16.9 fl oz to gallon:

16.9 fluid ounces contain 0.1320 US liquid gallons. To convert the 16.9 fl oz to gallon we will divide the value by 128. Thus, that means 16.9/128 = 0.1320312. Here 1 gallon means 128 oz fluid. So to convert the ounces to the gallon this 128-ounce fluid is a key value to keep in mind.

Gallon to fl oz:

Gallon: Fluid volume and capacity measurements gets done by measuring units. So, a gallon is a unit used for measuring volume. The value for gallons can be different in the US and UK. Gallon is considered as equal to 4.5 liters (UK), that is m imperial gallons. US liquid gallon equals 3.78 liters. Similarly, the values might be different for different units.

Fluid Ounce: fluid ounce or fl oz is another unit to measure the liquid quantity. fl oz US equals to 0.960 and imperial fl oz is equals 1.04. By considering these values can easily convert any value. For instance, 16.9 fl oz to gallon.

Gallons: Fluid ounces: Gallons: Fluid ounces:
0.0078 gallons 1 fluid oz 0.085 gallons 11 fluid oz
0.0156 gallons 2 fluid oz 0.093 gallons 12 fluid oz
0.0234 gallons 3 fluid oz 0.101 gallons 13 fluid oz
0.0312 gallons 4 fluid oz 0.109 gallons 14 fluid oz
0.0390 gallons 5 fluid oz 0.1171 gallons 15 fluid oz
0.0468 gallons 6 fluid oz 0.125 gallons 16 fluid oz
0.0546 gallons 7 fluid oz 0.132 gallons 17 fluid oz
0.0625 gallons 8 fluid oz 0.140 gallons 18 fluid oz
0.0703 gallons 9 fluid oz 0.1484 gallons 19 fluid oz
0.0781 gallons 10 fluid oz 0.156 gallons 20 fluid oz

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Fluid ounces (oz) to Gallons:

The table conversion from fl oz to gallons and gallons to fl oz is given below. These all values are calculated by using relevant formula. As, calculation from 16.9 fl oz to gallon.

10 fluid ounce 0.078 gallons
20 fluid ounce 0.156 gallons
30 fluid ounce 0.234 gallons
40 fluid ounce 0.3125 gallons
50 fluid ounce 0.39 gallons
60 fluid ounce 0.468 gallons
70 fluid ounce 0.546 gallons
80 fluid ounce 0.625 gallons
90 fluid ounce 0.703 gallons

Fluid ounces to imperial gallons:

Imperial gallons: imperial gallon is also known as the British gallon. Which is equal to 1.2 gallons US. This unit is used to measure dry and liquid quantities. What is the difference between imperial gallons and US gallons? The basic difference between the imperial gallons and US gallons is the difference of values. Such as, imp gal is approximately 4.54 liters. Whereas US gallon value exactly equals 3.785 liters.

oz fluid: Imperial gallons: oz fluid: Imperial gallons:
1 oz 0.0062 10 oz 0.062
2 oz 0.012 20 oz 0.125
3 oz 0.0187 30 oz 0.187
4 oz 0.025 40 oz 0.25
5 oz 0.0312 50 oz 0.312
6 oz 0.037 60 oz 0.37
7 oz 0.0437 70 oz 0.437
8 oz 0.05 80 oz 0.5
9 oz 0.056 90 oz 0.56

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Fluid ounces to the liquid gallon (US):

Liquid gallon US standard values are change from Uk gallon value. Thus the conversion values from fluid ounces (fl oz) will be different for both standards. Oz fluid and liquid gallon conversion table is given below.

