Why Should you use Bamboo Bottles at your home?

Bamboo fiber is a sustainable and renewable resource. It is a material that serves both to make compost and to degrade naturally in the environment in a very short time. In addition, products made of bamboo are very light and last a long time in perfect condition.

Other advantages of using bottles or other types of products made with bamboo fiber:

• The material has a very low cost

• The bamboo plant renews itself very quickly

• As bamboo grows, it captures CO2 from the environment, reducing the effects of climate change.

• No need for fertilizers, pesticides or a lot of water to grow the bamboo plant

• Bamboo bottles are antibacterial

Frequent Questions Asked

How big are the bamboo bottles?

Most of these bottles have a height between 20 and 30 centimeters. Those that only have bamboo as a manufacturing material stay at a lower height. But in other cases they go with a layer of stainless steel on the inside, which increases the overall dimension.

How much does a bamboo bottle weigh?

As in the previous case, it depends on whether the bottle is 100% bamboo or if there are other additional materials to form the whole set. If we only have bamboo fiber, the weight will be around 200 grams. If it is a stainless steel bottle covered with bamboo fiber, the weight can easily exceed 500 grams.

What capacity do the bamboo bottles have?

The amount of liquid that fits in this type of bottle is usually similar, since the manufacturers seem to have agreed on this parameter. Most of those that you will find will be around half a liter of capacity. There may be exceptions, but there are few models that differ on this point.

How to clean a bamboo bottle

If the bottle is made only with bamboo and does not have any additional material, you can wash it in the dishwasher without any problem. If the lid is not bamboo, you will have to wash it by hand. And if the manufacturer recommends you to wash it by hand, it is better that you do it that way.

Normally, it is best to use a little not very hot water, soap and some type of scouring pad or cleaning brush that allows you to reach all the corners of the bottle or thermos.

Remember that when buying your bottle you must wash it well before using it for the first time.

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