Why Is Parquet Flooring So Expensive?

What makes parquet flooring so expensive? A lot of us think parquet flooring is very expensive because it is made of delicate, hardwood that comes only from different parts of the world. But you can have parquet flooring as beautiful as those made from mahogany. You can find laminate parquet flooring at parquet flooring Dubai, which can be cleaned in less than half an hour. Parquet flooring is one of the cheapest types of flooring you can buy and install. It is made from high-quality materials like steel, bamboo, and fiber cement.

Parquet, as the name suggests is used in Dubai and other cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It has been around for quite some time now. The demand for this flooring is increasing as it can be installed quickly and easily. The material is easy to clean, lightweight, durable, and lasts a long time. There are different types of Parquet.

Commercial Parquet Floor

Commercial Parquet Floor is a kind of flooring that is used in hotels, restaurants, and business houses. This type of flooring is very easy to maintain and is durable. You will find this type of flooring in big office buildings and in malls as well. Due to its heavyweight, it is used in places that have heavy traffic.

Homemade parquet is also popular and can be purchased at reasonable prices. These types of parquet flooring can be custom-made according to your specifications. Most home-made parquet has been made from wood, and there is hardly any chance of staining. They are easy to clean as well and come in different styles and colors.

Parquet Flooring Dubai, provides the Flooring that is a popular choice for those who want cheap flooring that can last longer. It is easy to install, easy to clean, and also looks better when it is in good shape. If you want to remodel or install a new kitchen floor, you can always go for laminate flooring.

Parquet made of aluminum or steel is another cost-effective option available. As the name suggests this is a very strong and light-weight material that can withstand heavy traffic and can last a long time. It is not at all easy to maintain but it gives the feeling of luxury and style. You will find this type of flooring on sale in most shops and you can even find a shop that specializes in it and sell parquet. You can even order it online through an online store.

Wooden Parquet Flooring is one of the cheapest types of flooring you can get. It is very easy to install and is very durable. It is a type of flooring that is not easy to ruin. It is also very affordable and can be installed in different areas. You can find wood flooring that is laminated, made from bamboo, or recycled wood.

Wood Flooring, on the other hand, is a hardwood that can be a bit more expensive than the laminated variety. It is also known to last for a longer time as compared to the laminated varieties. If you are looking for a cheaper flooring option then you may choose wood flooring, but remember that it can only withstand humidity and heavy traffic.

Lacquered flooring

Parquet is also known as “lacquered” flooring and this is because it has a thin layer of lacquer over the top of the wood, and this lacquer gives a unique look and feel to the floor. Lacquered wooden floors are easily stained by water and other liquids, and these can be easily removed with a mild detergent.

You can also opt for tile if you are looking for a cheaper flooring option. Tile is also known as vinyl, although it is a bit harder than wood flooring. It also has a glossy look and it can be made of different colors and patterns. The best part about using tiles is that they are easy to clean and they are very attractive.


At Parquet Flooring Dubai, no matter what type of flooring you choose you have many options to choose from. You just have to find a shop that is known for its quality and you can have a stunning floor within your budget. There are lots of budget-friendly choices to make and if you compare them at the price you should not really think twice. There are plenty of choices for anyone to choose from.
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