10 Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

Most of us visiting the websites aren’t even familiar with the web hosting service unless we have built our own website. Web hosting is simply a service that lets your website go live on the internet so that people can visit and utilize its features like shopping or reading articles or news. You need to get this web hosting service from a particular company. There are many service providers internationally but it is recommended to use the local web hosting service to get the cheap rates. If you are residing in Pakistan and willing to get the web hosting service, then you should consider the following ten web hosting companies operating in the country.

10 Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

1. Serversea.pk

Serversea.pk comes on the top of list without any competition all because of its service and support along with the timely response on the customer queries. They have the best packages featuring three hosting plans. The three hosting plans vary from Rs. 4,500 per year to Rs. 6,500 per year. All have the free domain registration which is quite daunting to find anywhere else. They claim 99.9% uptime in all of their packages, making it a basic feature rather than a luxury. They claim to be ranked as the top 3 web hosting companies of Pakistan. They are located in Lahore. They have the best speed of loading the web page and provide the optimal web hosting services.

2. Websouls

The second on the list is the websouls. This website is not that famous for the domain but they are the experts of web hosting. They provide the hosting service under the four heads; shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, and WordPress hosting. Under the shared hosting head, they provide the three distinct packages. Most people go for the standard package having the cost of Rs. 3100 per year. 3GB of web space is available along with the reasonable 300 GB of Bandwidth. The support of Websouls is just amazing and they claim to provide it proactively.

3. Pakihosting

Pakihosting is the most underrated web hosting company of Pakistan. They spend less on the marketing and more on improving their service. On the face they provide the domain name with the international as well as local Top level domain including the .PK or any .xyz. They have the VPS hosting service which is their signature feature and people just love it. They claim to manage more than 15000 domain names and also have 1 thousand international websites. These figures are quite above average according to the other web hosting provider of Pakistan. Muhammad Jawed is the CEO of the company.

4. Xmarthost

Xmarthost is one of the decorated web hosting provider. They operate in the most secure way possible making sure the implication of SSL certificate and cPanel. They also provide web hosting for the USA websites. They also offer clients to get their money back within 30 days if not satisfied with the service. This website is not specifically targeted to the local websites but it also covers the international websites which makes it a reputable web hosting service.

5. Hostbreak

It used to be the number one Pakistani web hosting company but still it has the same credibility of providing the best customer service along. They offer the packages having the free domain name with free migration service also. Three main types of hosting are available; General Web Hosting, Ecommerce Web hosting, and CMS web hosting. You have the option of choosing the budget package to get the hosting service for as low as Rs. 125 per month. On the other hand, there are these business hosting starting from Rs. 600 per month in which business oriented features are included.

6. Move

They are offering the free web hosting service in Pakistan which is quite a big thing for the local websites. It helps them to get a start and flourish the website to generate revenues later on. You can utilize this free hosting service for any type of website whether it is an e-commerce or a blog. It helps to boost the local web development market to focus on generating the quality content or service to the local consumers. They also provide service to the international websites as well. They also have the premium packages if you decide to move later on.

7. Nexus

Nexus is another strong contender for this list of the best Pakistani web hosting companies. They offer some of the best offers including almost 50% discounts on domain registration, helping to get a decent web hosting package. They have a specific package for the businesses labelled as Advanced Business Hosting. They possess some of the latest web hosting solutions that are quite novel to the Pakistani websites. Now you can build an international standard website with Nexus.pk.

8. Sudoly

Sudoly is one of the biggest webhosting companies that are rendering services in Pakistan capturing almost 16% of the total customers. They are famous to provide the best economical premium packages in the market and it is the very reason, it is being adopted by many. They have the powerful SSD servers that are lightning fast. Their micro package starts from $1.95 per month which is quite reasonable as SSD storage is provided.

9. cyber net pk

Cyber net pk cannot be left out of this list as they have one of the best servers to provide fast and uninterrupted web hosting service. It will contribute significantly to increase the total value of the organization by providing some of the outstanding and effective web hosting solutions. They have the complete package to provide you the long term services.

10. Hostbring

Hostbring is probably the most used web hosting in Pakistan as they have almost 50% of the market share. They more than 22000 websites getting the webhosting service. They have the most affordable packages with optimal level of service. They will also give you the free website builder to help you design the website within the basic package.