4 Best Sites to Display Commercial Property Ads?

The real estate sector has suffered a lot in this post-Covid situation. Although countries are uplifting the lockdowns, but property sector would still need some time to recover. In these crucial times, commercial property businesses and real estate agents want to access potential clients.

Therefore, either you are working as a real estate agent or willing to sell your commercial property then you should consider online platforms to display their ads. In this thread, I am going to share one of the best sites to display your commercial property ads.


Probably many of you would be aware of this site or have seen its ads, but I would like to enhance your knowledge in this regard. It is basically a listing site where you can see the commercial property ads. However, you will have to go with a premium plan if you want to display your commercial property ad there.


If you are looking for a free platform to run your business or commercial property-related ads, then you should proceed with Comdigs from here https://comdigs.com/. You just need to signup to post your ad but if you want to particular features like homepage listing, want to include your business URL and lead generation, then it offers three kinds of packages. One is for 3 months, the second one is semiannually, and the third is associated with annual plans.


If you are looking for a known marketplace for your commercial property, then Brevitas is a reliable option. This site offers two services. One is for businesses who are looking for commercial property, and one is to facilitate the realtors. Yes, it would be a premium service if you want to list your ad here.


LoopNet is another trustworthy platform to find and list commercial properties. It is a top-rated site to display commercial properties because of its huge database and listing. Like the other big platforms, it also offers different plans, including gold, basic, diamond, etc.

Hopefully, these sites would assist you in reviving your property business but if you know more sites like the mentioned ones, then share them by commenting below!