the state. Arizona is also known as the “Copper State,” because to the amount of copper found in the state.

:nine: What nation does area code 52 belong to?

International calling codes for Mexico are prefixed with 52. In Mexico, there are 385 area codes, so if there is one, you will need to dial it after you have called from the international dialling code to reach the person you are trying to reach (52).

:keycap_ten: How well educated is the state of Arizona?

Despite receiving a total score of 35.13, Arizona was ranked 49th on the list. Using a 100-point scale, each parameter was scored, with a score of 100 signifying the best possible level of public education excellence.

:closed_book: Conclusion

On April 1, 1999, a three-way split of area code 602 resulted in the creation of area code 480. It is inside the time zone known as Universal Time (UTC-7). It encompasses the eastern and northern portions of the Phoenix metropolitan region in the state of Arizona, in the United States.

By the year 2024, it is predicted that the area code will have reached its limit. When it comes to answering phone calls from numbers that you are unfamiliar with, you must exercise caution. If you answer a call from a fraudster, you may be subjected to a significant charge to your bank account. If you do not recognize the number, block it immediately so that you do not receive calls from the same number in the near future.

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