Oz fluid: Liquid gallon: Oz fluid: Liquid gallon:
1 oz fluid 0.00750 ml 20 oz fluid 0.1501 ml
2 oz fluid 0.01501 ml 30 oz fluid 0.2251 ml
3 oz fluid 0.02251 ml 40 oz fluid 0.3002 ml
4 oz fluid 0.0300 ml 50 oz fluid 0.375 ml
5 oz fluid 0.0375 ml 60 oz fluid 0.4503 ml
6 oz fluid 0.0450 ml 70 oz fluid 0.5254 ml
7 oz fluid 0.0525 ml 80 oz fluid 0.6004 ml
8 oz fluid 0.0600 ml 90 oz fluid 0.6755 ml
9 oz fluid 0.0675 ml 100 oz fluid 0.7505 ml
10 oz fluid 0.0750 ml

Fluid ounces to cups:

1 cup = 8 fluid ounces (fl oz) in US. So the conversion formula for fluid ounces to cups would be cup value * 8.

Fluid oz: Cups: Fluid oz: Cups:
1 fl ounce 0.125 cups 11 fl ounce 1.375 cups
2 fl ounce 0.375 cups 12 fluid ounce 1.5 cups
3 fl ounce 0.5 cups 13 fluid ounce 1.625 cups
4 fl ounce 0.625 cups 14 fluid ounce 1.75 cups
5 fluid ounce 0.75 cups 15 fluid ounce 1.875 cups
6 fluid ounce 0.875 cups 16 fluid ounce 2 cups

Fluid ounces to Quarts:

Quarts: Quart is another liquid measuring unit. Which is equals to 1/4th of gallon or 2 pints. In liters its value is about 0.94 US liters and 1.13 liters Britain. Moreover, to convert fl oz to quarts divide value by number 32. So, 1 ounce means 0.03 quarts. Further chart from fluid ounces to quarts is given below.

Fluid US ounce: Quarts:
1 US fl oz 0.0312 quarts
10 US fl oz 0.312 quarts
20 US fl oz 0.625 quarts
30 US fl oz 0.937 quarts
40 US fl oz 1.25 quarts
50 US fl oz 1.56 quarts
100 US fl oz 3.125 quarts
200 US fl oz 6.25 quarts

Fluid ounces to Pints:

Pints: pint is a unit about equals to 1/8th of gallon. Its value in liters is equals to 0.47 US liq and 0.56 liters in Britain. To convert the fl oz to pints divide the given number by 16. That means 1 fl oz = 0.06. Conversion table for fl oz to pints is given below.

US fluid Ounces: US Pints:
1 fl oz US 0.062 Pints US
2 fl oz US 0.125 Pints US
3 fl oz US 0.187 Pints US
4 fl oz US 0.25 Pints US
5 fl oz US 0.312 Pints US
6 fl oz US 0.37 Pints US
7 fl oz US 0.437 Pints US
8 fl oz US 0.5 Pints US
9 fl oz US 0.56 Pints US
10 fl oz US 0.62 Pints US
11 fl oz US 0.68 Pints US
12 fl oz US 0.75 Pints US
13 fl oz US 0.812 Pints US
14 fl oz US 0.87 Pints US
15 fl oz US 0.937 Pints US
16 fl oz US 1 Pint US
17 fl oz US 1.06 Pints US
18 fl oz US 1.125 Pints US
19 fl oz US 1.187 Pints US
20 fl oz US 1.25 Pints US

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Frequently asked questions:

After calculating your required answer for 16.9 fl oz to gallon, here we will discuss your further questions.

How much is 1.4 gallon?

1.4 gallons contain 5299.58 liters! This approximate result comes from the liter to gallons formula. So, to find out how much is 1.4 gallons? We will multiply the given value by 3785. Also for vice versa, we will divide the value by 3.785. Likewise value for gallon is different for different units. For example for conversion from 16.9 fl oz to gallon the formula and value both will different.

50 liters to gallons?

How many gallons are in 50 liters? To calculate the gallons value for 50 liters use the standards. The US standard value for liters is 3.785. So according to formula 50/3.785 = 13.208 gallons.

How to calculate liters to gallons?

We have 2 different values for gallons available for the liters to gallons conversion. One is US and other is UK standard value for gallon. To convert liters to gallons divide the value by 3.785.


So, before doing conversions from fluid ounces to gallons just keep the standard value in your mind. That is 128 fluid ounces mean 1 gallon in the United States. Then just use the formula 1/128 and get your conversion. Just like for 16.9 fl to gallon you will get a 0.132 answer.

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