10 Reasons Why You Should Be Microsoft Azure Certified

Cloud computing has revolutionized data storage. With the help of cloud computing, people can store, share, and retrieve their data from anywhere on the planet. Microsoft Azure is a single cloud service provider offering role-based certifications designed to suit the current market requirements and job roles. Azure Certification enables professionals to learn and implement the development of cloud applications and the management of cloud infrastructures.

Microsoft Azure cloud services

The expansion and widespread adoption of Microsoft Azure cloud services has led to high demand for such certified professionals. In this article, we hope to elaborate on the benefits of Microsoft Azure Certification so you can explore different career options.

1. Vast Career Options

Azure certifications will help you add great flexibility and options as far as your career options are concerned. Industry roles such as Cloud Administrator, Developer, Security Engineer, AI Engineer, Data Engineer, Solutions Architect, and DevOps Engineer will be available to choose from.

2. Better Salary

Professional certifications represent your acquired skills and knowledge regarding the domain. The average Azure Developer earns a salary of $131,838 per year, and the average Azure Architect earns $144,866 per year. With the increasing demand for cloud computing professionals, Microsoft Azure Certifications will help you earn better compensation packages worldwide than other professionals.

Each module of the Microsoft Azure certification costs US $165. The fee is negligible compared to the Salary earned after completing the certificate.

3. Swift Career Development

Microsoft Azure offers nine role-based Azure certifications based on market requirements, thus setting a standard for Azure Cloud services training. Azure certifications almost guarantee a wide range of career options, such as Azure Administrator, Architect, Developer, Security Engineer, AI Engineer, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer, enabling you to become a leading cloud professional in the market.

4. Concise Course Structure

Microsoft Azure certification training possesses a unique structured methodology that includes online resources such as tutorials, ebooks, and courses to learn Azure services’ theoretical and practical concepts.

The course structure allows the candidates to improve their Azure learning and follow through with their career dreams with a faster and more straightforward learning process.

5. An Important Asset for the Organization

You can utilize your Microsoft Azure certifications to leverage the benefits of profitability from the Azure Cloud environment. Using the pay-as-you-go feature, the IT costs of an organization can be reduced considerably. Your proven expertise in Azure Cloud Services may help you secure a vital position in the Organization and enhance business growth.

6. Security of cloud-based operations

Azure certification training for a security engineer prepares you to take responsibility for managing and securing cloud-based solutions and may also ensure hybrid cloud solutions as part of an end-to-end infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure’s Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) ensures complete security and protection for the hosted services and applications on Azure, thus allowing businesses to focus on enhancing their applications rather than be concerned about the safety of the users and their data.

7. Better Integration with .NET Platform

Microsoft Azure integrates easily with .NET with minimal effort. It is an advantage for programmers familiar with the .NET platform as it allows them to focus on building their applications rather than searching for other cloud service providers. Microsoft Azure also supports several open-source platforms, such as Linux, PHP, and others.

8. Commitment

Enrollment in any Microsoft Azure certification program will help you stay committed and achieve your goal of becoming a certified professional. Your hard work and dedication will be highly admired by employers and will improve your career advancement in the long run.

9. Enterprise Agreement Clause

The enterprise agreement clause enables businesses to use Microsoft Azure, and utilize other Microsoft tools and products at discounted prices, thus making the most of Microsoft services. You have the opportunity of being associated with potential Microsoft customers.

10. DevOps Skills

DevOps provides valuable services and helps develop products that meet business objectives. With these skills, you can deliver cloud services such as design and implementation in application development, automation, and monitoring cloud environments.


Microsoft Azure certifications are the catalysts that cause progressive growth in your career and equip you with all the tools necessary to take on any role in cloud computing.