Why Should You Choose ESEE Knives?

If you are looking for a tough and reliable knife for any situation, you need to look into ESEE Knives. Their knives are designed for everything from wilderness survival to just your everyday carry needs. With their wide selection of knife models, it’s easy to find an ESEE Knife that will be a perfect fit for your needs.

Before taking a look at the knives themselves, it’s worth taking a look at ESEE Knives as a company. ESEE Knives was built by survival enthusiasts for survival enthusiasts. Before founding ESEE, Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin made their living by teaching Jungle survival courses in South America. After years of training both civilians and members of the Peruvian Air Force, they returned to the states and started designing knives and teaching classes.

One thing that the duo noticed was the fact when they started Randall’s Adventure Training stateside was that a lot of the survival equipment being sold in the USA at the time could not stand up to hard use. In order to change this sad trend in the industry, the team decided to found their own business. They stopped designing knives for other manufacturers and started making their own knives under the ESEE name.

Since they started making their first knives, the team at ESEE have been dedicated to only producing products that will perform in the field. To that end, every member of their team is someone who actually practices survival skills and understands the importance of their products. On average, the ESEE team spends 100 days in the wilderness working with their knives.

So what makes these knives so special? Not only are ESEE Knives designed with performance in mind, but they are als built with high quality materials. Almost all of ESEE’s knives are made with 1095 high carbon steel. This steel alloy is one of the most popular options for survivalists because it is easy to sharpen and holds that edge well. While not a stainless steel alloy, ESEE’s survival knives are powder coated in order to provide extra protection against corrosion.

There are a wide range of ESEE knife models to suit almost any user’s needs. This includes everything from the small fixed blades like the ESEE Candiru to the huge ESEE Junglas. If you are looking for a great survival knife, the ESEE Laser Strike or the ESEE Izula II are both highly versatile options.

One of the best things about buying an ESEE knife is their unrivaled warranty. If your ESEE knives ever break, you will either have your knife repaired or you will get a replacement. That’s right, it is a no questions asked policy: if it breaks, ESEE will always honor it. The warranty is transferable too, so your ESEE knife will still be covered even once you hand it off to a new user. With that kind of support, it is no surprise that this brand has built a loyal following.

If you want to experience these knives for yourself, you can find a wide variety of ESEE Knives when you visit The Knife Connection. You can even use their exclusive Knife Builder tool to put together your own custom built ESEE knife package. This unique application lets you choose the blade finish, handle scales, sheath, and additional accessories that will come with your knife. You can use their filtered search feature to find the perfect knife for you from ESEE or any of the other amazing knife companies that The Knife Connection carries.